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SportyBet is a proven international bookmaking company that operates throughout the African continent. It definitely had its ups and downs, and today SportyBet appears to be at the top of the charts in any country of its presence. Uganda by far is not an exception since more and more new punters are signing up for a SB account each day. Here, we’d like to present an in-depth SportyBet review with details about registration, payment, features, and all of the necessary information you need to know prior to getting started with the bookmaker. Let’s begin!

Special free bets from SportyBet only in Uganda

Pros & Cons

  • In-game betting
  • Free Bets for registration
  • Welcome Bonus for first deposit
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • App for Android-based phones
  • Virtuals, Jackpot, and Livescore
  • Few payment options
  • No app for iOS
  • Only one sign-up method
SportyBet SCORE
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

SportyBet Features

SportyBet Group has dedicated lots of time to its development, and the number of loyal punters in Uganda indicates that hard work always pays off. The features of SportyBet can stand in the same line as those of global giants in the gambling industry. For instance, the company released its own convenient mobile application, which is accessible at no cost on Android phones.In-game wagering is a treat in and of itself, but combining it with the excellent sports coverage, which includes eSports, enhances your betting experience. The “Welcome Bonus” promo in Uganda helps you get going as quickly as possible, and customer service specialists always watch out for you and come to your aid whenever you need it.

Is SportyBet Safe and Legal

Yes, SportyBet is an entirely legal and secure bookmaker with a valid license to provide sports betting services in Uganda. Contrary to common opinion, a license does not mean that the company has only met all legal requirements but has also managed to establish a high level of protection for your personal data, funds, and any other sensitive information. If you incline towards registering with SportyBet, you can set the stress aside and focus on placing valuable bets only.

Legal Status by Country

It’s not a secret that SportyBet Uganda belongs to the international SportyBet Group. Originally, the bookie, which later transformed into the group, was founded in Nigeria a long time ago. Now the bookmaker has offices and licenses around Africa and in each country of operations:

  • Nigeria
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Zambia

How to Register

The first thing when you start your betting journey is signing up with a betting site. It is quite easy to sign up with SportyBet and there are more than one way of doing so. But we won’t bore you with that in this article. To learn more about SportyBet registration procedure, check our article on that topic.

How to Deposit

How to Deposit SportyBet

After you have registered, the next thing is to make a deposit. There are plenty of ways in which you can deposit to SportyBet. Want to know how to deposit on SportyBet? Read our article on this topic.

How to Place Bets

SportyBet How to Place Bets

Making wagers on SportyBet will not be even close to raising questions for Ugandan bettors. No matter the way you prefer to place your stakes, it’s going to be pretty intuitive and simple. In the following sections, we will describe how the entire process flows for online wagering and gambling in the SportyBet app.

Betting Markets

The range of markets on SportyBet is quite wide. Everything from 1×2 to Over/Under is availble. You can also combine them in the accumulator bets. If you like to know more about SportyBet codes and meaning, read our piece on this exact topic.

SportyBet Online Betting

Visit SportyBet and Ensure You Are Logged in
Open the official SportyBet website and then check whether you’re logged in and have enough funds on your account’s balance.
Pick an Event and a Betting Market
Select the sport of your liking and then pick a match you’d want to bet on. Then choose the appropriate betting market and tap on it.
Place Your Bet
Specify the sum you’d want to stake on a game and confirm your bet by hitting the “Place Bet” button.

SportyBet App Betting

Launch the App
Launch the SportyBet application and make sure that you’re signed in and have enough funds on balance.
Pick an Event on Which to Bet
Select the sport and then pick a match you’d want to bet on and then choose the appropriate betting market and tap on it.
Enter the Sum and Confirm Your Bet
Specify the sum you’d want to stake and after that, confirm your bet by pressing the “Place Bet” button.

SportyBet SMS Betting

Unfortunately, Ugandan SportyBet currently does not offer SMS betting options.

Briefly on SportyBet Bonuses

Sadly, there are not a lot of bonuses available on SportyBet. To our knowledge, there is only a SportyBet bonus on first deposit. Although quite sad, it is at the very least something.

Tips to Make Successful Predictions

SportyBet Tips to Make Successful Predictions

There’s no magical button that you can press to produce a successful prediction out of the blue. Hard work and lots of time stand behind each high-quality prediction, and even that does not guarantee that it’s going to work out. Here’s a small summary of skills you should focus on if you’d like to give out a great prediction and get better at sports wagering in general:

Knowledge of sportsBecome a true expert in the sports you’ve picked for betting. Rules, teams, lineups, previous games, statistics, and much more.
Knowledge of the betting industryLearn how the industry makes money. Study the concepts of the odds, betting markets, and additional useful features like live wagering and the cash out.
Budget managementGet familiar with the basic concept of bankroll management. How to calculate your stake amount based on your current bankroll and how to divide your budget among all of the bets you want to place.
Analytical skillsFind the best way to put your knowledge into practice. Analyze the leagues and teams, their motivations, and their readiness for an upcoming game.
Emotional intelligenceLearn to control your emotions and keep your bets out of their reach. Form a mature attitude toward sports betting, and do not let your hobby evolve into an addiction.

How to Withdraw From SportyBet Uganda

How to Withdraw From SportyBet Uganda

The withdrawal process on SportyBet is an easy process. Similar to deposits, there are also a lot of ways of doing that. The lowest sum for withdrawal is 1,000/- UGX and The largest sum is 4,000,000/- UGX. Keep in mind that there’s no way to withdraw the winnings in cash. You can move your funds from SportyBet to your online wallet and then, for example, cash them out via your bank. To learn how to withdraw on SportyBet, read our article dedicated to that.

Balance Adder

SportyBet Balance Adder

There are lots of rumors on the Internet about the magical app called SportyBet Balance Adder. Let us enlighten you right away: this is a scam with very little effort put into designing and planning. You should entirely avoid it, let alone entering your personal sensitive data, like your bank card, e-wallet, or SportyBet account data. If you’ve already done this, you should rush to change all of your passwords and block your bank card since it can be easily accessed by unauthorized scammers.

Android Secret Code

This is another famous scam app, which allegedly provides you with a secret code that will boost your SportyBet balance. Obviously, this is a fraud and an attempt to steal your personal data, so be careful and do not consider trying this app. Remember, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

SportyBet App

The company has developed an Android app that will help you make your betting experience as convenient as it possibly can be. To learn how to download SportyBet application, read our article on that topic.

How to Win Jackpot in SportyBet

How to Win Jackpot in SportyBet

“Sporty 12” appears to be the most popular jackpot on SportyBet Uganda. Bettors are invited to predict twelve outcomes for twelve preselected soccer games. The options are quite simple: a home team to win, an away team to win, or a tie. Sounds simple enough, but when you have to make twelve predictions at the same time, things get a little complicated. Either way, the total stake is quite low, so anybody could afford to try this jackpot out, and if you happen to be lucky enough, you can win up to 15 million UGX. The prizes are also given to everyone who made 10 or 11 predictions as well.

SportyBet Promo Code

The platform also has promo codes for its customers that can give free bets and other valuable things. To know more about these codes and other SportyBet incentives, read our article on SportyBet promo code.

SportyBet Virtuals

Virtual matches are online simulations of leagues and games available for you to bet on around the clock. Read our piece about instant virtuals SportyBet to learn everything about the virtual matches on the platform..

Customer Service

As a large international group, SportyBet Uganda offers top-notch customer service for all punters in the country. You can seek assistance in any of the official and unofficial spoken languages in Uganda, which are English, Swahili, and some other popular dialects. Either way, as a responsible company that deeply cares for its customers, SportyBet will find a way to effectively communicate with you, ensuring you are getting the best possible treatment.

SportyBet Headquarters

SportyBet head office is located in Calabar, Nigeria. And that’s not the only office the bookmaking company has, there are sub-offices in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), and Accra (Ghana). 

Telegram Group

The bookmaker does not have any official Telegram channels or groups. As stated above, the only available social media channels for communication are Facebook and Twitter. If you happen to stumble upon a “SportyBet” Telegram channel, there is a 99.9% probability that this is going to be a fraud or an attempt to deceive you.

Tips on Telegram

Our team is wary of any tips in Telegram channels. Most of them are just groups run by people who are making money with the help of referral systems or affiliate marketing, and they don’t really care about your money or the quality of their predictions and tips. As a result, we strongly advise you to look for tips on specialized platforms such as Tipstrr and Playthepercentage, that both have a much better reputation.

SportyBet Owner

There is no clear answer to who owns SportytBet. However, we have done some digging, and has some things to reveal to you. So, to learn who is the owner of SportyBet, read our in-depth research into this matter.


SportyBet has everything it takes to please Ugandan bettors and always keep them excited. Everything seems to be just in the right spot. We can’t say that this bookmaker is the best one since it misses some crucial aspects like diversity of payment options, an iOS application, and live chat. But if you don’t have an iPhone and you’re fine with using Airtel or MTN, SportyBet can definitely serve you well.

If you still have doubts or questions, check out the FAQ section down below!

Name Bonus Cash Out Live Streaming
BC logo 550,000 UGX No No Link
BC logo 1,250,000 UGX Yes Yes Link
BC logo 900,000 UGX Yes No Link
BC logo 5,000 UGX Yes No Link
BC logo 880,000 UGX Yes No Link
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Can I delete my account on Sportybet Uganda?
You can’t manually delete your SportyBet account. Please contact customer service specialists for further assistance in this regard.

How can I reset my password on Sportybet Uganda?
Tap on “Forgot Password” on the main page of the bookmaker. The link hides under the “Register” button.

In which countries is SportyBet available?
SportyBet Group operates legally in the following countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia.

Does SportyBet have a bonus?Does SportyBet have a bonus?
Yep, it offers a welcome bonus in Uganda. Check out the “Promotions” tab on the main page of the bookmaker, where you can also find all SportyBet bonuses.

Who is the CEO of SportyBet?
Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani is in charge of the SportyBet group.

Does SportyBet Uganda have virtual games for wagering?
Yep, SportyBet presents Instant and Scheduled Virtuals for all signed-up customers.

Is SportyBet present in Uganda?
Yep, the bookmaker rightfully and kindly invites all Ugandan bettors to join the SportyBet community and make bets with them.

What is the highest amount of money you can win on SportyBet?
The largest payout per single bet is 75 million UGX.

Where can I find promo-codes for SportyBet?
Check out our special page dedicated to SportyBet promo-codes.

How do I read the betting markets (signs) on SB?
All betting markets (signs) are explained in this article.

Which sports can I bet on with SportyBet Uganda?
SportyBet provides all its customers with one of the greatest sports selections with the most demanded sporting disciplines, including modern eSports and old-fashioned cricket, hockey, soccer, basketball, and many more.
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