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Football betting is one of the most tempting activities online. That is because online betting options are rapidly growing, and for now, football is the most popular sport worldwide, especially in European and African countries. The following article is dedicated to the well-known platform where you can place bets on your favorite football clubs, with all the famous betting options. We will discuss what features make the regular bookmaker one of the best for online betting. Also, we will cover tips and strategies, giving expertise on the available football betting markets, types of bets, and odds. 

About Ugandan Betting Sites 

The online sports betting industry in Uganda is growing rapidly, introducing tons of football events from local leagues to world-renowned football leagues such as Premier League, European league Bundesliga, LaLiga, and others. Therefore, any punter of legal age from Uganda can try to predict the outcome of popular and local matches. Explore the full list of our findings between betting sites in Uganda and make your own choice. But what are the key features of Ugandan betting sites?

  • First, there is the high level of website security. You no longer have to worry about your personal information, banking details, and money. Everything is encrypted using the latest technologies and stored in secure areas. 
  • Second, the presence of many sports disciplines and numerous games within each discipline. There are literally thousands of games every week, and every player will find what he or she wants.
  • Thirdly, betting sites in Uganda are keen on offering various perks to football betting fans, such as match bonuses, welcome offers, accumulator boosts, and many others. 
  • Betting has become easy with a top-notch website with great user interfaces optimized for desktops and mobile devices. Sportsbooks are made with care, and everything is in place. Initiating bets has become intuitive with just a few clicks.
Rank Bonus Info Action
New user bonus
Up to 1,250,000 UGX
  • Multiple betting markets
  • 100+ daily football events
  • Intuitive sportsbook
New user bonus
Up to 880,000 UGX
  • iOS and Android apps
  • A variety of live betting options
  • Numerous eSports disciplines
  • Slots and live casino
New user bonus
Up to 900,000 UGX
  • Application for desktop and mobile
  • Extensive sportsbook
  • Free bets for loyal bettors
New user bonus
Up to 550,000 UGX
  • Acca bonus for live bets
  • Virtual sports
  • Large page with casino titles

Review of the Best Betting Football Sites

Review of the Best Betting Football Sites

As far as this article is dedicated to football betting platforms, we have listed the most enticing names that you would definitely love. These sites are known for providing an excellent experience for sports enthusiasts, where you can not only place bets but also watch live streams, monitor statistics, and use tools to make predictions. 


1xBet is one of the largest platforms out there, offering betting services in over 100 countries. If you are ready to explore its core, read on. The beauty of 1xBet is its extensive sportsbook with hundreds of daily games on various sports, but the majority of games are on football. 1xBet has a local Ugandan license, which allows any punter of legal age to open an account. In addition, this bookmaker has a large page with promotions for all sports bettors. There are welcome match offers, accumulators, cashback, boosted odds bonuses, and other good perks. 


The bookmaker is about thrilling sports betting activities on football, eSports, virtual sports, and even casino games. Here, you will not just place a bet, you will master your skills by analyzing the odds, using different techniques, and making predictions with low bets, as BetWinner is known for offering low-stakes betting options. In general, the bookmaker is considered old, as it was founded in 2007. Thus, it is one of the pioneers of online sports betting in many countries. 


Beginners will love the generosity of MelBet as they offer a welcome bonus of UGX 880,000 as well as numerous promotions for professional bettors. Ugandan citizens welcomed the bookmaker in 2012 and have been enjoying its features for over 10 years now. Since then, MelBet has revolutionized the industry by introducing excellent apps with optimized interfaces and top functionality. The sportsbook includes popular football leagues to bet on and multiple betting markets to use in live and pre-match formats. 


The bookmaker is licensed under the Ugandan jurisdiction and started its operations in 2017. The combination of excellent sports betting opportunities with generous promos sets this bookmaker apart from numerous others. Although many believe that 22Bet focuses on casino games, it has a great list of sports disciplines and enticing live betting features. 

Football Betting Tips and Strategies 

Football Betting Tips and Strategies

Ugandans can rest assured that modern sports betting platforms have opened up with top-notch options in terms of markets, odds analysis tools, prediction tools, betting types, accurate betting slip settings, accumulator betting options, and much more. As a result, players can make it work the way they want and try completely different approaches to betting. In the articles, we will cover basic tips for beginners and more advanced techniques for bettors who want to not only spice up their sports experience but also stay profitable. 

  • Experiment with different options. As long as modern bookmakers offer many betting markets with different odds and outcomes, it is not always a good idea to stick to the bets you know. Professional bettors no longer bet on win/loss outcomes. They experiment with markets, analyze the game, and try to find the right market. Today, you can bet on the number of corners, who will draw the first blood, the number of goals scored in the first or second half, and many other outcomes. 
  • Research the team’s odds in detail. Odds usually show the difference between one team and another. However, odds never show 100% balance in the team’s ability to win. That is why you can do quick due diligence, learn the team’s previous games and head-to-head matches, and analyze statistics. Using the statistics of the valuable games, you can place a bet on the unique market and win with high payouts. 
  • Read news and sports analysis. No, you should not trust 100% what is said on the Internet. Just take a look at other people’s predictions and expectations. Some sports magazines give insight into what is going on with players and football clubs. They calculate the chances of each team and sometimes give an honest and correct prediction. Your task is to take this analytical approach and understand why they think the way they do. 
  • Manage your budget. Since you will never be able to win all the time, there will be days when luck is not on your side. There are many surprising results that no one expected. In this case, your job is to manage your winnings and losses properly. Avoid getting angry when the desire to win again overrides your rational thinking. Always stay on top of things and never get carried away. If you lose one, two, or three times, take a break and do something else, such as tips on managing your budget when betting online. 

How to Choose Among All These Betting Sites

How to Choose Among All These Betting Sites

Although we have mentioned some top-rated football betting sites, it is crucial to do your own comprehensive review to prove the reliability, number of sports options, and other parameters. Here, we will list the most important criteria you need to consider when searching for the best football betting sites. 

Licenses Matter 

Why do businesses need licenses in any field? It is because having a license ensures stability and that someone is watching the business and testing it regularly. If the betting site violates the conditions set by the licensor, it has a chance to lose it, as well as its reputation and users. The second reason is that all betting sites are required to obtain a license from local regulators to operate legally. All the above sites are licensed by the local Ugandan Betting Commission. 

Available Payment Options 

Basically, payment methods are what make betting online possible. If there were no online payment options, no one would transfer real money, win real money, or withdraw real money. So, Ugandan sites offer all modern payment methods, such as bank cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency. But it is not only the presence that counts. The characteristics of these payment methods, such as transaction speed, service changes, and minimum and maximum limits, also play an important role. 

Football Betting Bonuses 

Everyone loves to get promotions. It makes the process more enticing by the fact that free stuff gives more confidence as you bet with credits given by the bookmaker, or in case of a loss, you get a cashback. In general, there are several types of football betting bonuses: deposit bonus, cashback, accumulator, reload promos, loyalty perks, and some others. We pay special attention to the number of such offers, their size, and the wagering requirements you have to meet. These requirements could ruin your whole bonus experience if you do not investigate them. 

Customer Support

Convenient support methods to communicate with bookmakers’ managers are a key criterion. Modern Ugandan sites offer a special page called “Contacts,” where you can find various support options such as live chat, email, phone number, FAQ, and feedback page. All of them are suitable for different types of questions. Live chat is perfect for finding tutorials, regulatory documents, bonus descriptions, and other data. The mobile phone number is indicated for urgent questions in case your account is hacked or you lose your money during the withdrawal process. Feedback sections allow you to describe your experience and comment on what needs to be proven. 

Popular Football Betting Markets 

If your desire to bet on football still blows your mind, you need to be aware of the available betting markets. In fact, the betting market is your best friend when setting up your bet. Markets show which outcome will win your bet. For example, if you are predicting Team A to win, you will find the market 1×2 and pick 1 to win. And if the first team (A) wins, you win the bet and receive a payout. So, let us look at other famous markets that you can use to set your bet. 


It is he market based on the final result, where you pick the winning team or a draw. This is the basis of all sports betting, where you choose between 1, X, 2 outcomes, where 1 is the first team to win, X is a draw, and 2 is the second team to win.

Double Chance 

This is a preferred market for players who do not like to take big risks. Double Chance is designed to literally increase your chances of winning by allowing you to pick two outcomes at the same time. And if one of them happens, you win the bet. It looks like 1×2, where you choose 12, or 1x, or 2x. However, because your probability of winning is increased, the odds are lower, and therefore your payout is smaller. 

Live Bets 

There is a new betting format where you bet on events in progress. Instead of placing a bet and waiting for the game to start, you can open the Live Games page and bet on events that are halfway through or even at the end. The odds are volatile and change often. But many bettors love this quick betting mode, where you have a sense of randomness and unexpected short-term results. 

First or Second Half Results 

This market is an additional setting to the regular markets, such as Total Points or 1×2. Here you bet on the same market, but including the time period (such as Second Half or First Half). In other words, your bet only works during the selected time period. When the match is over, you can start a new one. You can even place multiple bets on the same game. 


When it comes to football sports betting, your choice should be based on factors that allow bettors to place bets as they wish. There should be unique football betting options, diversity of betting markets, favorable odds on football matches, and a large number of events in famous and local leagues. The presented list of Ugandan bookmakers belongs to the best-rated sites for a better experience. 


Which league is best for football betting?
Ugandan betting sites offer various leagues such as the European League, Championship League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Uganda Cup, etc. The higher the league, the more predictable the results. However, choose the one you prefer and place your bets.

How to bet on football online?
Football betting works similarly to other sports, where you choose the market, analyze the odds, set the stake you want to place, and start betting. There are many other parameters you can learn in this article.

What are the most common football bets?
Some popular football bets include 1×2, Double Chance, Total, Over/Under, Handicap, Half-Time-based bets, and live football bets.

What is a cashout in football betting?
This is a betting mechanic that allows you to cancel your bet after it has been placed. You can either lock in a profit or save your bet from a complete loss. The payout is based on the current odds displayed in your Cash Out offer.
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