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As eSports have become more prevalent in recent years, most reputable sportsbooks have incorporated the category into their promotional offers. Devoted fans can find their favorite teams on most of the bookmaker platforms. An impressive variety of cyber tournaments have made it possible for bettors in Uganda to join in the thrill of the games. Now, it is up to you to pick which betting company suits your eSports interests. If you are a Dota 2 fan, join our exciting adventure to find the best sportsbook for your votes!

Best Betting Sites for eSports

A number of bookmakers already provide a range of eSports services to their users. The top sites have made it a point to be as inclusive as possible. With that, eSports viewers can find the same range of benefits as enjoyed by classic online gamblers.

Rank Bonus Info Action
eSports Era
  • Get a refund if your bet loses
eSports Bonus Calendar
  • Place bets on online games and win 10-20% cashback
eSports Bonus Calendar
  • Place bets on online games and win 10-20% cashback
Welcome Bonus
  • Register and receive a bonus upon first deposit
Multiple Bonus
  • Place 2 or more stakes to increase your bet rates
First Deposit Bonus
  • Credit your new account to receive a gift
Welcome Bonus
  • Win free bets for registering on the platform

Not all bookmakers differentiate their bonus programs according to the games’ category. For such reasons, all eSports users benefit from welcome offers and loyalty plans. By clicking this link, you will know more about top eSports betting sites

Best Sites for Dota 2 Betting

Best Sites for Dota 2 Betting 

Dota 2 betting involves placing wagers on the outcomes of Dota 2 matches and tournaments. Since the stakes are often high during the games, it is vital to know which sportsbook allows for optimal and safe betting. 


1xBet is a leading online gambling company that is fully licensed in Uganda, as well as in many other parts of the world. The site includes Pre-match and Live games. The main games available are:

  • CS:GO 2
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends

Bettors can benefit from an efficient statistical analysis, in-game bonuses, and a variety of opportunities to win promotional tickets while viewing the live tournaments.


Betwinner is another great alternative for those who seek a high-quality Dota 2 betting experience. Within the ESPORTS section, you will find a wide selection of games:

  • CS:GO: Ultras League, Eternity League, CCT South Europe
  • Dota 2: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1 (Division 1), Destiny League, Mad Dogs League
  • League of Legends LCK Challengers, European Circuit
  • FIFA: European Championship, World Championship, Penalty  
  • UFC: Street Fight, Welterweight, Lightweight
  • NBA: 3×3

The Dota 2 events are available for online streaming and pre-match viewing. Bets are placed in over 9 markets, and an eSports Bonus Calendar includes daily promotions for regular viewers.


MelBet offers a similar set of games but with fewer betting options. A separate Broadcasts button lets users participate in the Dota 2 tournaments live. On the other hand, pre-match eSports games include:

  • Dota 2: The Lima Major 
  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO

The Lima Major is broadcast on the platform to allow users to enjoy one of the biggest challenges of the Dota Pro Circuit season. 


22Bet does not limit its users to a wide range of eSports. Besides Dota 2, the sportsbook includes CS:GO, Rainbow Six, and Wild Rift. Unfortunately, the bookmaker has yet to incorporate a live broadcast for all the eSports fans. 

Most of the top wagering companies present a standard selection of games, essentially including Dota 2 and its various championships. Depending on the challenge of interest and desirable bonus, bettors are free to choose between the platforms discussed.

Selecting the Best Site

Selecting the Best Site 

Online gamblers can take advantage of many features across bookmakers with Dota 2 games. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of the game, its regulations, and the competitive scene before partaking in Dota 2 betting. You can place better bets if you are aware of the players’ and teams’  strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, as a beginner looking for the best Dota 2 betting sites, make sure to review the following factors.

Reputation and Reliability

If you want to wager on Dota 2, pick trustworthy, authorized betting providers. Ensure they provide a safe environment, equitable chances, and credible customer service.

  • 1xBet, Betwinner, Melbet, and 22Bet are all licensed companies in Uganda. They have good ratings overall and are considered trustworthy by their customers.

Markets and Bet Options

To make sure you are getting the most out of your bets, it is key that you compare the odds provided by various betting sites. For the same event, odds may vary slightly amongst bookmakers.

Common betting options include:

  • Match Winner: Betting on the team or player you believe will win the entire match.
  • Map Winner: Wagering on the team that will win a specific map within a match.
  • Handicap Betting: Adjusting the odds by giving one team an advantage or disadvantage regarding maps or rounds.
  • Total Maps/ Rounds: Betting on the total number of maps or rounds played in a match, whether it will be over or under a specified number.
  • Correct Score: Predicting the exact score or outcome of a match or map.
  • First Blood: Betting on which team or player will achieve the first kill or objective in a match.
  • First to X Kills: Predicting which team or player will be the first to reach a specific number of kills.
  • Live Betting (In-Play): Placing bets on various markets while the match progresses, taking advantage of changing circumstances.
  • Special Bets: Some bookmakers offer unique or special bets, such as the first team to destroy a specific structure or the team with the most kills in a set timeframe.

Competitive Odds

Odds offered by the sportsbook can significantly impact the success of a gambler’s game. While placing stakes, pay attention to the winning potential compared to the chances of losing, as well as their quantitative parameters. 

  • 1xBet is known to have a stable record of favorable bet odds compared to other wagering companies.

Easy-to-use Interface

Dota 2 punters can definitely benefit from a user-friendly interface. For that reason, most betting services offer a clear display of live and pre-match games, as well as a selection of odds. In this way, gamblers can spend less time figuring out the site’s logistics and more on strategizing. 

  • Betwinner and 1xBet are considered to be the easiest to navigate. Think about things like accessibility to essential features, information clarity, and ease of navigation when selecting a betting site based on its interface usability.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of a sportsbook are key factors to evaluate for a fair Dota 2 game. All of the top bookmakers are regulated through policies, licensing, and anti-fraud rules.

  • Check the website of each gambling site for updated licensing information.

Bonuses and Promotions

Any Dota 2 tournament win can be enhanced by applying a bonus or a promotion. Consider the bonuses available to determine which fits your desired outcomes. 

The list of promotions applicable to Dota 2 fans includes:

  • 1xBet: Welcome Bonus, No-Risk Bet, 200% winnings 
  • Betwinner: Welcome Bonus, Birthday Bonus, eSports Bonus Calendar
  • MelBet: Welcome Bonus, Free Bet
  • 22Bet: Welcome Bonus, Bonus Points 

As you can see, some general offers are available across most platforms. It is up to you to select the most rewarding and start betting.

Customer Support 

An attentive and supportive customer service staff is essential. Ensure that the bookmaker offers dependable customer service via phone, email, and live chat.

  • Nowadays, almost all sportsbooks prioritize responsive support teams and quick feedback. The necessary contact information can be found in the menu section of each wagering company.

How to Bet on Dota 2

How to Bet on Dota 2

Betting on Dota 2 involves placing wagers on the outcomes of matches or events within the game.

If you are a beginner wondering where to start, follow this simple guide on placing your first bet.

Learn Dota 2:
Learn the essentials of Dota 2 before you start placing bets. Recognize the goals, heroes, gameplay mechanics, and competitive environment. You can place better bets if you have this knowledge.
Select a Reputable Online Sportsbook:
Choose a reliable and respectable Dota 2 betting website for eSports. Seek websites with a solid track record, appropriate licensing, and encouraging user feedback.
Create an Account:
Create an account on the betting site of your choice, providing personal information.
Funds for Deposit:
Use one of the available payment options to add money to your betting account after it has been created. Most sportsbooks take bank transfers, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards as payment methods.
Visit the Dota 2 Betting Section:
Proceed to the betting site’s Dota 2 or eSports section after depositing. A schedule of forthcoming games and competitions can be found here.
Examine the Betting Markets:
Examine the Dota 2 betting markets that are available. Match and map winners, handicap betting, the total number of maps played, and special bets are examples of common markets. Recognize each market’s odds and how they operate.
Place Bets:
You can place your bets after deciding on a market and a particular match or event. You can confirm the bet after entering your desired stake amount and reviewing your options.
Withdraw Winnings
In the event that your wagers are profitable, you may redeem your winnings.

Live Betting

Live Betting 

Numerous betting platforms, such as 1xBet, MelBet, and Betwinner, offer live broadcasting of Dota 2 tournaments. Live betting brings an additional sense of excitement, especially in international championships and challenging games. Make sure to utilize the option once you have acquired the basic betting skills.

Types of Bets

Types of Bets

Dota 2 wagering can be an extremely entertaining activity. At the same time, consider all influential factors that can substantially increase your chances of winning. To start, review the whole selection of Dota 2 bets to pick the optimal options for you.

Match Winner

Choose a team you believe will win the whole match for this wager. Betting sites provide all the necessary information before a particular game in the pre-game section.

Round Winner

In a more specific betting scheme, you may benefit from live tournaments. This way, you can take advantage of changing circumstances and choose higher stakes for certain rounds of the game.

Handicap “Kills or Tower”

The most effective teams usually find a balance between hero kills and tower objectives.

When you believe that there is a relatively big or small skill difference between two teams, handicaps are an excellent bet to use. In Dota 2, a team’s overall strategy and game state will determine whether to prioritize towers or kills (hero kills). 

First Blood

Statistical analysis of each team’s strategy can help identify the first to score a kill in the match. Select this option to feel intrigued from the very start! 

First 10 Kills

The first 10 kills can determine the outcomes of the whole match. Dota fans and expert gamblers have defined early aggressive attacks as one of the primary signs of a team scoring 10 kills initially. 

The First Roshan

Being the first to kill this particular creep is highly competitive, making it one of the most essential prop bets. Killing it can irreversibly affect any game, ultimately ending the match. Combining this prop with other bets is possible to raise the stakes for everyone.

Correct Map Score

This bet basically implies you’re considering the teams’ points on the map in addition to who wins the matches. It is essential to note that predicting the precise map score is much more challenging than the overall match winner. For that reason, advanced punters prefer this bet.

Round Duration

Another highly sophisticated betting option requires predicting the duration of a round. The possibilities range from the total round time to any time between below or above 25 minutes.

Aegis Steal

An Aegis steal is one of the riskiest yet most rewarding captures of the game. The potential loss it can lead to makes it a rare stake, even for the most confident bettors. At the same time, sudden gameplay changes can increase one team’s chances and serve as a sign for you to bet on a steal.

Special Bets

Besides the classic wagering deals, special bets can be found in the eSports section. They are regularly updated, so make sure to keep track of the offers on the wagering platform of your choice. Some examples include:

  • Player-Specific bets
  • Total Number of Courier Kills
  • Draft-related 

Special bets require definite precision, attention to detail, and a willingness to dig deep into the analytical side of Dota 2.

Biggest Dota 2 Events

Biggest Dota 2 Events

A skilled Dota 2 bettor possesses knowledge of both the game itself and its main tournaments. When choosing a bookmaker, ensure that it provides sufficient information on the following events.

The International (TI)

The International is the most prominent and valued Dota 2 competition held each year. The company behind Dota 2, Valve Corporation, is in charge of organizing it. The International pits the top teams from across the globe against one another for a sizable prize fund and frequently determines the next world champion.

Main Championships

Besides the annual gaming ceremonies, other international championships are also organized. The European Pro League is a European online tournament organized by EPL. The LATAM Rookie Challenge is another alternative for South American players. 

Mad Dogs League is a smaller-scale tournament available on 1xBet. 

Dota Pro Circuit (DPC)

The official qualifying events for The International are the Dota Pro Circuit competitions, which are run by Valve. At the end of the season, the top teams receive direct invitations to The International, with points awarded to teams based on their performance in DPC tournaments.


The Electronic Sports League, or ESL, is the organization behind the Dota 2 ESL One tournament series. These events are well-known for their high production values and draw elite teams. Worldwide, there are several locations where ESL One tournaments are held, including Uganda.


DreamHack, in partnership with other partners, organizes the Dota 2 league and tournament series known as DreamLeague. Top teams compete for prize money and qualification points for The International in both LAN and online events.

Advice for Successful Betting

Advice for Successful Betting

eSports betting as a category has its own distinct features that are loved by its viewers. At the same time, wagering advice for successful Dota 2 games would be similar to the general punting advice. 

Research and Analysis

Firstly, it is critical to know your stuff. Enjoying Dota as a game is not sufficient to predict match outcomes. You must be familiar with all the nuances, exceptions, and skills valuable in the gameplay. 

  • Think about how teams have performed historically against one another. The odds are usually affected by a team’s positive record against a particular opponent.

Bankroll Management

For your betting activities, establish a budget and follow it. Refrain from pursuing losses and limit your betting to what you can afford to lose.

  • Consider applying bonuses: For example, 1xBet offers a refund in case of loss in its eSports Era promotion. 

Understanding Chances and Possibilities 

Recognizing opportunities and risks in Dota 2 wagering entails taking into account multiple elements that may impact a game’s result. 

  • Evaluate the teams’ current performances and skill levels. Examine their individual and group advantages and disadvantages.
  • Analyze factors such as hero pool, versatility, and consistency.
  • Think about how well teams adjust to unforeseen circumstances during a game, like opponents’ strategy changes or unexpected kills.

Match Viewing 

To improve your Dota 2 viewing experience, select a reputable platform. MelBet, 1xBet, and Betwinner all offer live broadcasts of various tournaments. The expert commentary also offers insightful points on the game. Watch how teams control the map, prioritize objectives like towers, Roshan, and high-ground pushes, and coordinate movements across the map. 

All these actions can make your match viewing more productive. 



Choosing the best betting site for Dota can be challenging if you do not know any reputable platforms. We recommend selecting 1xBet, Betwinner, 22Bet, or Melbet, as the sportsbooks offer professional eSports wagering. Since the companies are licensed and free to use in Uganda, make sure to browse through their services and find something beneficial for yourself.


Are Dota 2 bets legal?
Yes. The services offered by licensed bookmakers, such as the ones described in the article, are entirely legal.

Can I bet on Dota 2 on my mobile phone?
You can bet using your phone using the mobile version of each sportsbook available through its official website.

Can I bet on Dota 2 using cryptocurrency?
Yes. You need to deposit funds into your account to place wagers. The account credit can be done using cryptocurrency.
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