Best Sports Betting Sites for Beginners

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The online entertainment industry has expanded dramatically over the past few years, and now, not only is the online mobile gaming industry developing, but so is the online mobile betting industry. Yes, mobile betting is no longer a miracle. Nowadays, you won’t see old and traditional sportsbooks with only a few boring betting markets. Instead, you will be presented with a bunch of different betting markets as well as thousands of daily events on different sports. 

Moreover, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to waste a lot of time discovering which site is better and which sites suit your needs. Instead, it is recommended to scroll through this detailed article and find out which sites are safe, have user-friendly interfaces, offer tasty food, have secure payments, and have responsive customer support. In the article below, you will also learn the tips and strategies that many professional bettors use in their daily betting activities to increase their winning rates, and you can do the same. 

Briefly About Ugandan Betting Sites

The first thing you should understand about Ugandan bait sites is that they are highly secure, reliable in terms of encryption technologies, loyal to all beginners, introduce many generous bonuses, and are user-friendly regarding websites and mobile applications. Many betting companies are worth your time so you can learn more about them on our special page.

Due to the rapid growth in the number of betting sites across Africa, particularly in Uganda, we must be strict in creating metrics and criteria for evaluating these sites. As a result, all the sites listed in the table below have been rigorously vetted for all the essential elements that make up a modern bookmaker.

Rank Bonus Info Action
Up to 1250000 UGX
For newly-registered punters
  • Beginner and pro-oriented
  • Brings excellent perks
  • User-friendly sportsbook
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Up to 880,000 UGX
For newly-registered punters
  • Well-known in many countries
  • Impressive virtual games
  • Apps for Android and iOS
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Up to 900,000 UGX
For newly-registered punters
  • Bonus codes for beginners
  • Easy-to-install apps
  • Sportsbook is easy to navigate
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Up to 550,000 UGX
For newly-registered punters
  • Dozens of sports disciplines
  • Easy sign up
  • Loyal to beginners
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Review of the Best Bookies for Beginners

Review of the Best Bookies for Beginners

Beginners and professional bettors have different goals. Beginners are more focused on simple sportsbook navigation tools, available tutorials and guides on how to bet, simple betting slip functions, and a wide range of available markets. Newcomers also focus on simple odds and calculating their potential winnings. So, in the following part of the article, we’ll describe the beauties of each of the four main betting sites in Uganda and tell you about their main facilities suitable for newly registered punters. 


Beginners would definitely love the welcoming approach of the 1xBet company. In general, 1xBet hosts over 400,000 users who participate in various sports betting competitions and love live betting and their instant betting options. They love the way withdrawals work and the fact that there are many free-of-charge payment options and above-average transaction speeds. People are also obsessed with virtual sports and enjoy betting on eSports as well as playing casino games. In addition, 1xBet has two brilliant applications for Android and iOS users that you can download in just a few clicks. 


BetWinner is an international and world-renowned bookmaker with which you can easily 

connect your life. BetWinner focuses on both professionals and beginners, offering straightforward navigation and an intuitive interface, dozens of betting markets, and popular sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cricket, beach volleyball, and even eSports.


If you are looking for exciting promotions, huge bonuses for beginners, and loyalty rewards for loyal players, then MelBet is definitely the place for you. From the first time you visit the site, you will see the site’s eye-catching design with a basic combination of minimalism and comfort. Users of the site have the opportunity to play fast games, bet on live sports, analyze statistics of previous games, play poker, or even play simulated games based on real sports clubs. 


22Bet is a collection of incredible sports disciplines, including famous football leagues, well-known tennis competitions, basketball, ice hockey, badminton, and over 30 other sports. At 22Bet, you can deposit and withdraw almost instantly, enjoy generous bonuses, and start your betting journey with a solid amount of money in hand.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bookmaker for Beginners 

What to Look for When Choosing a Bookmaker for Beginners 

All newcomers must be careful when deciding which bookmaker is the most suitable. Once you have chosen the site, there is a strict procedure that you must follow in order to avoid fraudulent and dishonest bookmakers and to only face reliable platforms that can offer you the most pleasant experience. To this end, we have drawn up a list of criteria that you can read about below. Keep it in mind, and once you have found the site, go through the list and check each step and element from this list on your bookmaker.

Betting Markets and Odds 

For all sports betting enthusiasts, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the betting markets that are offered. That’s because the markets will determine your betting flow. Choosing the market means choosing the outcomes that will bring you profit. And as a better player, you should be able to pick the right markets for certain games. Check what marks come at the bookies today:

  • 1×2. With Moneyline (1×2), you always know which team will win because this market allows you to choose between three outcomes: the first team to win, the second team to win, or a tie. 
  • DС. Double Chance is a continuation of Money Line where you can choose two outcomes instead of one (1X, 2X, or 12). It’s called Double Chance because your chances of winning are higher with this bet. 
  • Totals. Totals are used to predict the score of the game. Previous markets were based on the score, but here, you will use over and under variables to set the bet on points. For example, you can bet on how many goals each team will score, the number of penalties, red cards, corners, and more. 
  • Handicap. Handicaps are perfect if you want to give an advantage to an underdog so both teams have equal chances from the beginning. 
  • Specials. Specials are an exciting market. You can bet on who will score first, will the match have penalties, who will win the penalty shootout, will the team score inside the penalty shootout, and other variations. You can bet on literally anything. Only your imagination will help you.

In addition, all markets come with odds. Odds are important because they show the average probability of that outcome happening and your potential winnings. Once you have opened the site, go to the site settings and determine which odds you prefer. 

User-Interface Experience 

Another element of a pleasant betting experience is the presence of a convenient user interface. If you are going to spend time with your sportsbook, it should be comfortable. All the navigation buttons should be in the right place, and you shouldn’t get confused. 


If you prefer to use bonuses, it’s important to monitor the bonus page of your chosen bookmaker for the presence of welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, accumulators, boosts, and other types of promotions. In general, bonuses are a key indicator of a bookmaker’s trustworthiness, as platforms with a lack of promotions are usually old, and there’s a risk of fraud. 

Supported Deposit and Withdrawal Methods 

For your safety as a beginner, it’s also a good idea to check the menu of all available payment methods on the website. There shouldn’t be just a few methods. The best betting site for beginners will always support multiple options such as

  • Digital wallets, 
  • Cryptocurrencies, 
  • Bank cards, 
  • Bank transfers,
  • Payment Systems 
  • Mobile money options.

All of these methods must guarantee no service charges, transparency, instant deposits, and fast withdrawals. 

Customer Care Services 

It’s hard to imagine a modern business without proper customer service. In the betting industry, it’s also important that the bookmaker provides 24/7 customer support, a page with multiple contact methods such as email, phone number, and live chat built into the website, and a FAQ section with all complex tutorials and guides. 

Security and Licensing 

As soon as you enter the modern banking site, you have to ask yourself if it is safe to give your personal and banking details. Fortunately, many bookmakers in Africa offer the best security tools and meet the highest security standards. In general, once you enter the site, you are protected by data encryption systems as well as the site’s latest protocols. However, if you don’t trust the bookmaker, you should always check whether they are licensed or not. In fact, licensing is one of the main factors and criteria that shows that the bookmaker is regulated, operates under local laws, and follows strict betting regulations. To check, go to the website’s main page and scroll down. At the bottom, you will see a small window telling you who the regulator is and who issued the license. 

Betting Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Betting Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Although the first law of sports betting is to have fun, not to win, making money on sports is part of the fun. So, if you want to have more ups than downs, you need to get up to speed with the latest techniques and strategies many expert punters use. Some of them may seem basic, and you may think that the strategy isn’t worth your time. However, each one is highly recommended. 

Take Time Controlling Your Bankrolls 

The first is to use money management tools. There is a huge gap between a beginner and a professional bettor. Professional bettors always control their bankrolls and spend their money wisely. Meanwhile, beginners will overspend their bankrolls to “win.” To control your budget, you can use betting money management techniques. First and foremost is to play for money that you are willing to lose. This way, you’ll never feel insulted or disappointed when your bet loses.

Keep a Diary of Your Betting Results

Remember that the first few days of betting would be extremely difficult, but another tip is to bet wisely and always keep a diary of your betting results. This includes controlling your ups and downs, writing down your wins and losses, and analyzing how much money you’ve lost and how much you’ve won. In fact, it’s difficult to start, but in a few days or weeks, you will see progress by analyzing your mistakes in the past, and this diary will help you. 

Keep Up with Trends and Never Stop Learning 

Another tip is to always progress in your betting. Even if you already know some techniques, don’t stop learning. In fact, online betting is developing by leaps and bounds, and it’s tough to keep up with the latest trends, so you have to treat it as a job and spend time growing as a bettor. 


How do beginners learn to bet?
Learning is a key to progress in betting, and you must first study the fundamental tips, such as budgeting, learning betting markets, and how odds work.

What is the best online sports betting for beginners?
Beginners should start their betting journey by betting on sports they are comfortable with. Try to place bets only on events you are sure about and make an analysis.

Do these apps all offer customer support services?
Most modern bookmakers with mobile applications have responsible customer service departments that you can contact and get an answer in a minute.
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