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If soccer is the first popular sport in Uganda, tennis certainly takes second place in this ranking. It has many fans worldwide and even more bettors who like to make predictions on it.

The world of tennis championships is rich with events, from Wimbledon to the US Open, which are held all year round. That is why players have multiple opportunities to bet on their favorite sport. So, in the article, we can provide you with a full description of how you can place a successful bet on any of the tennis events and show you a list of the top champions that are worth your attention.

Brief Observation of Betting Uganda Websites

Punters in Uganda have access to many eminent online betting brands where they can use all the tools and options to get a profound betting experience, win more monetary rewards, and claim multiple bonuses.

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Since this article is devoted to one particular sport, if you wish to learn more about all the betting brands and their services that operate in Uganda, you might like to switch to another article about the best Uganda online betting companies.

Review of the Best Tennis Betting Websites

Review of the Best Tennis Betting Websites

Our top ranking consists of the best betting sites for tennis available in Uganda. All of them got into our list due to the number of features and qualities we will show you further in the text.


This brand is a true leader among the betting platforms. It offers the possibility of placing a lucky bet via your PC or mobile device. Punters from Uganda can enjoy making predictions using the full range of markets, from the classic 1×2 to handicap and other complex options.


MelBet also stands among the bookmakers offering many tennis betting options for Ugandan punters. All the major tennis events are available to choose from for betting. Also, a rich range of markets and relatively high odds attract many bettors to make their lucky accumulator and other types of stakes.


BetWinner has all the main tennis matches in its line of sports. Punters can register on the platform if it fits them and choose any game to make a prediction. The platform is available on PCs and mobile devices, so players can conveniently plan their sessions.


Another excellent platform for tennis betting is 22Bet. It is an international brand offering its registered users multiple tennis games. The platform offers generous bonuses in a line of various markets, such as handicaps, totals, games, and sets.

Tips and Strategies for Successful Tennis Betting

Tips and Strategies for Successful Tennis Betting

Once you find a bookmaker suitable for your needs on every criterion, the next step is understanding how and when to place your tennis predictions. Our editorial team can boast an extensive sports wagering experience, so backed by interviewing some other betting pros, we can offer you a list of tips and strategies that can be handy for you:

  1. Attention to the sportsmen. In tennis, it is especially vital to observe the shape of a sportsman. Since this sport is very traumatizing, having various injuries, as in any other sport, is a usual thing here. You can also check the personal rating of the sportsman you like to see what the chances of winning are.
  2. Bet on games. A game in tennis is a number of points earned by the match participants. This strategy is not suitable for beginners. The main principle is in using a famous Martingale strategy. Based on the statistical data, players who serve a ball tend to win even when they play against stronger opponents.
  3. Bet on sets. The Set is a part of the tennis match. Usually, the match has three sets; however, in some cases, two are enough to win the game. Professionals advise using a live regime for this strategy. Check that the difference between the victory coefficients is no more than 0.60 at the beginning of the match. If the first set ends in a victory for one of the participants, the odds for his final win will be changed by the bookmaker for bigger ones. So, you must bet against the possible winner.
  4. The 40/40 strategy. It mostly suits bettors who prefer to make predictions in real-time. If you observe the markets offered for tennis, you can notice that many bookmakers offer to bet if there is a 40/40 game outcome or not. Experts advise choosing women’s competitions and observing the match for several games. If the first two games were without a 40/40 outcome, you can bet that it might occur in the next game.
  5. Pay attention to the weather. Tennis is an outdoor sport, which makes it dependent on weather conditions. That is why you better check the forecast before the match begins or observe it for some time to understand the court situation better.

These are tactics many professionals prefer to use while they bet. It is very significant that you make your own analysis or check prediction websites to build a better stake. The main advice is to use the best tennis betting sites to acquire the maximum positive and pleasant experience.

How to Choose Between Tennis Betting Sites

How to Choose Between Tennis Betting Sites

It can be difficult to pick an online betting platform due to the huge variety available to Ugandan bettors. However, if you check a couple of forums or expert reviews, you can notice that the majority of punters prefer to make their bets and read about the pros. Our team has made a list of criteria to establish the best tennis betting sites that are worth your attention when you try to establish the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the sports betting platform.

Active License

First of all, you should retrieve information about the bookmaker’s active license issued by a reputable regulator. You can find it at the bottom of the website’s homepage or write to support. In case a portal provides you with vague information, we advise you not to bet on this website.

Payment Options

Another vital aspect is the number of payment options. Punters should not be limited in options, so everybody can choose which one they like based on fees, transaction time, and limits. Players in Uganda can use various methods, from bank cards to e-wallets. Therefore, when you wish to join any betting platform, check if it offers any reputable financial organizations and companies, such as Visa, MNT, Neteller, and others.

Bonuses and Promotions for Tennis Betting

Do not forget to visit the promotion and bonus section to see how beneficial your betting on this particular platform can be. It is a rare case when a bookmaker offers promos specifically for this or that sport. It means that the majority of deals can be used to bet on various sporting events, including tennis games. The freebies can be granted in the form of free bets, real money, or a promo coupon.

The Top Popular Tennis Betting Markets

Let’s observe the popular betting markets many bettors prefer to use. In the following part of the article, you will have a chance to learn more about tennis betting opportunities.

Absolute Winner

There can be only one winner in a tennis game. Therefore, you can choose such markets as 1×2, double chance, and some others to choose the winner of the match and place your prediction.

Match Bets

Betting on a particular match is simple but requires a proper analysis. Match bets include an array of markets that bettors can combine to build accumulator bets or simply make a single prediction.


This market has several subtypes, like Asian handicap. You can find it on many portals, but you need to understand what this market means. If you see that, for instance, as a result of the drawing procedure, your player will be having a match with a much stronger opponent, you can choose a handicap market to add more advantage to him or her at the start. You can also diminish the number of points if the situation is the opposite. For example, you can choose -2 points or make it plus 3.

Draw no Bet

This market is quite beneficial. It removes a draw outcome from your bet. So, if it happens, your betted money will be returned to your balance. Professionals use it mainly when one opponent is significantly stronger. When both players are skillful, there is a chance that a draw outcome may happen.

Major Tennis Tournament for Betting

Major Tennis Tournament for Betting

Which championships should you choose to place really lucky bets with higher odds? Several major events held on different continents promise many opportunities to make a lucky prediction.

Australian Open

This tournament takes place in Australia every summer season in January. It is the first stage of the Grand Slam tournament series, including 4 globally famous championships. About 128 tennis players participate in the games. It promises players monetary rewards and cups. They compete on 4 courts, 20 hectares each.

French Open

It is a lesser-known but still very popular and prestigious international tournament that takes place in France. The matches are held on the legendary Roland Garros courts in Paris. It is arranged every year from May to June. It is one of the steps in the major event called Grand Slam tournaments. It takes place on a clay court, as opposed to Great Britain competitions, where the game is held on a grass field.


It is a prestigious international tournament that was held for the first time in 1877. The main competitions last for a couple of weeks, during which the play-off players are determined. It includes players from different divisions, such as juniors, adults, and handicapped players. It is the only tournament that takes place on the lawn in comparison with other Grand Slam tournaments. The event is organized every summer and has the second biggest reward.

US Open

The US Open championship is a star event in the world of tennis. It is held every year and gathers many fans from all over the world. This tournament promises the biggest prize pool to its participants. It usually gathers the strongest players and makes their competition really engaging.

Summing Up

Summing Up

Tennis is an exclusive sport that has fans all around the globe. It provides many betting options for absolute enthusiasts of wagering. Thanks to the interesting match format, punters can browse through a long list of markets to make a powerful prediction.

The variety of online bookmakers can offer you hundreds of tennis championships, but their odds can be lower because they are not that significant for the tennis world. That is why many tennis betting sites with excellent reputations and service quality provide many chances to their users to bet on the best major tennis tournaments, and that is one of the greatest recommendations we can recommend to you.


Can I make express bets on tennis?
Bettors can make tennis express bets on any platform where such stakes are allowed.

Which tennis market is the most popular?
It is hard to tell. Many players prefer to bet on the total number of points earned in the match.

What is virtual tennis?
It is a computer-simulated game. It lasts for 2 or 3 sets as a regular game and has similar rules.

What is in-play tennis betting?
Its second name is live betting. You can play a game during the match, and when it finishes, the opportunity to leave stakes disappears.

Do tennis bookmakers offer to bet on the future?
Sure, can leave a prediction on any upcoming tennis game. It is called pre-match betting.

What is the difference between tennis match betting and match betting?
Basically, there is no difference between the tennis betting and any other wagering. The only difference can be noticed when you observe available markets. It mainly depends on the game format and its rules.
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