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What can be more exciting than basketball? True fans of this second popular sport can tell you more about its benefits and why they like to place basketball predictions. But where can you make a bet when the choice is vast? Our article contains answers to these questions, and if you wish to find a better portal where you can wager with more benefits and options.

Keep reading the article our expert editorial team prepared to see which bookmaker fits your criteria, such as the number of events and championships, set of payment options, and many others.

Brief Facts About the Best Bookmakers in Uganda

Punters in Uganda have access to many reputable international and local betting brands. There are several of the most eminent worldwide that we are going to observe in our review. It is worth mentioning that local regulators license many reputable betting platforms. It allows Ugandan bettors to create an account and wager on the platform without worries.

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If you wish to learn more about betting sites in Uganda, read another article prepared by our expert editorial team. 

Review of the Best Betting Basketball Sites

Review of the Best Betting Basketball Sites

To reduce the number of bookmaker portals, we will tell you about the top-quality ones whose prestige and reputation can be confirmed by many optimistic punters’ reviews. All the bookmakers are brands with high awareness and multiple options that can make sure every registered user will acquire an excellent wagering experience.

1xBet Short Review

The most famous brand where you can find everything is 1xBet. This bookmaker offers a long list of sporting events, including basketball. The range of markets is also long. Here, you can find the classic 1×2 and Double chance markets, more complex handicaps, and others.

The pros of this bookmaker include the following perks:

  • rich set of basketball markets (around 600)
  • highest possible odds
  • live betting
  • mobile app and website
  • massive number of bonus offers
  • high betting limits for major championships.

These perks are beneficial because players can obtain a quality experience in one place. To make sure, you can observe the games and tournaments the platform provides. The portal contains the following huge basketball leagues:

  • South Korea WKBL women
  • Greece, A1
  • Euroleague
  • Euroleague women
  • NBA
  • Spain, ACB
  • FIBA Africa Championship, etc.

The matches within the leagues are played around the year, so players can make predictions every week.

MelBet Short Review

The MelBet brand is also a famous bookmaker with its pros and cons. It is legal in Uganda and provides quality service to its punters. The platform contains all the main leagues and matches. Players from Uganda have the same set of options here:

  • generous welcome bonus of 300% up to 880095 UGX
  • live mode
  • all the major basketball events
  • relatively high odds
  • huge selection of betting markets
  • mobile app and website.

When you choose a basketball match, the number of games and leagues is similar to the previous betting brand. Therefore, the set of games is broad.

BetWinner Short Review

BetWinner is a brand famous for its convenient platforms, generous bonus deals, and wide range of convenient payment options for punters from Uganda. The registration process is easy, and you can certainly proceed to wagering on your favorite basketball match.

The bookmaker also offers its registered users all the top major basketball games. Besides, it has the following benefits:

  • live basketball wagering
  • availability of all main championships
  • high odds
  • mobile website and app.

Punters must register an account to access all the basketball betting opportunities on the platform.

22Bet Short Review

This eminent bookmaker has a rich basketball line. It offers its registered users high odds, a convenient platform, attractive bonus deals, and promotions. To understand the opportunities we offer you, observe the list of perks you can get when wagering here:

  • live basketball betting
  • variety of markets
  • high odds and many basketball markets
  • convenient app and mobile website
  • bonuses and promotions.

Punters can also see live statistics from previous games and championships and make better predictions using the abovementioned tools. This bookmaker is the last on our list, but not because it lacks something. The brand provides games from various leagues with clear betting rules and regimes.

Tips and Recommendations on Basketball Bets

Tips and Recommendations on Basketball Bets

Basketball is a wonderful team game. Based on the game rules and experts’ advice, it offers multiple opportunities on how to place a stake, which markets to choose, and when is the best time to make it. Observe the top recommendations we retrieved from professionals and faithful lovers of basketball:

  1. See the leader’s table. When you have not been placing bets from the beginning, this advice cannot work as planned. However, when you bet in the middle of the tournament, you can already evaluate who is the best based on the table with all current leaders.
  2. Consider the results from the previous matches. If you have a favorite team and prefer to make predictions based on its performance, then helpful advice is to see how this team played before. Observe its rival’s match statistics and other vital data before you decide to make up your mind.
  3. Team members. The team is extensive, and there can be substitutes. It is essential to check the team players and their shape before you make a bet.
  4. The number of matches matters. Check how many matches your team has. For instance, during the NBA season, the team must play about 82 games, which have 2 or 3 games daily, which is a lot. Therefore, the team is tired after that, and each next move makes it lose points when they play against a weaker team.

The recommendations offered by our expert team can significantly enhance your analysis and bring you more winnings.

How to Choose Among the Basketball Betting Websites

How to Choose Among the Basketball Betting Websites

The sufficient experience of our team and research allows us to provide tips on how you can find a reliable platform for sports wagering. We made a list with several vital criteria crucial to any bookmaker.

Licensing is Essential 

First of all, before you decide to join a bookmaker’s platform, you must check if it is licensed by the regulator of the country you live in. You can find information about current active licenses at the bottom of the website’s homepage or apply for support. 

Set of Payment Options

The next step is to see which payment options you can find here. The information is usually placed in the banking or cashier section. You can check all the payment options by switching between the withdrawal and deposit methods.

Punters from Uganda should aim for famous financial organizations that are well-known locally or internationally. For instance, it can be MNT, Airtel Money, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, etc. It is a great sign when a platform offers such a wide choice.

Bonuses and Promotions on Basketball Betting

Then, visit the bonus section and observe the promotions and deals available there. Usually, there are no specials for a particular sport. If you found it, it is a sporadic bonus deal. Typically, bookmakers with many options offer generous bonuses and engaging promotions. So, depending on the offer rules, the bonus funds can be spent on bets of any complexity and various sporting events.

The Most Popular Basketball Betting Markets

When you start wagering on any sport, including basketball, it is significant to understand what markets are available on your bookmaker’s portal. High efficiency, many unexpected scenarios, and multiple games during the season are the only reasons bettors like this sport and wish to observe all the best options, odds, and markets.

The following part shows the most popular markets many professional and beginner punters from Uganda prefer to make. However, some of them are pretty complex, which means they contain more choices hidden in one major idea of the direction of your bet.

Money Line

It is the simplest type of bet. Here, you can choose the first or the second team only. It is similar to betting on the winner. Thus, there is only one option here: when a team you bet on wins, you win.

The Best Goal Scorer

It is one of the top chosen variants; when a punter must predict the most successful goal scorer, you throw the biggest number of balls into the rival team’s basket. You can do this via 1×2, double chance, and other markets.

Totals (Goals More/Less)

Another popular outcome can be based on the number of goals a particular team of both teams will score during the match. The trick is to guess if this number is bigger or smaller than an established number offered by the portal.

Match Winner

Simply bet on the winner of a particular match. You can use various offered markets to place such a stake.


The handicap market can also vary from its various types, such as Asian or standard handicap. The primary principle is to provide an advantage to one of the teams. This market is especially beneficial if you understand that in some matches, due to the drawing procedure, a weaker team plays against a much stronger team.

Total Score

There can be several options for how you can place a stake. But the main principle stays. You should guess the total number of points earned by the teams. You must suppose that the number is bigger or lesser than a particular indicator provided by the bookmaker.

Popular Basketball Tournaments You Can Bet On

Our professional team explored the subject briefly and created a list of the ranking basketball tournaments of local and international meaning. Many bookmakers allow users to place bets on the games presented in these popular professional leagues. Each has its specifics, which we will observe in the following part of the article.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

It is one of the professional leagues in North America. It was established in 1946, and ever since, its matches have been considered the most prestigious game in the world. The NBA is a part of the USA Basketball organization that the FIBA recognizes.

The NBA is the strongest league that attracts many bettors and fans. It has several vital specifics that you need to consider as benefits:

  • many games
  • 30 participating teams
  • high-scoring and 12-minute quarters
  • a bit different game judging
  • attracts many spectators and fans and keeps a high profile.

All these aspects can influence the game, your emotions, and, of course, your outcome. The unpredictability of a gaming outcome triggers major excitement and interest. That is why, based on our professional opinion, this league requires a deep knowledge of the game itself, the rules of the championship, and its participants. It is not suitable for newbies. However, many true enthusiasts still place bets and enjoy the process.


The EuroLeague is a private organization that arranges competitions between the top famous and prestigious European clubs. Mostly, it is the tournament for the men’s league. The first competition was organized in 1958.

Liga ACB

It is a Spanish professional division league. The competitions are held from June to September. Its second name is Liga Endesa. The championship includes only the best Spanish clubs in Spain. The league was created in 1983 after the owners of the National League decided to separate from the SBF and arrange professional competitions.

Since its establishment, 49 clubs have participated in the tournaments. Early on, the event gathered around 6,000 spectators. The league uses the regular system where every team plates two times with its competitor. In total, there are 34 games for the season. Ultimately, the best 8 teams with the highest scores will play against one another.

If you decide to make an outcome prediction as a bettor, you may be surprised with low odds. In basketball, the gap between a winner and a loser is insignificant, usually about 10 points. However, the range of markets here is pretty decent. Punters can bet on totals, match winners, and other variants, even though knowledge about the game format, teams, and other factors will help you enhance your predictions.

Chinese Basketball Association

The Asian sector is also rich in basketball events. In China, the interest in this sport is getting bigger each season. Therefore, such engagement boosts its development. However, it has its specifics. Here, even outsiders can acquire 10 points or more. First, the game quality was poor when the league only started its competitions. However, when they bought some successful Western players and developed their own, the game became very interesting and exciting today.

The first event organized by the league was in 1995. It gathers 20 teams every season to compete with each other. The league is considered highly professional, whereas the NBL or National Basketball League is the lower one. 



It is not always possible to compare the best betting websites because reputable bookmakers strive to offer more innovative features and options one by one. So, punters have many options for making a basketball prediction in Uganda. But the most vital thing is how they can choose a game and which stakes to place.


Can I bet on different leagues and teams from other countries?
If a bookmaker can offer you several basketball games, you can place several bets almost simultaneously. The location does not matter. Punters from Uganda can access all the international and some local basketball matches and championships depending on the bookmaker opportunities.

Is the point spread or the money line the easiest basketball bet?
The spread point or a moneyline is the easiest type of bet. Here, you only have two options: the team 1 to win or the team 2 to win.

Is it safe to play on the best basketball betting sites?
Proven regulators license the best betting basketball websites. Besides, their reputation and prestige must be maintained, so they apply the latest protective technologies.

What is the total spread in basketball betting?
The spread can differ depending on the championship and the game. You can choose plus 7 or higher on some platforms for specific events.

What does the point spread 4 mean in basketball?
The team will be added plus 4 to its final score. Based on the total number, whether you bet wins or loses will be decided.
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