Betting Sites With Welcome Bonus in Uganda

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The world of online gambling is constantly evolving with the development of new features and technologies. Companies are promising even more advanced settings for their users. Uganda’s betting industry is not behind its worldwide competitors, with the most reputable wagering platforms functioning in the country. The bonuses and promotions system is also inviting new players to the field, as its welcoming gifts provide a warming atmosphere for all levels. 

Uganda Betting Sites

Nowadays, Uganda gambling can be done using the top rated betting sites in the world. The platforms welcome thousands of new users every week, thanks to their accessibility and availability to all overage individuals. 

The most professional platforms prioritize regular updates and broadcasting of both local and international sports events. The frequency of such updates is another determining factor in the rating of all sites. In the case of so many options being marketed online, it is crucial for beginners to have a list of top sports betting sites in Uganda for further reference.

We have also provided a quick overview of the highest-ranked wagering operators and their promotions in Uganda.

Rank Bonus Info Action
Welcome Package
  • Register to win a package of over 1,250,000 UGX for sports
  • OR 6,500,000 + 150 FS for Casino
Welcome Bonus
  • Win a 200% bonus on your first deposit up to 880000 UGX
Welcome Bonus
  • Win a 200% bonus with a first deposit up to 900000 UGX
Welcome Bonus
  • Register and receive a bonus upon first deposit
Welcome Bonus
  • Win 300% returns on your first deposit
First Deposit Bonus
  • Credit your new account to receive a gift
Welcome Bonus
  • Win free bets for registering on the platform

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is the first and most valuable gift a beginner bettor can start their journey with. The purpose of such incentives is to entice new users to register and enter their first payment. There are many different types of welcome rewards, and the terms and conditions of each betting site can change. 

While the offer is quite popular among many operators, only a few of them are considered safe and transparent. Keep reading the article to find out more about the websites you can trust.

Best Sites with Welcome Bonus 

Best Sites with Welcome Bonus 

The type of incentive offered, its terms and conditions, and personal preferences can all influence which websites are the best for welcome bonuses. At the same time, a few objective factors determine the efficacy of a service across the whole industry:

  • Deposit requirement
  • Deposit sum
  • Cashback percentage 
  • Expiry date
  • Any game limitations

Remember that the availability of welcome rewards can change, and new promotions may be introduced.


1xBet is a leading online sports betting and casino gambling platform known for its global influence. The company gained its popularity partially due to the wide range of sports games and events it offers. Of course, additional advantages rank it higher than its competitors, including the following:

  • Mobile app
  • In-play betting 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy registration
  • Welcome Bonus

The Welcome package offered by 1xBet promises additional funds of over 1,250,000 UGX for sports or 6,500,000 + 150 FS for casino. All you have to do to claim the incentive is register on the official website. Once you have an account, you are also free to participate in other promotional events. 


The site is another internationally recognized platform with hundreds of games, live sports, and casino slots available. BetWinner offers over 100 ways to deposit, an easily accessible app, and plenty of marketplaces. 

The perks of using the sportsbook include:

  • Extensive sportsbook
  • Convenient depositing
  • Safe transactions 
  • Huge Welcome Bonus with other gifts

The Welcome Bonus provides new BetWinner members with a 200% reward upon an initial deposit up to 900000 UGX. Additional free bets and gifts can be claimed later with the funds received. 


Although placed lower on the ratings, MelBet is greatly appreciated across the African continent. The service operates in Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and others. In addition to its accessibility, the platform is well-reviewed for its live streaming and cashout features. 

Other beneficial MelBet services include: 

  • Various payment options
  • Free sports broadcasts
  • Huge number of promotions
  • A generous Welcome Bonus

MelBet invites new members to make use of their Welcome offer: win a 200% reward on your first deposit up to 880000 UGX. Also you can then browse through other options, free bets, or alternative gifts.


This website is popular among bettors in Uganda for its rich selection of sports and modern wagering features. The site became one of the most modern approaches to safe betting. It also offers legitimate loyalty programs for regular users. In general, the pros of 22Bet can be summarized in the following way:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of cryptocurrency accepted
  • Security established through encryption 
  • Welcome Bonus always available

The Welcome Bonus of 22Bet allows newcomers to make a minimal deposit for a guaranteed gift. Once the deposit is made, new users can win even more prizes with the funds received. 

How to Claim the Bonus 

How to Claim the Bonus 

Now that you have a better understanding of how Welcome Bonuses work, let’s look into the most efficient ways to claim them on any website. The process is quite straightforward and only requires several steps. Keep in mind that the specific process may vary slightly from one platform to another, so it’s essential to carefully read the terms and conditions provided by the betting site.

A general overview of the procedure can be found below.

  • Visit the official website of the betting platform.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button to create a new account.
  • Fill in the required information, such as personal details and contact information.
Verify Your Account:
  • Some betting sites may require you to verify your account by providing additional documents, such as identification or proof of address. Follow the verification process as outlined by the platform.
Make a Qualifying Deposit:
  • To be eligible for the welcome bonus, you’ll likely need to make a qualifying deposit. The minimum deposit amount and eligible payment methods should be specified in the terms and conditions.
Enter Promo Code (If Required):
  • Some betting sites may require you to enter a specific promo code during the registration or deposit process to activate the welcome bonus. Check the terms and conditions for any applicable bonus codes.
Check the Terms and Conditions:
  • Carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus. Pay attention to factors such as wagering requirements, minimum odds for qualifying bets, time limits, and any restrictions on eligible markets or bet types.
Claim the Reward:
  • After completing the registration, verification, and deposit steps, go to the promotions or bonus section of the betting site. Look for the specific welcome offer and click on the “Claim” or “Activate” button.</
Use the Gifted Funds:
  • Once the bonus is activated, you can use it to place bets or play casino games according to the terms specified by the betting site.
Fulfill Wagering Requirements:
  • If there are wagering requirements associated with the perk, make sure to fulfill them before attempting to withdraw any winnings.

Types of Welcome Bonuses 

Types of Welcome Bonuses 

You will find yourself browsing through a variety of bonuses on any betting website. Before making any decisions, it is crucial to learn the characteristics of each one, including their pros and cons. In any case, always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you understand the rules and requirements associated with the welcome bonus. If you have any doubts or questions, reach out to the betting site’s customer support for clarification.

Free Bets 

Free bets are a common type of promotion offered by online betting sites. These promotions provide users with the opportunity to place a bet without risking their own money. 

  • Can be a part of a Welcome Bonus or any other promotion.
  • Requires a minimum deposit or number of bets placed.
  • Can be a fixed amount or a percentage of a stake.
  • Usually have an expiration date. 

The exact terms and conditions for claiming free bets can be found in the respective section of the sportsbook. 

First Deposit 

The First Deposit Bonus is a type of Welcome Promotional offer that is used by betting platforms to introduce new users to the system. By following the required procedure, bettors can receive their first gift while also learning the basics of wagering. 

  • Use one of the approved payment methods for an initial deposit.
  • The deposit sum is often equal to the bonus percentage.
  • Not all games are included in the offer; check the website.

The incentive and any related winnings could be lost if the conditions are not fulfilled in the specified time frame.


Cashback provides users with a percentage of their losses back as a form of rebate. This incentive is more exclusive and not available on every bookmaker’s website. A percentage of the user’s net losses over a predetermined time period is used to calculate the cashback bonus. 

  • The offer can be claimed automatically or through a promo code.
  • Can be credited in the form of money or extra funds.

No Deposit Bonus 

The No Deposit Bonus is a popular option for new users who are not willing to credit their accounts just yet. The offer allows bettors to test the sportsbook’s services without an initial deposit required. 

  • The bonus is automatically credited to the account following registration. 
  • Cannot be withdrawn and transferred into your bank account. 

In most cases, users may be required to complete an account verification process before they can withdraw winnings from a no-deposit bonus.

How to Select the Best Site

How to Select the Best Site

Selecting the best bookmaker for its Welcome Bonus is quite simple once you learn the most relevant factors. The most optimal version for you can entirely depend on your preferences and personal goals in wagering. 

Bonus Percentage 

The concept of a bonus percentage explains how many additional funds or rewards a user can receive in relation to their deposit or wagers. 󠀥󠀥

  • Within a given time period, a user may receive a bonus equivalent to a specific percentage of their total bets.
  • Reload bonuses provide extra money as a percentage of the user’s subsequent deposits, not just the first one.

Total Cost

The complete value of a bonus can be calculated using several parameters, including:

  • Its actual amount: expressed as a sum of money you can receive.
  • Bonus percentage: a part of the deposit sum that can be used as a reward.
  • Betting requirements: some games and events require a particular set of bets to be placed.

In this way, the total value of the Welcome Bonus can be determined by considering the ratio of the mentioned factors.

Minimal Odds

Each event analyzed by the sportsbook can be displayed with particular odds depending on the teams’ chances of winning or losing. Deposit-requiring bonuses will depend on such odds, as users will have to choose specific ones to validate the promo. 

Terms and Conditions 

The rules and regulations users must follow in order to take advantage of a specific incentive provided by an online bookmaker are known as the “terms and conditions” (T&C) of that bonus. In the case of a Welcome Bonus, the most important rules include:

  • Minimum deposit
  • Account limit 
  • Maximum Bonus Amount
  • Game restriction
  • Expiry date 

Attentively reading the regulations ensures that users can make the most of their betting experience and win without any setbacks. 



Welcome Bonuses make an integral part of a beginner in betting. Whether you are completely new to wagering or transferring between sportsbooks, make sure to experiment with the option. Knowing how to use the promotion is just as essential as understanding the different types of bonuses bookmakers in Uganda offer. Some offers, such as the No Deposit Welcome Bonus, provide a stress-free way to start your betting journey. 

Feel free to try it for yourself once you are familiar with all the necessary information. 


Is it possible to use more than one bonus?
You are free to use more than one bonus as long as the Terms and conditions of the offer allow it. Each bookmaker’s reward system works differently, so make sure you find the relevant information on the sportsbook’s website.

Are free bets safe?
Free bets offered by licensed and legit companies, such as 1xBet, BetWinner, MelBet, and 22Bet, are entirely safe.

Can registered users receive free bets?
Of course! Free bets are usually a part of a welcoming package for newly registered bettors.

Do I have to use the free bets right away?
Each free bet offer has a specific expiry date. You can find the relevant information in the Terms & Conditions of the reward on the sportsbook’s official website.
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