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The American dollar is the biggest currency in the world. And, of course, it’s the most actively used one. So, the chances are that you would like to try betting with this currency. This will give you a lot of benefits, no matter in what country you reside.

But our article will focus entirely on betting platforms in Uganda. Those that support USD as a currency for depositing, withdrawing, and betting. We will review those websites, provide basic information about them, cover the advantages and disadvantages of using the American Dollar, many of which are quite obvious, and include some additional information.

Uganda Betting Companies

Ugandans love betting, so the country is home to many wagering platforms. Apart from those originating from this place, there are plenty of branches and local versions of the global betting platforms. All of our list bookmakers are international, but more on that later.

Uganda has a high legal betting age of 25, but this doesn’t stop an activity from being popular in the country. Football is the most common sport to place your wagers on, but it’s the case everywhere.

If you want to read more about betting sites in Uganda, check out this dedicated article. Check out the next section for a quick table that includes the largest betting platforms that work in the country.

Betting Sites in Uganda

Here’s the list of the main betting sites that provide their services in Uganda.

Rank Bonus Info Action
300% First Deposit Bonus: up to 1,250,000 UGX
  • Impressive variety of disciplines and casino options
  • Features like the cashout, live betting, and placing multiple wagers
  • Many payment methods
  • Feature-packed mobile apps
200% of up to 900,000 UGX your first deposit
  • Plenty of sports and betting options
  • Rich casino features
  • Functional mobile apps
200% on your first deposit (up to 880,000 UGX)
  • Features a partnership program with nice fees
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of sports and markets
First deposit bonus (up to 490,000 UGX)
  • Well-designed UI
  • Useful mobile versions
  • Plenty of additional features, such as the cashout function and live betting

An Overview of Best USD Betting Sites in Uganda

An Overview of Best USD Betting Sites in Uganda

And let’s get directly to the point. The following few sections will provide information about four betting platforms that use USD in Uganda. Unsurprisingly, all of them are international bookmakers. We will take a look at what they can offer.


This sizeable international betting and gambling platform boasts an impressive list of sports and casino games and features to attract new customers. Operating worldwide, it obviously offers an American dollar as the currency. You can place your wagers in USD and make deposits and withdrawals.


BetWinner is another website that accepts American Dollars. The reason is similar: it’s a platform that operates worldwide. You can easily select USD as a preferred currency during the betting process. All of the available payment methods on the platform support USD for deposits and withdrawals. 


MelBet is another website that you can use for betting and gambling via USD. Yet again, this isn’t a platform that originated in Uganda, so appealing to the worldwide market is totally expected. MelBet is also an all-around solution with plenty of options for betting and gambling. Its list of supported payment systems is pretty impressive as well.


22Bet will meet your gambling or betting needs and expectations, even if your demands are high. There are plenty of disciplines, casino slots, and betting markets to try your luck and skills with. And all of that is wrapped in a great-looking website with rich support for mobile apps. And, of course, the platform supports USD as a currency for betting.

How to Use Betting Sites That Accept USD

How to Use Betting Sites That Accept USD

Let’s look at how you can interact with dollars on the website we will list. The obvious features are deposits, withdrawals, and covering the lists of countries that support the currency. Moreover, we will take a look at payment systems that operate with USD.

Making Deposits With USD

Obviously, before you even start betting, adding some money to your account’s balance is a must. The bonuses exist, but even in those cases, moving some funds is required. Thankfully, all of the bookmakers we listed on the website offer the ability to transfer USD.

Withdrawing the Funds in USD

If you managed to win some money at the platform, then it’s pretty obvious that you would like to receive such funds. This means going through the withdrawal process. All of the websites on our list support various payment systems that support USD. And, of course, you can use it to withdraw your USD.

Countries That Use USD

USD is widely used globally and is the most popular and influential currency there. You can select the currency on 22Bet, MelBet, 1xBet, or BetWinner, provided your location allows for it, and enjoy all of the advantages of USD.

Payment Systems that Accept USD

With the USD’s popularity, it’s no surprise that payment systems aim to work with the currency. Of course, exceptions exist. Thankfully, so far, it seems that all deposit and withdrawal methods available on the platforms we listed work with USD.

Best Sports to Place Wagers in USD

You can bet with USD on any sport you want, provided the bookmaker supports the currency. Here’s a list of the most popular disciplines you can find on the websites we mentioned in the article:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motorsports

Pros and Cons of Using USD for Betting

The dollar is such a significant currency that most of its advantages are well-known. But what about the disadvantages? And other things? Let’s find out. The table below shows the pros and downsides of using the currency in a demonstrative and easy-to-access manner.

  • Used widely across the world
  • Works with the majority of existing payment systems
  • Quite stable compared to the majority of currencies
  • Not available in all countries and markets
  • Sometimes, it’s better to use other currencies

As you can see, the number of advantages is larger. It is to be expected it’s challenging to overestimate the popularity of a dollar. So, this currency offers plenty of pros to those who prefer it for betting. And, of course, sometimes there’s no other choice.



With the American Dollar dominating the world of finances, it doesn’t surprise anybody that most betting platforms can place wagers on different sports using USD. It’s obvious: most payment systems across the globe also support this currency.

But what about Uganda and the bookmakers that operate in the country? We’ve covered you: at least four international betting platforms support USD. They are 1xBet, 22Bet, BetWinner, and MelBet. All of them are large and well-established bookmakers that offer plenty of features, disciplines, and slots to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gamblers and punters. They fully support the American Dollar for betting, gambling, and making transfers: all of the payment systems available on the platform work with USD.


Is it legal to bet on sports online in the USA?
Sports betting is fully legal across the USA, but online casinos are another deal and only work legally in a few states. And, of course, you can use the US dollar for betting in other places, provided your wagering platform supports the currency.

Are there some extra bonuses available at US Dollar bookmakers?
So far, it doesn’t seem that any betting platform from our list provides additional bonuses and promotions for customers who use USD as their preferred currency.

How Do I Know What Fee I Have to Pay For a Deposit and Withdrawal?
None of the websites on our list include fees for deposits and withdrawals.
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