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The love of Cricket has deep roots. This sport is popular worldwide and has many fans who like to watch the championships, participate, and, of course, bet on this sport. Taking into account that Cricket is definitely not super popular in Uganda, it still takes second place right after soccer. Although, if we consider the African region, the country that plays cricket the most is Kenya.

Regardless of its major popularity, this sport is available for betting on every reputable online platform. So, if you are curious about where you can place a successful cricket bet and what opportunities you have, keep reading our expert article created methodically by our editorial team.

Short Review of Bookmaker Websites Available in Uganda

Uganda has many opportunities for its punters to wager on sporting events, including cricket. The range of betting portals varies from local to international platforms. Ugandan punters can register there for free because the majority of these platforms are licensed by local and international regulators, which makes them legit and safe for users.

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Depending on your preferences, you can visit and try some of the betting websites available in Uganda. One thing is sure: every single one of them strives to provide better services and add more innovative features to their platforms. However, if you wish to stick with the local bookmakers, you can check out our separate article about online betting companies in Uganda by clicking on the link.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Best Cricket Betting Sites

This part of the article is devoted to the observation of the best legitimate bookmakers operating in Uganda on legal grounds. Here, we will compare several international brands that have local Ugandan licenses and offer punters from Uganda full access to all the options, games, and features of their platforms.

Before we begin to check the best betting sites for cricket, it is important to mention that our set contains only quality and legit bookmakers who offer all the essential options for a pleasant betting experience. It is only up to you which of them you wish to join.

1xBet Brief Review

The 1xBet brand is definitely the most famous on our list. It keeps developing and offers more innovative options to its users. To begin with, the bookmaker has over 50 types of available sports in its set, including cricket matches. It offers many games and championships from local to world levels.

Players can enjoy a wide range of betting markets, and of course, here, they can find the highest possible odds. It is one of the brightest features that distinguishes this bookmaker from a bunch of other brands. Players can make various bets, from singles to accumulators and chain bets. Register on the website to wager on your top-liked events.

MelBet Brief Review

The Melbet brand is another international company providing a huge line of sports; you can also find cricket among them. To place a bet, you need to open an account and fund your betting balance. Then, choose a tournament and make a prediction based on the markets and odds.

BetWinner Short Review

BetWinner is a multinational betting platform that offers many sports, competitive odds, and various markets you can use to place a stake. As usual, to make a bet, it is obligatory to sign up and fund your account for real money. Then, you will receive access to all the cricket championships, from Big Bash League games to 20 Twenty. Series.

You can observe the weather conditions and statistics on this platform. You can even download an app or use a mobile version of a website to enjoy your wagering. Overall, the BetWinner has a live mode where you can make live bets.

22Bet Short Review

This prominent brand also offers multiple cricket events and major championships among its sports line. To place a stake, a player must open an account and make a deposit. Then, he or she can enjoy using all the options offered.

The 22Bet brand offers multiple cricket games available for betting in pre-match and live regimes. The range of markets is pretty rich and allows players to build different types of stakes, from accumulators to chain bets.

How to Choose Among the Cricket Betting Platforms

How to Choose Among the Cricket Betting Platforms

There are several criteria that allow you to find the betting platform suitable to your needs. In this part of the article, we will show you the most vital aspects that require consideration before you decide to join the best cricket betting sites.

Payment Options

First of all, check the betting sites for cricket and their banking section. Make sure that they offer reliable and popular payment methods. If the bookmaker cooperates with international and local financial organizations and banks, it is an excellent sign that you might like the experience you receive on the platform.

Players from Uganda are not limited to types of deposit and withdrawal methods. They can use bank cards, make mobile money transfers, use e-wallets and bank transfers. Many international and local betting platforms work with these methods and, therefore, can offer them to punters who are very pleased to have such a broad choice.

Punters from Uganda can use Airtel Money, MTN, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and other world-known options. If a bookmaker can offer all or some of these options, you have grounds to trust this platform.

Cricket Bets Promotions and Bonuses

Many betting websites try to keep their users engaged. To do that, they activate bonuses and promotions. Normally, punters can receive free bets, real cash, or a promo code. All that can be exchanged for more bets and finally withdrawn with other rewards once you complete the rules of a particular offer.

It is a rare situation when cricket betting sites provide bonus funds for placing a bet on a particular sporting event. The most bookmakers can offer is to place a specific stake type and state the wagering requirements and the minimum bet amount. Punters are not usually limited to the sport types, so it means that unless mentioned in the offer, it is free to use the bonuses on cricket betting.

Live Mode

Live betting is one of the most demanded options among punters. It provides more joy to players because they can make more accurate predictions. The rules are simple here. You can make predictions on various outcomes while the game is on.

Recommendations and Strategy on Cricket Betting

Recommendations and Strategy on Cricket Betting

It is not always successful. However, we interviewed some experts, did some research, and found several vital tips that will help you enhance your stakes and make a more accurate prognosis. Skillful and talented have a real flair for valuable odds primarily because they developed a unique betting strategy.

First of all, there are about 5 approaches to match analysis regardless of the type. Here, based on our experience, we will lay out these main aspects to help you better your current or future betting tactics:

  1. Weather conditions. If you are a true cricket fan, you must know that this game is postponed when it rains. So, the weather forecast is what you must pay attention to when planning your bets. In some cases, the game can be delayed until the rain stops, and what follows is less playtime. With cricket, it is quite fine because its motherland is Great Britain, where rain is a usual weather condition. Besides, the sun sets as planned, and in different countries, this time differs. So, gaming time can be significantly reduced, and this can influence the whole game.
  2. Drawing procedure. The flip of a coin is one of the crucial moments that can influence the outcome of the game. It is not news that the beginning team receives a priority and advantage by playing on a fresh pitch with a new ball.
  3. Field factor. Cricket is an outdoor game and is held on a pitch. Therefore, the quality of the field is crucial to a successful game. The pitch surface can vary from accurately trimmed lawn to bare ground. That can primarily depend on the season. Basically, the surface cover influences the ball when it hits the ground. It has two options, such as speeding up after the hit or slowing down. Besides, pay attention to the humidity because if the humidity level is low and there is thin mountain air, the ball will fly faster. Bowlers prefer dry pitches where they can prevail due to the spinning ball.
  4. Players and teams. Before you place a bet, do some research and see what tournaments and pitch types your preferred team has played before. Great batsmen can show high results even on the pitch of a competing team.
  5. Live betting. Since the matches of the first level can last for several days, live betting is extremely widespread. Based on our check, the majority of betting experts who love cricket appreciate the opportunity and mainly place live bets. However, you should be patient to keep track of the game. Thus, professional bettors consider the previously mentioned factors and step way ahead so they are not surprised when something goes wrong or is unexpected.

If you have time, such an analysis should become your routine. If you adopt our advice and use it for your personal benefit, your bets will be more victorious.

The Best Types of Cricket Bets

The Best Types of Cricket Bets

One of the greatest perks of cricket is that matches are held all year around. Based on its impressively tremendous popularity in various parts of the world, mostly in India and other former British colonies, punters have almost unlimited betting opportunities.

Due to the fact that cricket matches last for long, punters from Uganda can make various bet combinations, analyze different facts, and enjoy the game in full swing because it is one of the most exhilarating sports you can stake on.

Outright Bets

Placing an outright bet is one of the long-term investments. Since cricket is played all year round, such bets are very popular. The game has two different variants: 1st level can last for up to 5 days, and 2nd level is a one-day match. So, basically, you can bet on a winner because a draw is not a very common outcome.


Handicap is the perfect market for almost every sport. Punters who choose it can provide a leg up to any of the teams based on your liking, analysis, and other factors. If you are new to the market, we can explain it in simpler words.

For instance, if you know that your favorite team is going to play against a stronger one, you can add to your team a couple of points before the game to even the chances for winning; therefore, the handicap is 0 at this point. The advantage can be bigger if you plan to predict which team prevails over the established advantage and won’t submit to the opponent.

Bet on a Team

One of the best options is to place a stake in the prevailing team of the match. It is similar to soccer games. You can use such options as classic 1×2 market, double chance, and handicap within a particular team and its members. This option is classic and is preferred mainly by newbies.

Bet on a Player

One of the most liked types of bet. You can choose various combinations and build different stakes of your liking. The range of markets here is quite long. It can be the best player of the tournament, the best bowler or batsman, or other possible variants.

For example, betting on a player’s statistics is a widely used type of proposed bet. Its second name is Player Props. In this case, the punter’s experience on previous pitches and current game conditions matter the most. 

Innings Run

This is another great opportunity to bet on the long run because one of the innings lasts for a couple of days. One inning includes all the bet market types we previously mentioned here. Within an inning, you can use 1×2, double chance, and other markets.

Bets on the First Ball/Over in Cricket

An over is a part of a game that consists of six first balls thrown by one bowler. You can easily use various available markets to place a bet on various outcomes. The same things can be said about the first ball outcome. 

Bets on Total

You can bet on a number of runs per match or stretches that include from 5 to 15 overs. It gives you an opportunity to guess the number of totals made by both teams or individually by one particular team.

The Most Popular Tournaments to Bet on Cricket

The world knows many huge international cricket events that are very respected and significant. Here, we will introduce you to these major championships and competitions so you will have an understanding of where to aim when you choose a match for prediction.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

It is an annual event held in India and organized by the BCCI or Board of Control for Cricket in India. The event includes 10 teams that compete with each other. It takes place between March and May. The IPL is the most famous league on the planet. Every year, it gathers millions of spectators and cricket fans. The competition was launched for the first time back in 2007. It has its rules and specifics. First of all, it is famous for its rigorous player selection.

Cricket World Championship (ICC)

The official name of this championship is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. It is an international event that was held for the first time in England in 1975. It lasts for one day and is organized every four years by the International Cricket Council. 

The Big Bash League (BBL)

The league was created in 2011 and presents a solely men’s club. The initiator was Australia, which decided to start a new event in response to a previous one. It includes 8 teams who compete with each other during Australian summer in December, January, and February.

The One Hundred

This tournament was held in Wales, England, in 2021 for the first time. So, it is a relatively fresh competition that involves 8 men and 8 women teams. The format of the match is limited to two and a half hours. The tournament is organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

The competition contains 32 matches in total. Every team must play against the other 7 rival teams. The tournament is held in summer, and its final stage happens in August.

The Ashes

It is a conventional prize played between the teams of Australia and England. The prize is obtained by the team who won in the last gaming series. The prize was launched for the first time in 1877. This trophy also has a funny story behind the cricket game. When it was held for the first time, the Australian team managed to win. To celebrate this event, a captain of the team left an obituary in the newspaper with the text that said that English cricket was dead and its ashes would be transferred to Australia.



Based on our detailed observation, cricket can be found everywhere. Almost any reputable website that offers players from Uganda to make a sports prediction has cricket on its list. Thus, you are never limited to choices. You only need to check the available payment options, betting regimes, and markets before you decide to join.


How to win in cricket betting?
Read expert tips to know the basics. We posted some of them in the article.

Is there an age limit for betting on cricket?
To place a bet, you must be 18 in Uganda. Once you turn legal, you can open an account, fund it with real cash, and place a bet on cricket events.

How do you win maximum in cricket betting?
The best way to win the maximum prize is to place a huge stake. If it is successful, you will win your grand reward.

How do you bet on cricket online?
To place a prediction, you must choose a betting portal and register. Then visit the sports section and choose a match you like. Pick a market and build your lucky bet.
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