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Ugandan culture places a high value on sports, and over the past few years, sports betting has grown to be a significant component of the country’s way of life. Besides, this very dynamic and thrilling entertainment has never been as accessible as it is now, and SportyBet surely knows the right way to offer its members a once-in-a-lifetime experience on their betting journeys! 

Today, we’ll walk you through installing the SportyBet mobile application and starting your exciting betting journey on the platform via your device. Let’s plunge into the subject!

About SportyBet

The company is one of Africa’s most popular sports betting sites and has an incredible reputation among other Ugandan sportsbooks. The organization gives its customers access to various sporting events, odds, and betting options and permits them to participate in their favorite betting activities from their mobile gadgets. If you want to know more – just click the link and you will get to our detailed SportyBet review.

How to Download Sportybet Mobile App for Android

How to Download Sportybet Mobile App for Android

If you are an Android user, it is possible to obtain the SportyBet mobile application by installing it from the official bookie website. The app is very light so it won’t take up much space on your mobile gadget. Besides, the installation process is very straightforward and transparent. Don’t worry. We will guide you through the whole procedure to make sure that you install the application correctly. 

System Requirements for Android 

Every mobile app has its own requirements regarding the gadget it is being installed on. As already stated, the SportyBet Uganda app doesn’t require much space and is generally very simple to install. However, we still decided to share with you the main system requirements of the app. Let’s have a look!

Operating system versionAndroid 4.0.3 or higher
Version of the most recent SportyBet software1.20.32
File size19,5 MB

Installation Procedure

Our experts picked the most necessary info and developed a quick guide in order to lend a hand to our readers willing to install the SportyBet mobile application. The whole procedure is very straightforward and doesn’t require much time; we can assure you that it will be very quick! Let’s look closer at the process, step by step.

Visit SportyBet
Navigate to the bookie’s official site on your mobile device. Then, locate the red navigation bar on the main page and open the “App” tab on it.
Download the .Apk
You will notice a greenish button with the “Download Android for Free” label. Tap on this button and wait for the .apk file to be downloaded on your gadget.
Install the App
Navigate to the .apk file on your mobile gadget and tap on it in order to proceed to the installation procedure.

How to Download Sportybet Mobile App on iPhone

How to Download Sportybet Mobile App on iPhone

As already stated previously, we are unfortunate to announce that there is no mobile application accessible for iOS operating gadgets. This info is truly deceiving, and we hope that this inconvenience will be fixed soon. The bookie has recently introduced its mobile application in several African countries, but unfortunately, it hasn’t arrived in Uganda yet.  Our analysts are confident that the company will soon make the software accessible for iOS members in Uganda as well.

Sportybet App Review

You are probably asking yourself, “What is so special about the SportyBet application?” and we indeed have the answer to that. Let’s note right away that the SportyBet company developed its mobile application to offer its members a more convenient and handier way of accessing sports betting on the platform. The application permits one to feel more at ease while navigating the site and allows bettors to stake on their favorite events wherever they are. Besides, the SportyBet mobile app gathers the same features as the bookie’s online web page and has all the same main characteristics. However, it still distinguishes itself from the site by providing various exclusive offers and features, which we will discover further. Meanwhile, let’s list the main app characteristics!

  • Practical and convenient interface
  • Notifications for favorite events
  • Doesn’t take much place on your gadget 
  • Free of charge
  • Rapid money transactions 

Bonuses in the Mobile Application

Special free bets from SportyBet only in Uganda

Certain sportsbooks take pleasure in offering special promotional deals and bonus programs for their mobile application newcomers. But unfortunately, SportyBet doesn’t have any specific offers accessible in its mobile application. Nonetheless, any SportyBet adherent may benefit from the sportsbook’s ongoing promotional offers since the application has full access to all the bonus programs offered on the site. There are currently two promotional deals accessible on the bookmaker’s page, so we thought we’d share them with you so you can get acquainted with them.

  • Free Bet: Register on SportyBet and obtain 400 UGX
  • Up to 30,000 UGX on the first deposit: Obtain free bets worth 150% of your first investment that you may spend on sports betting. The first deposit should be at least 1000 UGX. 

Supported Gadgets

The SportyBet mobile application is undoubtedly very handy and convenient; however, we should also verify its accessibility. It is pretty common for online sportsbooks to deliver their mobile application only on some specific operating systems. In general, the first gadget system supporting apps is Android, and it commonly takes some time for applications to arrive on iOS operating devices. Unfortunately, that’s also the case for the Ugandan SportyBet app, which is accessible only on Android gadgets. However, the SportyBet company has already delivered its app in other countries, and our experts are sure that it won’t be long until the corporation makes the app available for iOS as well.

How to Update the App

Updating the SportyBet application frequently is a necessary procedure in order to make the software function properly. If you are encountering some difficulties while using the app, then it is probably due to your version being outdated. In order to prevent these kinds of issues, we may recommend that you regularly check the available updates proposed by SportyBet. To do so, you may navigate to the “Me” tab in the application and tap on “Check Update.” If you find any new software accessible on the following page, then tap on “Update Now” to proceed with the installation process. 

Mobile vs. Lite Version

Sportybet Mobile vs. Lite Version

The SportyBet mobile application is fully accessible on Android operating systems, but unfortunately is unavailable to iOS members. That’s why the company managed to make the lite version of its site the most convenient possible; this version of the SportyBet site is accessible to all adherents and gathers the same features as the desktop one. Both the mobile application and the lite version are very smooth and agreeable to navigate, but they still have some differences that are worth mentioning. That’s why our experts decided to compare the two versions by displaying their main ups and downs. Let’s have a look!

Mobile App Ups and Downs

  • Very convenient and handy
  • Totally free
  • No breakdowns or glitches
  • Simple installation process
  • Very neat interface and usability
  • Catchy design and color pattern
  • No exclusive application offer
  • Not accessible on iOS gadgets
  • Cannot be used on older Android versions
  • Only downloadable from the official site

Lite Version Ups and Downs

  • Simple and catchy interface
  • Doesn’t require any installation
  • Very simple to access
  • Gathers the same features as the site
  • No push notifications
  • Accessible only via browser
  • Less practical

Main App Features 

Sportybet Main App Features 

The mobile SportyBet application has a multitude of features that make it surely stand out among other sportsbooks on the Ugandan market. Besides having a very catchy design and smooth interface, the company made sure that its mobile app would have the most profitable and appealing sports betting functions. We picked the most well-liked and appreciated features by Ugandan bettors to share with our readers. Have a look!

The Flex Bet

The Flex Bet is a truly amazing betting option because it permits members to set their own spending limits. The cost of the bet placed by an adherent on the platform is not based on the number of combinations; the bet is divided among all the varieties picked and is determined as a percentage of the total bet. This permits you to pay only for the portion of the bet that you can afford and control your budget. However, only Pre-Match Multiple Bets are eligible with the Flexible Bet feature; a bet can be considered a winner only if a certain percentage of the options are correct.


If you are interested in constantly being up-to-date and aware of any news occurring on the platform, then it is possible to turn on pop-up notifications. The mobile application will alert you to the most necessary and interesting information and make sure that you don’t miss anything important. Furthermore, you will be kept up to date on your winning bets, match results, and the appearance of new sporting events on the site.


One of the essential qualities of a mobile application is to always offer the most usable services available in order to avoid platform failure and a slowed member experience. Excellent navigation and quick sports betting are made possible by the SportyBet mobile application’s user-friendly interface. The SportyBet app developers avoid any malfunctions by routinely delivering updates that keep the sports betting experience fresh. The SportyBet application is quite light, which means that it won’t take up much space on members’ devices and will operate very quickly in addition to having fantastic usability.


To sum up, we can undoubtedly assume that the SportyBet application is very convenient and practical. It has all the necessary characteristics in order to pursue an excellent sports betting experience. The company integrated with its mobile app a significant number of features that make sports betting on the platform even more diverse and dynamic. Besides, it is always up-to-date and has an excellent usability that permits smooth navigation devoid of any glitches and breakdowns. However, the mobile app is only accessible on iOS operating gadgets which is quite deceiving. We hope that this disadvantage will be fixed very soon. In this detailed SportyBet review, we collected the most valuable data concerning the SportyBet mobile application, but if you are still experiencing some trouble, don’t hesitate to have a look at our FAQ.


How do I download the SportyBet app from the Play Store?
It is strongly advised to download it from the official SportyBet site because it is not officially accessible via the Play Store.

How do I join SportyBet?
Simply navigate to the official site and tap on “Register.”

Who is the owner of SportyBet?
Sudeep Ramnani.

How do I play SportyBet and win?
We may recommend you keep your head cool and learn sports betting tactics.

What is the minimum deposit for SportyBet?
1000 UGX.

What bank does SportyBet use?
If you wish to learn about the payment methods accessible on the platform, then you may have a look at our article concerning how to withdraw on SportyBet.

Does the SportyBet App offer free services?
Absolutely! The application is totally free.

Can We Get the SportyBet App on the Google Play Store?
No, it is not possible.
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