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SportyBet Uganda, as part of the SportyBet international group, attracts an increasing amount of attention each year for the high quality of its services and the wide range of betting and gambling activities it provides. No wonder why so many Ugandan bettors are actively using this platform, which, by the way, operates not only as a website but as a mobile app as well. In this article, we’d like to examine the sign-up process and everything around it on SportyBet. Let’s begin!

How to Register on SportyBet

Visit the SportyBet Website
Navigate to SportyBet or launch the SportyBet app. Once there, locate the “Register” button and tap on it.
Creating an Account
Enter your phone number and come up with a password you’d like to set. Once done, hit the “Create New Account” button.
Account Verification
Now, you’re required to verify your phone number. Simply enter the code that was delivered to you via SMS.

As you can see, there’s nothing hard about getting a SportyBet account, which can be performed on both the website and mobile SportyBet app.

How Do I Register My SportyBet Account by SMS?

Creating a personal profile via SMS can be quite handy when you don’t have a good enough Internet connection or if it performs quite slowly. Unfortunately, if such an event occurs, you’ll be required to either relocate to a place with a better connection or wait until it’s fixed, since SportyBet Uganda does not support registering by SMS.

Account Adjustments While Registering



  • SportyBet PIN

You can improve the security of your account by adding a 4-digit PIN-code in the settings

  • Personalize your sports preferences 

You’re free to specify your favorite sports and leagues to be displayed on top of the sports section, thus saving time and nerves on scrolling to find a match.

  • Temporary exclusion

You can set certain limits for your account, including a period of time when your account won’t let you place wagers. A great tool to support responsible betting.

Terms and Conditions of SportyBet Registration

SportyBet Terms and conditions of SportyBet registration

If you decide to set up an account with SportyBet Uganda, you automatically accept the SportyBet T&C, whether you want to or not. This document, which is posted on the main website, regulates all the processes that you can undergo on the platform, from creating a profile and betting to the closure of the account. We highly recommend you read the entire T&C on your own when you have time for that. And as for now, we’d like to highlight the main points that you should know:

  • Only people aged 25 or older are eligible to set up a personal account on SportyBet in Uganda. Keep in mind that if the company figures out your real age is lower than 25, your account will be permanently suspended.
  • Each person is restricted to having only one SportyBet account in Uganda. If you’ve changed your phone number or lost access to your profile, you should immediately reach out to customer service specialists to fix the issue.
  • Every bettor should specify their real phone number, e-mail address, and names as they appear on a passport or national ID card of the Republic of Uganda. SportyBet reserves the right to verify your identity by providing your personal data to credit organizations in accordance with the Privacy Policy or by requesting additional documents from you via direct message or phone call from customer service specialists.
  • Any personal or sensitive information provided during registration or by request will be handled in accordance with the SportyBet Privacy Statement. This important document is also available on the main website.
  • The closure of any given account is performed by specialists in the SportyBet customer service department. Keep in mind that an account with a negative balance cannot be closed until the debt is entirely paid.

We highly recommend you read the entire T&C on your own when you have time for that. It’s crucial to understand what to expect from a bookmaker and what can and should not be done while betting on sports with SportyBet Uganda.

How Do I Verify My Account Details on SportyBet?

There aren’t that many verification steps while registering with SportyBet Uganda. If you were attentive enough, we mentioned a phone number verification during the account creation process. That’s basically it. You should specify an SMS code that will be delivered to you while registering.

If SportyBet has any doubts about your identity or age, it will contact you directly and request all necessary documents or other forms of proof. Do not take it personally, since the gambling business is quite a risky one for owners in addition to being overly regulated by the government. Each step of the bookmaker’s process heads toward securing the best possible gambling and sports betting environment for every Ugandan punter.

How Long Does the Verification Process Take?

The abovementioned phone number verification process usually flows instantly. You specify your number, receive a code, enter it in the designated field, and press “Create New Account.” That’s it.

How to Log Into SportyBet

How to log into SportyBet
Go to SportyBet
Navigate to SportyBet Uganda or launch the SportyBet app.
Find the Login Fields
Find login fields on the website’s header or on the screen of the SportyBet app and enter the mobile number and password used while creating a profile.
Hit the “Login” button.

Registration Bonus on SportyBet

Registration bonus on SportyBet
Special free bets from SportyBet only in Uganda

Right after creating a SportyBet account, you can benefit from two incredible bonuses for newcomers: a registration bonus in the form of free bets with a value of UGX 400 and a welcome bonus up to UGX 30,000 based on your initial deposit. Both incentives run until the end of 2022 and through the first part of 2023. However, it’s highly likely that promotions will be extended further.

How to Make First Deposit on SportyBet

How to make first deposit on SportyBet
Visit SportyBet
Navigate to SportyBet Uganda or launch the SportyBet app. Once there, sign into your account.
Select a Payment Method
If you use a PC, locate the “Deposit” button on the website’s header. The same button can be found at the upper side of your screen on the SportyBet app. Tap on it and pick the most suitable method of depositing.
Confirm the Transaction
Specify the amount you’d wish to take in and press the “Top Up Now” button.

On SportyBet, the majority of payments are processed instantly. However, in the event of a delay of more than five minutes, we recommend checking your bank account or e-wallet. If the sum was successfully written off, address the issue to customer service specialists.

Common Problems While Registering

SportyBet Common problems while registering



Phone number is unavailable for registering

Check that you’re entering the correct number. If everything seems just right, contact customer service.

You do not receive a verification code on request

Make sure you’ve specified the right digits of your phone number.

Nothing happens when you press “Create New Account”

Check that you’ve got a stable Internet connection. 


SportyBet Uganda has proven itself to be an excellent choice for online sports wagering and gambling. The company provides various extensive services and generous sign-up bonuses, which will make your experience even better. In this article, we’ve covered everything around registration on SportyBet in Uganda, and if you have more questions, proceed to the FAQ section down below. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the bookmaker, check out our comprehensive SportyBet review.


Can I create two SportyBet accounts with one number?
Nope, you’re not allowed to do so. Moreover, you’re restricted to having only one account even if you have two phone numbers.

What is the minimum amount to bet on SportyBet?
UGX 10.

How do I get my ID on SportyBet?
If you’d like to create an account, please scroll up to the “How to Register on SportyBet” section.

How do I generate a SportyBet code?
There’s no way to manually generate a verification code. You can only request it for your phone number while signing up.

Can I register through the mobile app?
Sure. If you’d like to learn how, check out the “How to Register on SportyBet” section of this article.
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