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Betting markets can be hell of a challenge to overcome for each punter who just entered the sports betting industry. It’s been quite a while since the first parlay was ever placed, and the current number of its types has reached a couple of hundred. Some traditional and simple betting markets will be easily caught on by newcomers, while some original and advanced ones can trigger a solid portion of confusion. Basically, that’s the real purpose of this article. We’d like to vanquish your confusion and explain all of the SportyBet betting markets, which can have different names but the same meaning. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

How Can You Understand Betting Codes?

Betting codes are simply semi-correct names for betting markets, which translate into the different types of wagers you can place on any given sporting discipline. To put everything together in a simple way, let’s say you’d like to wager on the winner of an imaginary football match. A winner is something you want to predict, and in order to place a bet, you must select the appropriate betting market. The “1X2” betting market can come in handy because, according to its description and general meaning, you’re selecting a winner of a match or predicting a draw.

Right now, everything seems pretty simple. You decide which outcome or scenario you’d like to predict and pick a corresponding betting market. The real issue arises when comparing various bookmaking companies, each of which has its own abbreviation and description of typical betting markets. Confusion is the lightest feeling you can experience. In order to clarify the situation, you’re forced to do additional research for each company, which is a really time-consuming process. Spoiler: sometimes, even when you see “handicap” on site A and “handicap” on site B, they can have different terms, conditions, and meanings put into them, so checking out betting markets is an inevitable action. But do not give up on the idea of trying sports betting. It might seem way too complicated, but down below we’ll explain the most popular and commonly seen betting markets, so your journey will be a little bit more enjoyable.

Why Should You Bother?

Sportybet Why should you bother

When you first start wagering on sports, you should focus on SportyBet codes, also known as SportyBet betting markets, with an idea to learn their meaning. Although it might seem to you that this topic is something that can be understood along the way, a wrong interpretation of a bet will lead to incorrect predictions that you make in the eyes of the bookmaker. And the entire confusion simply translates into “loss of money.”

So, if you don’t want to throw your money out the window, the answer to the question “What you should know about betting markets?” is self-evident. You should know every betting market you use with any particular bookmaker like the back of your hand.

Types of Bets And What They Actually Mean

Types of bets and what they actually mean Sportybet

Now let’s discuss all the popular betting markets one by one. To make everything simpler for you, we’ve broken down all of them based on the general idea of what you want to predict. This implies predicting a winner, predicting goals, and whether a certain occasion will happen on the field.

Wagering On a Winner

Sportybet Wagering on a winner


The present betting market challenges players to predict one of three possible results of a match. Digit one stands for the first team to win, digit two stands for the second team to win, and the X sign means that the match will end in a tie.

Occasionally, digits can be replaced with “W1” and “W2,” but it does not change the meaning or purpose. Simply a different label of the same candy.

Double Chance

DC appears to be a much safer form of 1X2. By selecting Double Chance, you will select not one but two of the total of three possible results. It’s quite obvious to assume that the offered odds will be much lower compared to the ones on 1X2, since the chances to guess the right outcome are doubled. That’s why the betting market has the word “double” in its name.

Usually, bookmakers use the following abbreviations for possible selections: 12 (no tie), 1X (second team to lose), and X2 (first team to lose).

Draw No Bet

DNB is yet another form of the simplest 1X2 betting market. Here, there’s no room for a draw, so you either predict Team 1 or Team 2 to secure a victory over the course of the match. If the game ends in a tie, the wager will be canceled and your staked money will be refunded to your betting account.

Home No Bet

Basically, as you can guess from its name, it’s the same specific form of 1X2, just without an option for the home team to win. If the game ends with the home team winning, the wager will be voided and the stake will be refunded.

Away No Bet

The same betting market as the previous two, but this time an away team’s win will render your wager void. So, you have two options: either a tie or a win for the home team, or a refund of the stake.


This is a complex betting market, which can be simplified to two separate 1X2s: the first one is the result of the first period of the game, and the second one declares the result at the end of the second part of regular time. There are obviously nine outcomes that can occur if you choose this type of bet. They are as follows:

First 45 mins Entire 90 mins

Team 1

Team 2


Team 1

Team 2


























































Handicaps are often understood incorrectly by newcomers, so be twice as cautious while making your first ever handicap wager. To be completely honest, you should always exercise extreme caution whenever you place a handicap bet. The indicated betting market implies an imaginary advantage or disadvantage for a certain team before the game kicks off.

If you are wondering why one would make everything so complicated, here’s your answer: when a “machine-beast” team faces an obvious underdog, you will never catch decent odds on betting markets like 1X2 or Double Chance since the outcome is known beforehand. Except for miracles, which tend to happen quite rarely. So, in order to both offer profitable odds and not lose tons of money, sportsbooks came up with a handicap type of bet. Let’s break it down with an example.

For instance, we give Team A a -2 handicap. It means that in order for us to win a wager, Team A should score more than 3 goals and win at the same time. Here, scores “three-zero,” ”four-one,” and ”four-one” will guarantee us a successful bet, while the score “two-zero” will be perceived as a loss since, with our imaginary disadvantage, the score transforms into “zero-zero,” which is a tie (not a win by any means).

Asian Handicap

This betting market drives thousands of punters crazy because it’s an advanced version of handicap, which is already complicated enough on its own. Basically, Asian handicap, just like Asian total, has the staked amount split between two neighboring values. And the “handicap” part of the betting market, with its imaginary advantage or disadvantage, works exactly the same as with normal handicaps, which we’ve described in the stand-alone section above.

Let’s take a look at one example with an Asian handicap of -1.75. First of all, it means that you put two handicaps: half your money on handicap -1.5 and the other half on handicap -2. If the squad of your choice secures a victory by 3 goals or more, you get the entire winnings. The victory secured by 2 goals will be considered a partial victory (50%). And anything less than securing a victory by 2, including a tie or even a lost match, will declare your wager a lost one.

Asian handicaps, along with normal handicaps, are extremely complicated for both newcomers and punters with relatively average experience. We highly recommend watching in-depth YouTube guides to get a better insight on how it works and checking out the basic descriptions of handicaps on each bookmaker’s website you’re betting with since they can differ a lot.

Wagering On Goals

Sportybet Wagering on goals


If you’d like to wager on the number of goals being over or under a certain line, that’s a betting market for you. Everything is as straightforward as stated in the description: come up with an approximate number of goals to be scored and select an appropriate betting market. They will always be written in a specific format, like “Over 6.5” and “Under 8.5.” 

Be careful with the digits, though. “Over 3.5” means three or more goals, whereas “Over 3” means more than three goals. The same logic applies to Under’s.


This is one of the most unpredictable betting markets, but with great risk come large and generous odds. Basically, as you can guess from its name, you have to come up with an understanding of what the final score will look like. If you think that the sum of the secured goals will be even, select “Even,” or pick “Odd” if you feel that the final score will be an odd number. Be aware of the fact that you have to sum up both numbers; for example, the score 1-1 will be an even score (2), no matter the fact that both digits are odd.

To be completely honest, there’s no strategy to predict such an outcome, so both newcomers and gurus of football betting will be in the same shoes. Count on pure luck, and perhaps you will guess it right.


Here, everything is pretty simple and straightforward. Abbreviations stand for “Goal-Goal” and “No-Goal,” meaning both teams must secure at least one goal, or vice versa, both sides must secure zero goals.

Next Goal

“Next Goal” is mainly utilized with live-betting, where you get to make bets in a live format as the game takes place. Most of the wager’s types are meant to be made prior to the match’s kickoff, whereas “next goal” is sharpened under active betting while watching the game. It has no pitfalls: you simply predict which team will secure the next goal from now on. However, be advised, since occasionally neither side can secure the next goal, which will mean you lose the wager.

Last Goal

The present betting market can be utilized both in pre-match and in-game wagering. There are no pitfalls in predicting which side will secure the last goal in regular time. If there are no goals scored during this time, the wager will be lost. It’s worth noting that “Last Goal” is not the most popular option among punters, so you barely get to see this type of wager offered on SportyBet.

Correct Score

Here, the betting market pretty clearly explains itself without any further words to be added. If you choose to go with this type of bet, you have to come up with the right result of a match within its official time, which is 90 minutes for any soccer game. Some bookmakers, though, can accept goals from overtime. Do not confuse them with penalties; there’s a special betting market for those, which we’ll discuss in further sections.

Winning Margin

WM implies the number of goals by which any side loses or wins the game. For instance, the betting market WM “1 by 2” translates into the first team winning the match by exactly two goals, 3-1, for instance. Keep in mind that some bookmakers can also offer here not only exact numbers but also an “over/under” logic, making it a bit simpler to predict.

Teams to Score

Here we have a slight alteration of the GG/NG type of bet. Unlike the previous betting market, where you got to pick either YES or NO for both teams, with TtS you have four options. So, you can wager on none or both sides to score, or only one of the two sides to score. Keep in mind that if you go with only one side to score, the other team must secure zero goals in order for your wager to win.

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Wagering on Certain Occasions

Sportybet Wagering on certain occasions

Next Goalscorer

Frankly, this is one of the most alluring betting markets for true football fans. With NG, you’re predicting who will be the person to score the next goal. All players who are currently on the field will be offered for selection. However, we have two side notes for you regarding this type of bet. Firstly, own goals, also known as “self goals,” will not be considered by SportyBet, so basically they will be totally ignored. And secondly, in the event that an unlisted person secures a goal, all wagers on the next goal by listed players remain valid.

Total Bookings

The TB betting market appears to be quite a tricky one, since you’re predicting the total points for all cards given to players of both teams. Yellow cards add one point to the total, and red cards add two points. Each player can receive as many cards as allowed, but the maximum number of points counted for each player will be no more than three. So, if a person gets a couple of yellow cards and a red one, he will have only three points, not four.

Sending Off

By selecting such a betting market, your own goal will be to predict if a player will be sent off during regular time, which is, once again, 90 minutes for football. Here, you have the opportunity to pick one or several players. However, this type of bet isn’t the most popular one, so it’s being offered less and less nowadays.

Player Assists

Here, you should predict an occasion for a certain player to get an assist during regular time. The results of such wagers will be determined based on official published results, not right after your selected player made a pass that eventually led to a goal.


There are some betting markets that are never offered on their own but rather as part of more complex ones. Corners are exactly like that. Basically, you’re predicting something around this occasion. Let’s say if you get to see “Corners 1X2,” you will be required to predict which team will get more corners.

Will There Be Overtime

Here, everything is as simple as it can be. You should predict if the overtime will happen after regular time or not. Most of the time, overtimes will be offered as part of a more complex wager. Just like it happens with “Corners,” which we’ve discussed in a section above.

Combined Betting Markets

With no doubt we couldn’t get away without mentioning combined betting markets, which are always a mix of simple ones. There’s nothing extra hard about reading them if you already know what parts of this wager mean. In the following list, we’ve gathered some popular examples of complex betting markets on SportyBet. Let’s take a look at them:

  • 1X2 & GG/NG
  • Double Chance & GG/NG
  • 1X2 & Over/Under
  • Double Chance & Over/Under
  • Half-Time/Full-Time Correct Score
  • Half-Time/Full-Time & Over/Under
  • Over/Under & GG/NG

As you can see, it’s just two conditions gathered in one bet. We can’t really call them stand-alone betting markets, just a combination of simple outcomes.


Congratulations if you’ve reached the conclusion and learned what all these betting markets mean. You’re now one step closer to becoming a decent punter who’s able to transform his sports knowledge into real winnings. We highly advise you to learn as much as possible about betting and football before placing large bets, and if you’d like to know more about SportyBet, check out our review of SportyBet UG.


How can I win 1X2?
If you’d like to win a 1X2 wager, you have to carefully study the previous games of opposing teams and learn their latest performances. The more information you gather about an upcoming match, the higher the chances of winning are.

How can I predict both teams to score?
Usually, it’s easy to predict when both teams have an “aggressive” playstyle, which rapidly transforms into a scoreline without zeroes. As always, it’s good to dive into the previous performances of each team to see if they have such a tendency.

What does OTS mean in soccer?
OTS is an abbreviation often used to refer to an occasion where neither side opened a scoreline.

Can I lose a 1X2 bet?
Indeed, you can.

How can I bet without losing?
This is a great misapprehension of what sports wagering is. This is a parlay between you and the bookmaker, and theoretically, if you were always right, a bookmaker would lose his entire fortune. Accepting that nobody will ever win every single bet is the first step toward getting better at wagering.
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