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The love of sports takes on unknown proportions in Uganda, a country known for its passion for football. The majority of young people are dreaming of a career in football and looking after famous Ugandan athletes who managed to sign contracts with European and North American teams. It’s worth mentioning that a love of sports translates not only into actually playing the game regularly in real life but also into betting on sports. With such a high demand for gambling services, many bookmaking companies throughout the country attempted to come up with something original in order to attract more customers. And SportyBet Uganda did it pretty well by implementing virtual sports, which we’re going to discuss and break down in this article. 

Keep reading if you’d like to learn what to expect from such a popular feature on SportyBet in Uganda.

SportyBet Overview

SportyBet cares about developing their service. Though there are still some things that should be added. We briefly describe the major advantages and disadvantages of this bookmaker but to get a full picture you will need to read our comprehensive SportyBet overview.

Pros & Cons

  • In-game betting
  • Free Bets for registration
  • Welcome Bonus for first deposit
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • App for Android-based phones
  • Virtuals, Jackpot, and Livescore
  • Few payment options
  • No app for iOS
  • Only one sign-up method

Unfortunately, we cannot admit that this sportsbook is the best on the market, but it is actually good enough for some of you who aren’t jaded and experienced.

Overview of Virtuals on SportyBet

SportyBet Virtuals are artificially simulated games that Ugandan punters can wager on with real money stakes.You are free to choose the most interesting game for you from all of the offered ones, which are football, speedway, greyhounds, bikes, and horses. We’d like to focus our attention on the most popular one out of the bunch—football.

Basically, all soccer games are divided into different leagues, where each league has twenty teams. Any given match lasts three minutes, and the total number of goals for each match does not exceed six. All game simulations take into consideration the real ability and average professional performance of the athletes, making these matches as close as possible to real football matches.

It’s also worth highlighting that SportyBet Uganda offers two versions of virtuals: instant and scheduled ones. Both operate with the same logic, with the only difference being the game’s length. It takes 25 seconds for instant virtuals, with the option of skipping the match to learn the results immediately. Scheduled virtual games last around three minutes.

How to Find the Virtuals on SportyBet

How to find the virtuals on SportyBet

These games can be easily found both on the SportyBet Uganda website and on the mobile SB application. If you’re searching for them on a website, you should be examining the reddish header. There, you’ll see the words “Instant Virtuals” and “Scheduled Virtuals,” and if you click on either of them, you’ll be taken to the page where you can start betting right away.

When you are trying to find them on the app, you should be looking for a line of icons and the top banner with advertising. There, you will notice a transparent icon in the form of a letter V with the words “Instant Virtuals.” If you’re looking for scheduled virtuals, find a yellowish V-icon with the word “Virtuals,” and that’s basically it.

There’s nothing complicated or frustrating about searching for SportyBet Uganda Virtuals. Keep in mind that you can always utilize the search function, for example, by pressing CTRL+F on any PC browser.

SportyBet Offered Virtual Sports

SportyBet offered virtual sports

V-sports can be quite a good companion when your favorite league is on break and there’s nothing particularly intriguing to bet on. In such an event, you can actually consider giving virtuals a try. As we’ve briefly mentioned above, SportyBet presents five v-sports to bet on. Let’s discuss them one by one in the following sections.


Virtual football, as the most popular v-sport, has drawn punters’ attention the most. SportyBet currently presents five various leagues: England, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Each league has twenty teams and ten matches every three minutes, as previously stated. If you click on “Go to all markets,” you will actually see that betting markets are offered for virtual sports just like for real sports. For example, there are 1X2, Over/Under, Total Goals, Correct Score, and many more.


This is a typical racing game that invites you to bet on the outcome of virtual motorbike races that are being held round-the-clock. Each race has six participants and lasts around three minutes. Betting markets are pretty simple to read if you’re familiar with wagering on real sports. You can wager on the participant to finish first in a race, finish either first or second, or finish first, second, or third. There are also some exclusive additional markets like “Exacta,” “Quinella,” and “Trifecta.”


Here we have another opportunity to wager on a race, but with horses involved instead of motorbikes. As with v-bikes, each race of virtual horses has six participants and lasts around two minutes. Betting markets are entirely identical to motorbike races, so if you’ve learned them, you don’t have to discover new markets once again.


Yet another type of race on SportyBet Virtuals, and this time with dogs starring. As always, there are six participants to pick from, and each race lasts two minutes. You won’t find anything new in betting markets either, as they fully replicate markets for v-bikes and v-horses.


Last but not least, speedway races are the fourth representative of available virtual races. Each race lasts two minutes, with only four participants in each race. The betting markets are a little bit smaller compared to previous types of virtual races since the number of participants is lower. You can select between “Win,” “1-2 Place,” Over/Under,” “Even/Odd,” “Quinella,” and “Exacta.”

How to Play Instant Virtuals on SportyBet

How to play instant virtuals on SportyBet

Playing simulated sports on SportyBet does not require any additional knowledge if you’re already well-versed in betting on real sports. The procedure is exactly the same. First, you have to pick a concrete virtual sport; let’s say greyhounds. The next step would be to open a tab with upcoming greyhound races. Just like with real sports, you should pick the most attractive betting market for you and eventually specify the amount you’d like to stake. Then, you just have to wait till the race is simulated, which takes around two minutes for dog races.

The only break point you can find in instant virtuals is the ability to start a new game round at any time and wager on any race or game in the current round. Also, when it comes to SportyBet Instant Virtual Bets, the history will be displayed not in the main account but on the same page where you can bet on them. Look for the betslip icon. After tapping on it, you will be redirected to the page with all of your previous virtual bets and their details.

Predictions on SportyBet Virtuals

Predictions on SportyBet virtuals

Predictions are not something that should really be associated with virtual matches and races. Unlike with real sports, where everything can be thoroughly analyzed and studied, v-sports are more like a game of chances. Although you can try some tactics and tips, which we will describe in further sections, you should never grab predictions or “100% proven true tricks” on the Internet, let alone be charged for them.

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Tips for Winning Virtual Games on SportyBet

Check out the available statisticsVirtuals display certain data for you to go through before you place a bet. Study information carefully because it can help you make much more confident predictions and, eventually, win a wager.
Do not chase large oddsRelying on large odds in order to secure huge wins isn’t a good idea if you’d like to benefit in the long run.
Place safe wagersVirtual sports involve the same risk of losing money as real sports, since good odds and statistics never guarantee that something won’t go wrong in the next match. Placing a simple wager on the winner will be a much safer option compared to making a prediction on exactly which teams or participants will take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

How to Win SportyBet Instant Virtuals

Winning on SportyBet Instant Virtuals is not that hard to achieve. You can start off just like you did with betting on real sports. Try this entire concept out with tiny stakes and eventually proceed to larger bets when you’ve built up enough confidence in what you’re doing. Keep in mind that betting on virtuals will be much easier if you follow our tips from the section above.

SportyBet Instant Virtuals Tricks

SportyBet instant virtuals tricks

Here, we are going to be completely honest with you. Although you can find many videos and written guides explaining exclusive tricks to always win in virtuals, these tricks are nothing more than the simple strategies and speculations of some individuals. We went through many of them, and we didn’t find any decent concepts or mechanics that could be called “tricks” and utilized to guarantee a win. Remember that these virtuals are part of the sports betting business, and if everything were so easy to predict, the company wouldn’t make a profit on it, thus these machines would not exist in the first place. 

Random remains random, and the only thing you can do to enhance your chances of winning is detailed analysis of statistics and previous simulations, and even this will never produce a 100% result.


Virtuals on SportyBet appear to be a well-designed form of entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with trying them out with a small portion of real money if you’re hell-bored and there’s nothing to bet on in real-world sports. You should never perceive these simulated games as an easy way to make money, even if someone tells you it’s a sure thing. Always remember that this is just great entertainment and fun, and nothing more.

Remember that betting even on v-sports can be quite addictive, so be smart and do not wager more than you can afford. And if you’d like to learn more about SportyBet in Uganda, we highly recommend checking out our SportyBet review.


How do you win big on SportyBet?
Winning big requires a huge portion of cash to be put at risk, and we’d highly recommend you stick to the tips given above for winning virtual games.

How do you predict virtual football?
If you’d like to correctly predict the outcome of a virtual football match, you should take into consideration all available data regarding the upcoming match. This implies statistics, the results of previous simulations between teams, and the odds, of course.

What is virtual in SportyBet?
SportyBet virtuals are artificially simulated soccer matches and races that are being held round-the-clock. Punters can bet on them with real money, just like on real-world sports.

What is the meaning of virtual bet?
A “virtual bet” is a wager made on simulated football matches and races that can be found on SportyBet Uganda.

How do virtual games work?
Virtual games work with the help of special algorithms that simulate real matches and races. You can wager on them non-stop, as they are offered 24/7.
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