How to withdraw money from Premier Bet

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While many articles recommend successful betting and gambling, not all of them cover what to do if a punter manages to make some money. Usually, the player either puts the funds back and places more bets or wants to withdraw them. The options for the latter are versatile and depend entirely on the market and bookmaker that they use.

In this text, we will cover how to move your funds into Premier Bet. This betting platform has a presence in several African countries, including Uganda. And that’s exactly a market we plan to check out in our article.

About Premier Bet

Premier Bet has been on the market for quite some time, operating in Uganda since 2013. The platform aims to be an all-around solution for all kinds of bettors and punters, and while its list of sports to wager on is not the largest we have seen, it covers plenty of disciplines to enjoy. The betting markets are also quite diverse.

If you prefer gambling, then the platform has some casino options available. The card-based games are a bit limited, mainly consisting of poker and roulette. The good news is that there are over a hundred slot games to check out.

If you want to learn more about the platform, check out our article fully dedicated to the online Premier Bet experience in Uganda. It will cover all of the major points and provide enough information for punters interested in joining the bookmaker.

How to Withdraw Money From Premier Bet?

How to Withdraw Money From Premier Bet?

Let’s quickly move to the main thing in our article: the withdrawal process itself. In the following paragraphs, we will describe the possible ways to move money, as well as short tutorials on how to do so.

How to Withdraw Money via MTN?

MTN Mobile Money is an incredibly common payment solution available in Uganda and some other African countries. Being related to a local phone service provider, MTN, it grants access to the payment system to many users. So, it does not come as a surprise that a platform like Premier Bet could offer such a service. Below are the steps to withdraw the funds:

Go to Premier Bet and Sign in
Start by visiting the website and logging into your account, provided you are not signed in.
Click on the “Balance” Button and Select “Payout Requests.”
Find a “Balance” button next to your profile in the top-right corner of the screen and hit it. Now, it is time to press the “Payout Requests” button.
Hit “Create Withdrawal”
The only method the platform supports on the website is MTN. So, the service will simply use your MTN account associated with the number you used for signing in.
Enter the Sum and Confirm the Withdrawal
Type in the amount you are planning to withdraw. All done.

How to Withdraw via Airtel

Airtel Money is a service similar to MTN Mobile Money. Both are offered by popular phone service providers and are quite common across the country. Unfortunately, Premier Bet Uganda does not offer Airtel, but we can hope for support to appear in the future.

How to Withdraw Funds from Premier Bet by Using a Voucher?

Premier Bet allows withdrawing money in cash. The process is quite simple: just go to the closest physical branch in your country and provide your username and the code you receive after creating a withdrawal request.

Premier Bet Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum sum one can withdraw from the platform is usually important since having it smaller makes betting and gambling more accessible. The logic is that it allows the players to withdraw the funds even if they are unsuccessful or do not want to risk serious sums. It seems that Premier Bet Uganda does not specify the minimum sum, which leads us to believe that one can withdraw anything from the platform.

Premier Bet Maximum Withdrawal

The largest sum available for withdrawal on any platform is usually important for serious players who win significant amounts of money. It’s also important to mention that some bookmakers do not specify the upper limit. However, Premier Bet Uganda is not one of them: you can find in the FAQs of the website that the maximum payout is 250 000 000 UGX.

Premier Bet Uganda does not limit the number of withdrawals one can make daily.

Premier Bet Withdrawal Time

Premier Bet Withdrawal Time

The wait time for receiving one’s withdrawal is incredibly important, especially in cases when winnings are among the main sources of income for a user. Thankfully, both withdrawal methods that the platform offers are quite quick due to their nature: MTN usually processes the transaction in a rapid manner, while cash withdrawals are instant, but the player has to visit a physical branch.

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The Issues With Premier Bet Withdraw

While Premier Bet generally offers a pretty smooth and polished experience when making transactions, some issues might appear. That is to be expected, after all, moving the funds to way too many parties and sometimes complex systems. The next few sections will cover the main problems one may encounter during the withdrawal process.

Withdrawing Over a Set Limit

The platform doesn’t mention any sums for maximum or minimum withdrawal limits, so you’re unlikely to run into issues since the amount is likely quite large. But if you manage to run into this problem, try withdrawing a smaller sum. The website claims it does not limit the number of withdrawals you can make.

Withdrawing by Third Party

If it seems that someone else gained access to your account and even managed to withdraw your funds, then there’s a way to breach your security. We recommend contacting customer care as soon as possible and explaining your issue. The chances are that they will restore proper access to your account and make you the one who can use it. Or offer other ways to solve the issue.

The Lack of Verification Before Withdrawing

The platform will not allow you to withdraw money before you go through a verification process. Thankfully, it is rather quick and simple, you can complete the validation within a few minutes and wait for the confirmation for a couple of hours.


Premier Bet Conclusion

Having access to quick and easy withdrawal methods is an important thing for any betting or gambling platform. It’s even better when the number of options is large, meeting the needs of most punters.

Premier Bet Uganda offers a limited number of methods, but there are two of them that can be great for many users. The first one is MTN Mobile Money, a popular mobile payment system. And the second one is cash withdrawals, which are great for users who prefer real-life interactions or do not use smartphones and modern features.

Ultimately, we can safely conclude that the platform offers good enough methods to cover the needs of a wide variety of punters, even though the list of methods is not particularly long. It is also important to mention that everything is quite easy to use and extremely intuitive.

FAQ About Withdrawing Funds From Premier Bet Uganda

Why can’t I withdraw money from Premier Bet Uganda?
The most common issue is that you probably have not gone through a verification process.

Can I withdraw my welcome bonus from Premier Bet Uganda?
Yes, if you meet wagering requirements.

Is it safe to withdraw money from Premier Bet Uganda?
Yes, the platform is legit, and both available methods, MTN and cash withdrawals, are trustworthy.
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