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Ugandan players have access to several wagering platforms. Those are of various quality and significantly range in the number of features they offer. The platforms can also be small or big. Knowing which ones are worth using and which aren’t is essential for a successful and enjoyable wagering experience.

This article aims to be a complete review of Premier Bet. This well-developed online betting platform works in many African countries, including Uganda, and is quite full of features. In the text below, we plan to explain every major feature of the platform, evaluate its safety, provide a tutorial on how to join it and cover the ways to transfer funds. We will also briefly discuss the casino options, bonuses, and ways to contact the platform’s customer care. Let’s start.

Is the Platform Legit and Safe?

Is the Platform Legit and Safe Premier Bet

Yes, Premier Bet has been operating since 2013 and is entirely legal in Uganda. It holds a local license, so using the platform is perfectly safe. It has a rather good reputation, so we can call it a trustworthy bookmaker.


Registration on Premier Bet

If you want to join the platform, the obvious step after reading about its basic features is to join it. Thankfully, the registration process at Premier Bet is perfectly straightforward. There are just a few steps, and you can complete them within a few minutes. Let’s take a look at each stage:

Visit the website.
Hit the “Register” button.
Enter your full name.
Provide information about your identification document. It can be either a national ID, a passport, or a refugee card.
Type in your mobile number and email.
Come up with a password and confirm it.
If you plan to deposit funds as cash in physical shops, check the “Cash Deposit” button on the upper part of the registration window. You will have to choose the branch you’re planning to use.
Check the boxes confirming you’re over 18 years old and agree to the platform’s T&C. Remember that while you can register on the platform if you’re 18 or older, you have to be 25 to place bets in Uganda legally.

If you also want to learn about the Premier Bet login process, you can check out our dedicated article. We will explain in detail how to sign in on the platform. Thankfully, the overall procedure is quite straightforward.

Bonuses and Promotions

Being on the market for quite some time and enjoying a certain level of popularity, the platform doesn’t shy away from attracting new customers and rewarding regulars with its bonuses.

The number of them isn’t big, but the existing ones are quite nice. Let’s check them out.

  • 100% Welcome bonus.
  • Live betting Jackpot.
  • New bonuses. Place multiple bets, including a certain number of selections, and boost your winnings. There’s a progressive scale. For example, for 6 selections, the boost will be just 5%. If the number of them lies in the range of 11-15, then the boost will be much more sizable: 30%. The maximum is 250% for the multiple wagers with 48-50 games.
  • Happy Hour Bonuses

Their wagering requirements aren’t demanding to meet, and they target both newcomers and existing customers. If you want to learn more about any Premier Bet bonus, check out our article.


Premier Bet Usability

The desktop website of Premier Bet looks slightly dated. It’s not a big deal, but it might disappoint some punters who prefer the modern polish that some competitors offer. That said, it’s easy to navigate the website; all of the needed features are a few mouse clicks away.

Speaking of the mobile version of the website, it has a rather similar layout. It looks a bit more modern than the desktop version, but not by much. But we can safely say that it offers a more comfortable experience, and the menus are easier to access. 


Having the ability to use your preferred betting platform from the comfort of your phone is priceless. That’s why many bookmakers offer iOS and Android apps and design smartphone-optimized versions of their websites.

Speaking of the Premier Bet app, the platform offers one for Android. There’s no iOS version, but iPhone owners can use the smartphone-optimized website. If you want to know more, read our article covering how the Premier Bet app works.

Markets and Sports to Bet on

Markets and Sports to Bet on Premier Bet

Premier Bet provides a pretty good selection of the disciplines you can wager on. They include football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and ice hockey. While the list isn’t particularly long, the included games will satisfy the needs of a large percentage of punters.

Speaking of available betting markets, they’re quite varied in nature. Apart from obvious 1×2 and over/unders, the offered choices include Total Score, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, and wagering on the halftime results.


The odds that the platform offers are similar to what you can find on most other betting websites on the market. They’re quite good in most cases, but if you’re motivated enough to shop for better ones, it’s not difficult to find some better choices among the competition. But the situation differs from one event to another.

Bet Types

We have already looked at the existing markets and disciplines to bet on and the odds the platform offers. But what about betting types? In the list below, we will explain the ones Premier Bet provides.

  • Single bet. The most straightforward and simplest type of wager. You’re just placing one bet on one market of one event. Nothing else is needed. If you want to calculate your payout, then simply multiply the stake by the odds.
  • Multiple bets. This type of wager involves placing several selections containing different markets of one or few events. The number of them can be quite big. But remember that if one selection loses, so will the whole bet.

Payment Methods

Premier Bet Payment Methods

The ability to transfer your funds to our out-of-the-platform is something crucial for every punter. After all, you usually can’t place bets without depositing your money first. If you manage to find something, then the straightforward ways to transfer money to an account on your preferred betting platform are very beneficial.

In the following few sections, we will take a look at the methods that Premier Bet offers for depositing and withdrawing funds.


Obviously, before placing bets, you want to deposit some money first. As Premier Bet is an international platform that works in various countries of the African continent, the number of offers might differ significantly depending on your location. Since our article covers the Ugandan market, let’s take the deposit methods the platform offers for this country.

  • Cash Deposit. Simply visit a physical branch with your money and ask an agent to deposit it. The minimum amount is 1,000 UGX. There are plenty of branches in various places, although most of them are in Kampala.
  • MTN Mobile Money. This is quite a common payment system in the country, so it doesn’t surprise us that the platform supports it. This is currently the only method to move one’s funds onto Premier Bet online in Uganda.

Overall, using both methods is as straightforward as it gets. But if you want to learn more about how to deposit on Premier Bet in Uganda, check out our article that explains everything about the process in greater detail.


Withdrawing your funds is usually the final step in the chain of several events that make up for a successful betting experience. So it’s crucial to have more popular methods available for your needs. Similarly to deposit solutions, the list of existing options depends on the country you’re in. Let’s take a look at what Premier Bet Uganda offers.

  • Cash Withdrawal. Simply visit a physical branch with your username and withdrawal confirmation code.
  • MTN Mobile Money.

As you can see, the methods are the same as for depositing. If you want to know how to withdraw money from Premier Bet, read our article covering the procedure in detail.


Premier Bet Casino

Apart from being a sportsbook, Premier Bet offers several casino options. The list of them isn’t exactly large, but it includes the things that will satisfy the majority of punters. The featured games are different variations of roulette and poker.

Overall, Premier Bet casino options aren’t as versatile as some gamblers would love, but the platform makes up for that with plenty of slot games to check out. Read our dedicated article on the Premier Bet casino to get a better understanding.


But if we ignore the casino games we listed in the previous section and take a look at the simplest video slots that the platform features, then the number of your options will be quite high.

Premier Bet offers plenty of slots to enjoy. The list includes games like King of Thunder, Wild Lucky Clover, and Book of Spells 2. All in all, there are currently 130 games to test your luck. This should be plenty!

Premier Bet Promo Code

Premier Bet Promo Code

The platforms often use promo codes as a means of attracting new customers since they can provide interesting bonuses and boosts in an accessible manner. Unfortunately, Premier Bet Uganda currently doesn’t offer any codes.

If you still want to learn how Premier Bet codes work on the platform, check out our article.

Customer Support

If you ever run into issues while using the platform, and it doesn’t seem that you can’t solve them on your own, then feel free to contact customer care service. They can also answer any questions you might have. The table below includes possible ways to contact customer support on the platform.

So far, there are plenty of options to stay in contact with customer care service. The lack of the live chat feature might disappoint some users, but the number of other methods more than compensates for that.


Premier Bet Conclusion

Discovering new betting platforms is quite essential for punters. While many prefer to stay with the bookmaker they like the most, having variability and some alternatives is always great. After all, while there’s nothing wrong with sticking with a single platform, you might grow tired of it.

In this article, we examined how Premier Bet, a platform in many African countries, including Uganda, works. We looked at its main features, listed payment methods, evaluated overall usability, and even provided a list of the sports and markets to wager on. We also took a quick look at the casino and slot options.

Premier Bet is a platform that can provide quite a few features for most punters to enjoy. While its list of offered sports isn’t the longest on the market, the provided options will suffice. Moreover, there are plenty of betting markets to compensate. We can say the same about the casino options: while the existing games are mainly limited to poker and roulette, the number of slot games makes up for that.


Where does Premier Bet operate?
The platform works in several African countries. Their list includes Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, and Uganda.

Do I have to pay the taxes from my winnings?
No, the platform handles it.

Are there betting limits?
Yes. The minimum stake is 1,000 UGX. The platform doesn’t specify the maximum one, but it’s tied to the upper total payout: 250,000,000 UGX.

Does Premier Bet feature a bonus code?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the platform currently features any bonus promo codes.

Is Premier Bet Uganda legit?
Yes, the website is perfectly legal and reliable. It holds various local licenses, including the Ugandan one.

Can I deposit and withdraw funds using cash?
Yes, the platform supports such a method. You have to visit a physical branch in Kampala or any other city. The list of them is available upon registration if you select the “cash” option.
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