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The bookmaker is considered one of the most notable locally-based sportsbooks in Uganda. Known initially as FortuneBet, ForteBet has become one of the nation’s premier sports betting services since its establishment in 2014. Fortebet, a licensed operator by Ugandan gaming regulators, has grown in popularity due to its competitive odds and diverse betting options. In this article, we will be looking at some of the promotions offered on the platform and how to get them.

About ForteBet Bonuses

If you’re appreciating the ForteBet platform and are eager to begin your betting career using  this website, then we can only wish you the best of luck. If you’re new to the site, then you’re probably wondering how to use ForteBet bonus, and the answer to this question may seem pretty disappointing to you. Unfortunately, there are no promotions available on the website at all. We can only hope that this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Types of ForteBet Bonuses

After analyzing the various reviews found on the internet, we can confirm that the bookmaker doesn’t offer any type of bonus to customers. Although there is a VIP point feature that bettors can still take advantage of, How to get these points is easy, and we will be discussing it later on in this article.

Fortebet Welcome Bonus

After carefully analyzing the platform, there is no welcome bonus on offer for newly registered players. It is disappointing, considering most betting sites frequently give bettors bonuses upon verifying an account.

How to Get the ForteBet 1,000 UGX bonus

How to Get the ForteBet 1,000 UGX bonus

Bettors can get up to 1000 VIP points when they bet online via a smartphone or computer. The process is relatively easy since you are automatically awarded points whenever you make a bet.

FortBet UGX Bonus Rules and Regulations

The rules and agreements found on the platform are the same as those that can be found on various betting sites in Uganda. First, you must be at least 25 years old before placing a bet on the platform.

Don’t forget to verify your account before you start betting. The process usually doesn’t take long.

How to Claim the ForteBet Bonus

Every time you bet on ForteBet Uganda, you are rewarded with a bonus point. So the more bets you place, the more bonus points you receive. These points can be further used to improve your betting experience and journey. So now, let’s look at how to use the ForteBet bonus points.

How to Use ForteBet Bonus Points?

You can use the bonus points that you have been awarded by going online and staking on the various sporting events. The bonus points also allow you to become a VIP member of ForteBet, which means you are provided with the latest developments and exclusive news related to the betting industry.

Take your free bets for registering on ForteBet Uganda!

ForteBet Online Betting Review

ForteBet Online Betting Review

ForteBet is one of the most advanced sports betting websites in Uganda, offering users great football betting markets as well as a variety of other betting services. The attractive odds available on the platform are also worth mentioning since the majority of bettors want to join a betting platform that offers excellent odds. Now let’s take a look at some of the sportsbook features.

Mobile-Friendly Website

The website is quite easy to navigate, and the interface is user-friendly. Users can visit the platform through a desktop browser or a web browser. Unfortunately, the betting platform doesn’t have a mobile app, but don’t worry; the mobile and web versions work perfectly well.

Betting Market

ForteBet offers every type of sports betting market imaginable. Bettors can enjoy betting on different sports like basketball, boxing, football, MMA, darts, volleyball, tennis, and hockey. These sports provide the bookmaker with a diverse betting market, which you can use to win lots of cash prizes.


In addition to a wide choice of sports betting markets, ForteBet has a casino market feature in which gamblers can participate. We all know there are lots of gamblers who enjoy playing online slot machines and roulette. The games available are those you can find on various online betting platforms. There are multiple options on board, so it is up to you to choose which one you prefer.

Live Betting

FortBet, like other sportsbooks, allows bettors to place live bets. This feature allows you to stake on games as they unfold. It is a valuable feature because the odds available during the game are way higher than those before the game begins.

Payment Details

There are three payment options that bettors can use to fund their accounts. These payment options can be found on various betting platforms operating in Uganda.

The first one is the branch deposit. Then, you can walk into the nearest ForteBet office to credit your account. All you have to do is provide the necessary details requested by the agent. After completing the transaction, you will be given a slip that proves the process has been completed. The last one is Airtel or MTN money. This method is quite fast and easy compared to the first one. However, you must have an Airtel or MTN mobile number connected to your ForteBet account to access this option. Furthermore, you can also use this option to pick up your earnings when you want to withdraw.

Note that extra fees are charged when you withdraw from your betting account into your bank account.

In Conclusion

As you can see now, it is incredibly easy to use the VIP points on the platform. Although it is sad that you cannot get a real bonus, VIP points do bring some relief.

ForteBet FAQs

Where Is Fortebet Legal?
ForteBet is licensed and legal to operate only in Uganda.

How do I place a bet on ForteBet?
You can bet on ForteBet by visiting the homepage and selecting the type of sports and betting markets you wish to use.

How do I fund my ForteBet account?
The bookmaker accepts three types of deposits. You can deposit at a nearby branch or use Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Money. Bettors can utilize any method they find convenient.

How do I withdraw money from my ForteBet account?
You can withdraw your winnings straight to your mobile phone using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money. The process is quite simple and fast, but you must provide a registered telephone number connected to your betting account.
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