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  • Simple registration with instant verification
  • Attractive loyalty program
  • Huge collection of sports

Uganda has access to various online betting and gambling websites. Some of them provide betting for specific sports, for example, football. Others diversify their sportsbook and include such popular sports as tennis, basketball, hockey, and many others. Some bookies offer delicious bonus prizes, while others prefer to provide only loyalty programs. ForteBet is a truly great place that offers various sports and events with excellent odds and comfortable payment options. Plus, it has a great mobile version suitable for any device and an attractive VIP club option. To know more facts about the latter one, keep reading our detailed ForteBet review.

ForteBet Bonuses: What are They and How They Work 

Bonuses can be granted to the players who make certain actions in accordance with the platform requirements. Each bookie provides from one to multiple offers, and they can cover specific games and sports sections or be available for anything on the website. ForteBet offers no such options. You may wonder, how does the ForteBet platform maintain the engagements of the Ugandan punters then? The answer is simple and the bookie has an excellent VIP club. The service is similar to loyalty programs because punters should collect special points for a free bet.

New Players Bonus Offers

ForteBet New Players Bonus Offers

The ForteBet platform is a well-known place to receive a profound gambling experience, but it offers no bonus deals at the time of our review. Although a welcome bonus is no longer offered, we will still tell you how it was the previous days, in case the company decides to relaunch it.

ForteBet Welcome Bonus 

ForteBet currently has no available welcome offers for casino or sports fans. Earlier, the platform offered the following bonus deal for newbies. It was possible to receive up to 1,000,000 UGX. For that, punters should create an account and confirm their email. 

The welcome deal was divided into several 10% parts. Unfortunately, the bonus had strict betting conditions, and players could not consider it worthy. Maybe it is one of the reasons it is not active anymore. 


The welcome pack is aimed at new players who pass a registration process on the ForteBet website for the first time. To register the account is required to provide your personal data and accept the Terms and Agreements document. 

How to Get Fortebet Welcome Bonus

The requirements for the ForteBet welcome bonus were not complicated. To receive your reward, it is enough to register and credit your account for the first time.  Do not forget to confirm your email, to obtain access to your reward. Now you are one step closer to it. The maximum winnings you can have is 1,000,000 UGX. Fund your account first. Depending on the sum, each deposit can bring you the same amount as your cashback right after you bet all the deposited money.  

Bonuses for Existing Customers

All the regulars have an opportunity to win the jackpot or become a member of the VIP club. Other bonuses are turned off right now. Punters can only have a choice between a couple of options. The VIP program and a soccer jackpot option which is a kind of promotion. Try your luck and see if it brings you more winnings and even the primary prize.

Sports Betting Bonuses 

ForteBet currency has no special deals for its sports fans. Our observations identified some interesting offers. It is a ForteBet jackpot that is available for soccer. It has three possible jackpots:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Casino Bonuses

ForteBet’s priority segment is betting. But it still has some slots for fun. Real fans of casino entertainment will be disappointed to find such a limited range of games here. That is probably one of the reasons why the bookmaker decided not to provide any offers specifically for this section. 

Take your free bets for registering on ForteBet Uganda!

About the Jackpot

The ForteBet jackpot is another very popular bonus offer on the website. But in reality, it is more of a game that can be profitable for all players than a bonus offer. The jackpot’s basic idea is as follows: you wager on games that the bookmaker has already chosen, and if every wager wins, you will take home the grand prize. The jackpot is typically a fixed amount divided among all winners.

Additional Rewards and Loyalty Programs

ForteBet Additional Rewards and Loyalty Programs

The ForteBet website provides a unique VIP program. It supports a competitive spirit and allows players to collect as many points as possible. So, how to use ForteBet points? You need to accumulate these special points and exchange them for real money to claim your rewards. Now you can start placing stakes on different events as if you funded the balance with real money. The bookie states that 1 point equals 1 UGX. 

Is there a No Deposit Bonus for Uganda?

Currently, the ForteBet bookie does not have any active no-deposit bonus. However, it provides another deal for Ugandan players that offers generous prizes. The same is true for the ForteBet bonus code option. It is unavailable,

Other Bonus Deals and Promotions

Bonuses are a great way to appreciate the website bettors and casino players. But not every gambling platform has it. ForteBet offers the minimum set of offered bonuses, which may be considered one of the platform’s drawbacks. But do not be disappointed; you can still register an account, participate in the VIP club, and enjoy your free bets. 

Bonus Rules and Requirements

ForteBet Bonus Rules and Requirements

The majority of the bookers provide specific rules on how punters can receive their bonus gifts. Usually, the betting requirements are the primary condition here. In the case of free bets from ForteBet, it is not allowed to transform them into real money. Instead, players can only use them for betting. 

Betting Requirements

Each offer provides different betting requirements. For example, for the welcome reward, it is 10x; for other offers, it can vary. The bookmaker usually posts this information on the official website or in the form of a description inside the ForteBet bonus offer. 

Bonus Withdrawal Rules

The withdrawal rules directly correspond with the betting requirements. It is common knowledge that many bookmakers do not allow players to withdraw the received rewards right after they were granted them. 

How to Combine Bonuses

Most parts of popular online bookmakers do not allow punters to combine two bonus offers at the same time. The basic mechanics let punters acquire one bonus and bet it on desirable sporting events or casino games if allowed. After that, they can claim another prize by fulfilling its requirements. Since ForteBet does not provide bonuses besides the VIP club, players cannot mix anything. 

In Conclusion

Although the platform does not have many promotional offers, it is still pretty generous with its VIP program, which will surely be liked by many punters. You can safely try it out and see for yourself whether you enjoy it or not.


What is the use of points on ForteBet?
Players can swap them for a free bet.

Can I cash out on ForteBet?
Sure, use your mobile device to cash out your winnings.

How do I redeem my VIP points on ForteBet?
You need to enter your profile and exchange the points for a free bet.

What is the maximum payout from ForteBet Uganda?
One billion UGX was the largest payout from ForteBet.

How do you pay for ForteBet?
Visit the bookie’s official website and see the “Deposit and Withdrawals” sections on the top panel.

Can you cash a free bet?
No, the bookmaker does not allow that. You can only spend it on betting.

Does ForteBet have a jackpot?
Yes, there is a SOCCER BATTLE present which might be considered a jackpot, but there is no dedicated ForteBet jackpot that we know of.
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