Sportybet Withdrawal

24 September 2023
Last modified: 13 February 2024
Sportybet Withdrawal

The sportsbook is regarded as one of Africa’s most reputable betting companies. It is partly due to the various betting options it offers its users. However, one essential factor in its popularity must be the platform’s simple and quick payment options. Every bettor wants to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible with minimal delay. It is why in this blog, we will be discussing how to withdraw your cash prize as well as the various methods of withdrawal that can be found on the platform.

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How to Withdraw on SportyBet

How to Withdraw on SportyBet

The process of withdrawing on SportyBet is the same as that of other bookmakers. But, in any case, we’ll walk you through the process of withdrawing your winnings from the platform.

How to Withdraw on Sportybet Using the Site

Visit SportyBet Uganda
Proceed to the SportyBet website and check that you are logged in. Select the “My Account(Me)” menu and identify the “Withdraw” icon.
Specify the Withdrawal Amount
Type in the amount you wish to withdraw. Ensure it is not more than your balance or above the lowest withdrawal amount.Click on the preferred payment option and tap “Withdraw.”
Confirm the Transfer
Confirm the transaction. Your money will be deposited into your account immediately.

How to Withdraw on SportyBet via Mobile App

You can also make withdrawals on SportyBet through the mobile app. The app is accessible to Android and iPhone users, and downloading it is absolutely free. Below is how to make a withdrawal using the mobile app.

Launch the App
Launch the SportyBet application. Enter your telephone number and password to sign in.
Pick a Payment Method
Select the “My Account” tab on the left. Click to withdraw with the various options on the list. Key in the amount you wish to withdraw.
Finish the Transaction
Confirm the Transfer and wait until the transaction is completed.

Sportybet Withdrawal Rules

The rules regulating the processing of withdrawals on SportyBet are the same as those that you will find on other betting platforms. Now let’s take a look at them.

  • Ensure your account is verified before making any withdrawals.
  • It is also advised to use the same bank account used for depositing for withdrawals.
  • A withdrawal with a “pending” status indicates that payment is still being processed, so it may take up to 48 hours or more before it is confirmed.
  • Payments are typically processed instantly, but it can take up to 24 hours if there are network difficulties.
  • A bettor must also be at least 25 years old.

Note that unlike processing a deposit, an extra fee is charged whenever you make a withdrawal.

Withdrawal Limits

Ugandan bettors who are looking to make a withdrawal must take note that various limitations must be adhered to. These restraints were put into motion to promote safety on the platform. In the event you exceed your withdrawal limit for a day, for example, you are obligated to wait until it resets. Now let’s look at some of the limits that SportyBet has.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits

The lowest amount that can be withdrawn from your account is 1,000 UGX. If, for example, you have less than that amount on your account, you will not be able to withdraw unless you win some more bets.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits

It is hard to say precisely the highest sum that can be withdrawn from your account. But as the official page stated, the highest daily withdrawal per user is UGX 200,000,000.

How to Withdraw Money on SportyBet Uganda

How to Withdraw Money on SportyBet Uganda

Unlike other bookmakers, there are two methods you can use to make a withdrawal on the platform. These methods are pretty easy and fast, and they don’t require opening a bank account or anything. Although you are required to have a telephone number registered to your account, Let’s take a closer look at the payment options.

Airtel Money

If you have an Airtel mobile phone number, you can use it to fund your SportyBet account anywhere and anytime. The process is quite easy and fast, although for you to use this option, your telephone number must be connected to your account.

MTN Money

This option is very similar to the one mentioned above, with the only difference being the network provider. So if you have an MTN number, you can use it to credit your account. The process is fast, and there are no extra fees charged. But do not forget to use a number that is linked to your betting account.

Withdrawal Commission

SportyBet doesn’t charge a fee whenever you make a withdrawal from your betting account. The extra fees are charged for various payment options that you have chosen. The commission is quite minimal, and only a small fraction is deducted from your estimated winnings.

Commission for Withdrawal by Airtel Money

When you use Airtel money to recharge your SportyBet account, the network provider charges an extra fee for every transaction you make. The commission usually ranges from 1–3% of the total winnings.

Commission for Withdrawal by MTN

The same also goes for MTN money. When you use your MTN number to top-up your account, the communication provider charges you an additional fee whenever you make a withdrawal. The fee is normally between 1-3% of the total earnings.

Cash-Out on SportyBet

If you are not sure of the remaining betting outcomes on your bet slip, SportyBet has a feature called “Cash Out” that allows you to take a fraction of your estimated winnings if you don’t think the remaining games will be accurately predicted. Although the offer usually pops up at random whenever it pleases.

How to Withdraw Bonuses

The promotions given to you by the bookmaker can only be used to bet. Only when the fund is placed as a bet will you be able to withdraw. So, for example, if you try to withdraw your welcome bonus, the procedure will be canceled since the bonus was provided to improve your betting experience.


Just like it is done on other betting sites, you are required to verify your SportyBet account before making any withdrawals. The process of verifying your account doesn’t take long as long as you provide the necessary documents that were requested. The records you might need to submit to verify your account include

  • A D.O.B certificate.
  • International passport or identity card.
  • Utility bills.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Your Funds on SportyBet

As stated on the webpage, withdrawals of less than UGX 4,000,000.00 are usually processed instantly. But if your winnings are above this sum, the processing usually takes more time due to auditing and other exercises. However, if your cash prize is less than the amount stated above and your payment was not processed immediately, feel free to contact the SportyBet customer team for assistance. If you experience any issues, connect with the support department through the information listed below

Withdrawal of Funds on Weekends

If your bank account is set up to handle quick payments, you should be able to withdraw cash from SportyBet within a few hours of filing your request. It is also possible if you file your withdrawal request on a public holiday, weekend, or even overnight.

How to Transfer Money From One SportyBet Account to Another

The bookmaker also allows you to transfer money from your SportyBet account balance to a friend’s account. This feature is quite unique and only accessible to SportyBet users. Here is how to fund your friend’s betting account with your own account. Note that before you can use this option, your BVN, SportyBet pin, and email must be verified.

Go to SportyBet Uganda
Visit the SportyBet website and sign in to your account. Tap on “Account balance” at the header and select Withdraw.
Provide Your Friend’s Data
Choose “Transfer to a friend.” Enter your friend’s credentials and choose the amount you wish to transfer.
Complete the Transfer
Confirm that all the information is entered correctly.Then complete the transaction.

Possible Problems With the Withdrawal of Funds on SportyBet: What to Do?

There are various reasons that might lead to you having issues with withdrawing money from your SportyBet account. These issues can be avoided by reading the terms and conditions stated on the website. Although some of them are entirely unavoidable. This is why we’ve come up with the most common reasons why you might be having trouble making a withdrawal.

Non-Compliance With Limits

Since there is a limit to how much you can withdraw in a day, if, for example, you max out the cap for 24 hours, you will not be able to make a withdrawal until the next day.

Mobile Operator Restrictions

Your mobile operator may impose restrictions on the number of withdrawals you can make per day or even the amount you can withdraw all at once. In this case, it is best to get in touch with your mobile operator to sort out the issue.

Connection Problems

Connectivity issues might also be why you can not withdraw your cash prize. Which is why it is recommended that, before processing your withdrawal, you ensure you have stable internet service on your device so that the process can go smoothly.


As a top-rated bookmaker operating across Africa, SportyBet has various payment options available to its users. But since we are focusing on withdrawal options in Uganda, we hope this review will provide you with the correct answer on whether or not you are ready to use the payment options offered to Ugandans. If you’re looking for more details about the features of the sportsbooks, check out our in-depth SportyBet review for more information.


How to set auto cash out on SportyBet?
There is no automatic cash-out on SportyBet. The cash-out option is usually offered randomly by the system.

Why is my withdrawal pending on SportyBet?
If the status of your withdrawal says “pending,” it means the bookmaker is still processing the payment. You can always connect with the customer representative for updates.

Can I withdraw all my money from SportyBet?
Yes, all winnings can be delivered to you after confirmation.

What is the withdrawable balance on SportyBet?
The least amount you can withdraw on SportyBet Uganda is 1,000 UGX.

Can I withdraw $100 from SportyBet?
Unfortunately, no. You can only withdraw sums like 1,000 UGX and above.
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