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Betting on sports can sometimes be confusing, especially regarding withdrawals. Millions of punters enjoy various sporting activities by betting on their favorite football, basketball, or tennis teams, expecting to make the game more interesting to watch and win some cash. That’s why we have prepared a detailed guide on withdrawing money from 1xBet via SMS, considering all possible disadvantages and advantages of such a method. In addition, we’ll cover the essential operations you can perform by sending SMS codes.

How to Withdraw Money From 1xBet via SMS

Requesting a payout by sending SMS codes to the sportsbook is a common practice across Uganda and other countries. As a result, there’s a question of how to get your money if you don’t have internet banking services or electronic wallets. However, if you’d like to learn about other withdrawal methods, read the 1xBet withdrawal article describing all available payment options inside the mobile app and website.

To simply withdraw from this sportsbook’s account, enter W#AMOUNT#PASSWORD to the number 29021. For example, the SMS should look like W#10000#pass1234.

Code for Linking a Phone Number to an Account

If you’ve already created an account but haven’t linked your phone to make financial transactions, you can do it in seconds. Connecting your phone lets you make deposits, request withdrawals, check your balance, and even place bets on current and future games.

Again, take your mobile phone and send the LINK#accnumber#password to the same number, 29021. For example, your message would look like LINK#34542123#pass321. After that, the sportsbook will learn your number, and any new operations within codes will be provided instantly.

Conveniences and Disadvantages of Withdrawal by 1xBet SMS Code

Conveniences and Disadvantages of Withdrawal by 1xBet SMS Code

Many of you are struggling to make withdrawals. However, it’s not that difficult. Just learn the codes and process the transaction as quickly as possible. But what are other benefits of withdrawing by sending codes: the most significant advantage is that you can place bets and request withdrawals without an internet connection. Indeed, to access the mobile application or web browser, you need a stable connection to Wi-Fi or cellular. All you have to do is send a specific code to place a bet on any sport.

  • No Internet required to place bets
  • No Internet required to withdraw
  • You don’t have to launch a mobile app
  • Cannot watch live streaming
  • Unable to place live bets
  • Casino is not available
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Other Useful Actions With SMS Codes

1xBet Other Useful Actions With SMS Codes

In addition to the codes that allow you to withdraw the winnings, check out other valuable codes. Place a bet on upcoming events using a betting market available on the site. Select between accumulator bets and single bets, as well as bet on the TOTO jackpot and TOTO correct score.

How to Bet on Matches

First, you need to learn what games are coming. For that, just send the word SPORT and add the discipline you want to bet on. For example, SPORT BASKETBALL. You will instantly receive a list of upcoming Basketball games with your own id. Each match has an ID, so to find out the betting odds and market, send GAME(ID). Basically, it looks like GAME2341, where the number is the id of the current match. Once you’ve examined the future games and analyzed the odds and markets, it’s time to start betting.

Popular Betting Codes
First Team Wins#1
Second Team Wins#2
First Team Wins or Draw#1X
First or Second Team Wins#12
Second Team Wins or Draw#2X
First Team Total Under (2,5)#TU2,5

In general, you first select the games you are interested in and then send the code of one of the markets. For example, to place a total under 2.5 on the second team, type #TU2.5 on the selected game. Afterward, you have to specify the amount of your stake. Note that there are limits for the minimum of 2500 UGX.

How to Check your Balance and Reset the Password

You can also display your balance and reset your password with the appropriate codes. The procedure is familiar. Just send RESET or BALANCE to the number 290021. Basically, all the operations you perform with the codes must be sent to this number. If you want to see the available codes, just send BETHELP, and to activate the result notification, make sure to send SUBSCRIBE to 29021.


Betting with SMS codes at 1xBet is not as easy as on the website or mobile application. However, if you don’t have a proper smartphone or access to the Internet, it still works. So, if you’re ready to bet on your favorite teams, don’t hesitate to send the correct code to the sportsbook and have a great time.


Which is the fastest withdrawal in 1xBet?
There are many ways to withdraw money almost instantly.

How long does withdrawal on 1xbet takes?
All transactions are processed within 15 minutes.

Why can’t I withdraw my money from 1xbet?
If you are experiencing problems, read an article about common issues with 1xBet withdrawal.

Can I withdraw my first deposit on 1xbet?
Yes, but only if you haven’t claimed your bonus money.
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