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ForteBet in Uganda is one of Uganda’s most famous online betting platforms. It is suitable for online betting games and is the best way to earn money. This article discusses who owns ForteBet, key persons, the company’s CEO, sponsors, brand ambassadors, the license, and more. Let’s begin!

Who Owns ForteBet

It is owned by “Winnie Nabwami.” She is based in Kampala, Uganda, and is responsible for providing a secure, reliable, and convenient way to place bets on your favorite sports and other live events. It includes implementing security measures for payments and providing fast payment methods. As an Owner of the company, she manages all the operations of the company, ensuring Bookmaker remains a popular platform among customers.

Key Persons and CEO

There are many people responsible for various tasks in the company. Let’s have a look at some of the key personalities.

  1. John Nanyumba is the current CEO of the company. 
  2. Mugisha Honore is the IT manager of ForteBet and operates from Kigali city in Rwanda.
  3. Sandor Szoke is the operational manager at ForteBet and manages all the company’s operating activities.
  4. Gloria Ineza manages call center customer services at Bookmaker.
  5. Olwit Oscar manages the company’s payment system and works from Kampala, the central region of Uganda.

Prevalence Of Bookmaker In The World

ForteBet Prevalence Of Bookmaker In The World

ForteBet gambling website has a presence mainly in Uganda. It has a limited company outside of Uganda, but Bettworldwideorld can bet on the platform by registering in the ForteBet. Most Bookmakers have offices in Uganda. Bookmaker has a license from the Uganda government to operate legally.

Representative Offices Of The Bookmaker In The World

ForteBet operates mainly in Uganda and East Africa. However, Bookmaker has many offices in Uganda. Here is some of the information about the offices of Bookmaker.

  1. Office in Bweyale Town in Uganda: it is a town in the western region of Uganda. 
  2. Office in Kampala: bookmaker has an office in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

ForteBet has many other branches in Uganda, which must be listed here.

In Which Countries Is A Bookmaker Allowed

ForteBet is present primarily in 3 countries:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

Bookmaker Company Activities

ForteBet was founded in 2014. After that, the company has shown significant growth in the online gambling industry. The compCompany also supports many humanity development projects in Uganda.

Bookmaker Net Worth And Turnover

ForteBet does not have any information about the net worth of the company. And it does not disclose its turnover. Since it is a private company. It has a piece of limited information about the 

Related Brands And Subsidiaries

ForteBet’s subsidiaries incorporate ForteBet Uganda, ForteBet Kenya, and ForteBet Zambia. Each subsidiary works independently and is accountable for overseeing Bookmaker operations in its respective nation.

Sponsored Teams And Organizations

Currently, this company has no sponsors, teams, or organizations. However, it may happen in the future. We run this platform online; we will make sponsors and partnerships if we construct our organization. 

Brand Ambassadors

The brand Ambassador of ForteBet is  Alex Muhangi. In Uganda, he is a 30-year-old Bookmaker, Brand Ambassador, StandUp Comedian, Singer, Producer, Song Writer, and Event Organiser.

ForteBet History

ForteBet is a relatively new company in the betting industry, which started its operations in 2014. Bookmaker has emphasized providing the best betting services to its customers with a well-developed website and an easy registration process. In addition, since the company has an official license to operate in Uganda, it follows all the government’s norms in the country to comply with the regulations.

Founder – Who Founded The Bookmaker

ForteBet was founded in 2014 by Ugandan businessman John Nanyumba. He started from a branch in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. And from there, it expanded all over the country and some neighboring countries like Zambia and Kenya.

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License and Security Of The Bookmaker

ForteBet has an active license in 3 countries at the moment.

1. Uganda: Bookmaker, operating under the Grand Victoria Ltd license, is an Uganda-based company (Reg. Number 149080) authorized by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda to offer sports betting and online casino services (Reg. 3 of the Gaming and Pool Betting – Control and Taxation – Regulations).

2. Rwanda: The ForteBet brand in Rwanda is owned by ForteBet Ltd Rwanda, licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to provide sports betting services.

3. Zambia: ForteBet is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), a Zambian government agency responsible for overseeing the industry. 

Bookmaker Rules And Regulations

There are many betting rules in Bookmaker Uganda. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Retail Betting Rules: The bet may be voided if you bet on a match or competition that starts more than 48 hours after the original published start. If a game with a predetermined playing time is canceled or not played, the bet will also be voided. In addition, Bookmaker reserves the right to void tickets made as accumulative bets with betting opportunities that mutually support each other. To be eligible for winnings, the outcome of the bet must be correctly determined, and all terms and conditions must be met.
  • Online Betting Rules: Total winnings will be reduced if multiple teams/individuals end in the same position. Payouts begin after official results are published. If the amount is unavailable, the company has 60 days to pay. You can claim or complain within 60 days after the payout commences. Mistaken payments will be adjusted in your account, following these terms and regulations. The company is not liable for special event damages.
  • Slots Rules: You can participate in the slot offers if you are of legal age and willing to deposit into your account. ForteBet does not offer credit for customers who wish to play Slot options. Bookmakers will not be liable for any losses incurred while playing slot games. Any losses incurred will be for the player unless proven to be caused by errors from Bookmaker. ForteBet cannot guarantee that the service will never be faulty, but they will correct reported faults immediately. Bookmaker reserves the right to add or remove any slot offer at its discretion.
  • ForteBet FreeBet Rules: The offer allows you to win back your first bet if it meets certain conditions. If your first bet is evaluated as a loss, you can receive VIP points up to the amount mentioned in the offer. The free bet offer is limited and valid only for specific days. The offer is also limited to a certain amount, so you may need to bet a lower amount. 

To get more detailed terms and conditions of ForteBet Uganda. You can check the official website.

Why It Is Essential To Know Who Owns A Betting Company

Knowing who owns a betting company because of your money security. Also, learning about the company before betting on your favorite sports is necessary. It makes it easy to earn if you know and researches the company.  


ForteBet is committed to providing a safe, secure, and fun betting experience, providing different sports and bets. The ForteBet also allows you to place bets from anywhere, anytime. Winnie Nabwami, the owner of Bookmaker, provides a safe and delightful experience. If you’re seeking a reliable and trustworthy platform for sports betting and online betting in Uganda, you should look no different than Bookmaker. It provides excellent customer support services that can be accessed through phone or email, and this platform is a secure and safe platform for placing bets and playing games. So sign up today and start winning big with Bookmaker.

Who is the CEO of Fortbet?
John Nanyumba is the current CEO of ForteBet company.

Who is Winnie Nabwami?
Winnie Nabwami is the owner of ForteBet in Uganda.

What is the biggest bet ever won in Uganda?
The biggest bet in history is 1 billion UGX.

What is the maximum payout from ForteBet Uganda?
The maximum payout from ForteBet Uganda is 85000,000 UGX.

How do I contact ForteBet in Uganda?
Contact ForteBet in Uganda by phone(0800303303) and email (info@ForteBet.ug).
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