Stake Headquarters: When Stake Was Founded? Who Is the Owner?

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Stake is getting a lot of attention lately and has numerous new users every day. The bookmaker focuses on crypto betting, attracting millions of crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, Stake is one of the top brands offering incredible betting opportunities in crypto, and many sports events in football, basketball, UFC and dozens of other sports disciplines. Thanks to many famous ambassadors, this betting platform is trusted and popularizes safe sports betting. Below we will discuss who owns Stake, who regulates it now and what is its brief history.

Brief History of Stake

Although the competition in the betting sphere is fierce, a relatively young player Stake shows great success. It is surpassing the leading bookmakers that have been on the market for years. The first appearance of the brand was in 2017 with the help of two wealthy Australian entrepreneurs. The founders are Ed Craven, who was already a billionaire, and his partner/co-founder Bijan Tehrani. Now the company is owned by Medium Rare NV. Its constant growth is due to the constant popularity of cryptocurrency. That is why all financial operations on the site are conducted in crypto coins. In general, this marketing strategy has been successful in attracting more crypto users, adding more coins to work with, and expanding the crypto community around the brand. Basically, you can purchase coins directly from the Stake account using your bank cards. 

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How Safe Is It to Bet at Stake 

It is getting harder and harder to stay afloat and gain popularity as a betting site these days. However, if you follow certain rules and run your business fairly, you have a chance to rise to the top very quickly and become the best rated bookmaker around. Stake is an example of such a successful entry. So let’s take a look at its most important security features:

  • Positive brand perception is key to the success of betting sites. Therefore, to maintain a high reputation in the market, the brand must provide a safe environment for players and maintain the latest site security measures. Fortunately for betting enthusiasts, the bookmaker works with many famous celebrities to promote the brand, ensure trust and implement the latest security measures on the site. Therefore, it is impossible for fraudsters to get you and access your account for malicious purposes. 
  • In addition, since the only supported payment method is cryptocurrency, the security of your transactions also increases. Nowadays, blockchain technologies are considered one of the most secure systems for transferring funds, which increases the confidence of potential players to focus on crypto sites. 
  • Stake is a licensed platform. Legal betting sites always win against those that operate without a license. That is because licensed bookmakers must comply with international laws and strict regulatory requirements. Fortunately, Stake is licensed by the government of Curacao, so it has to follow the rules and pay for that license. Once the bookmaker is under suspicion, it will be audited and could lose the license and cease operations completely.
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Big Names at Stake 

Big Names at Stake 

We have already talked about the huge impact that the bookie’s ambassadors have on the site’s popularity and trustworthiness, but who are they? In addition to a number of streamers on various platforms who play on Stake and show the betting results, there are big names like Drake who also shows his gaming and betting life and predictions, which get his extremely large fan base (with over 143 million followers) to join the bookmaker and place a bet. He also offers bonuses and various freebies to his followers, attracting over 5 million users. 

In addition, Stake sponsors many famous athletes in a variety of sports, including UFC, football, Formula racing, boxing, and more. Motorsports is one of the bookie’s leading divisions, where they invest millions of dollars and receive millions of new users in return. 


Stake Conclusion 

The future of Stake appears to be very bright, given its current rapid growth and overall reputation in the industry. The owners are reliable entrepreneurs with years of experience in the gambling industry. If the company continues to follow the latest betting trends, such as top security, excellent betting options, and fast payments, it will be a great place for betting crypto enthusiasts forever.

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