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Get the best sports betting experience with favorable odds on basketball, football, and other famous sports disciplines with Stake. The bookmaker was founded in 2017 but has only recently become widespread in numerous countries. Now, you can witness its rapid growth, offering excellent opportunities for bettors of all tastes. In the following article, we will examine the main payment features, including limits, commissions, and popular deposit methods. 

About Stake

Having all the beauties of modern betting sites, Stake gets its credit. We have seen a lot of bookmakers that have become unpopular for various reasons, such as poor management, lack of online games, or bonuses that do not give any benefit. However, at Stake, you can have an excellent experience because the number of sports and fascinating casino games is enormous. Have a look at the full review of Stake at the link below. 

Also, thanks to many famous ambassadors such as Drake, Stake is a trustworthy company to place your bets with. In addition, we must be aware of the possible payments at Stake. Although the main payment option at Stake is cryptocurrency, you can also deposit with fiat currency, but how? Check out the main payment rules at Stake. 

How to Deposit to Stake 

How to Deposit to Stake 

To make your first bet, it is important to fund your account correctly. First of all, make sure that there are suitable methods for you. Since Stake focuses on crypto payments, you decide where you want to transfer funds using your own wallet, or you want to purchase coins directly on the Stake website. Once you have decided, go back and repeat this simple process below.

Access “Stake” and Login
Head to the official Stake website using your desktop or mobile device. Click on the “Login” button and enter your email or username, or sign in using your social media accounts.
Open the “Deposit” Tab
In order to fund your account, you must have a deposit address to send your crypto to. Click on the “Wallet” icon and then on the “Deposit” button.
Pick the Preferred Cryptocurrency
Look through the available cryptocurrency and click on it. The address to copy will be displayed in front of you. Copy it and use it as the address to send the cryptocurrency to.
Make a Deposit
Open your crypto wallet and paste the address of your Stake wallet. Specify the amount, calculate the possible commission, and proceed with the transaction.

Available Payment Options at Stake in Uganda 

Available Payment Options at Stake in Uganda 

Before submitting your deposit request, it is important to choose the right method. Stake generally focuses on cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoins, Litecoins, Eth, Dogecoin, and other coins. But there are also ways to fund your account with fiat currency. We will answer the question: Is it possible to deposit with bank cards?

Mastercard Deposits 

Unfortunately, Stake does not support bank cards to directly fund your account. However, it is still possible to make a deposit using bank cards, especially Mastercard. For this, Stake offers a built-in crypto wallet that allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly from your Stake account. In other words, you can buy coins on the Stake website using your Mastercard. That is because you create a Stake account and a crypto wallet account at the same time. To open your wallet, click on the corresponding “Wallet” button. 

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay Deposits 

In general, these methods have similar payment features to bank cards. You can not fund your Stake account with fiat currency, but you can buy cryptocurrency using your mobile payment service. To do this, you will need to create an account and go to your wallet. Select your preferred mobile money payment options and buy as much crypto as you want. The currency exchange rate changes rapidly, so you need to be very careful. 

Available Cryptocurrencies at Stake 

Available Cryptocurrencies at Stake

Stake is a place where all the transactions are made using cryptocurrency. So, to top up your account, place bets, and withdraw your winnings, you need to pick the currency. For that, we have covered all the available coins that you can use. Check them out below. 

Bitcoin Cash

This altcoin or a fork of a bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is available at Stake to make transactions. It is convenient to use Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin for several reasons, such as it has a lower value and higher volatility but still ensures high security. Some investment traders are predicting huge growth for this spin-off of Bitcoin. 


Ethereum, or ETH, or so-called Ether, is the second largest cryptocurrency that is available to all people around the world. Many players believe that Ehirum is a safe and secure coin that has investment potential and the potential to grow in the future. At stake, eth is displayed as the second available crypto for deposits and withdrawals after bitcoin. So you will not have any problems finding it. 


Although it is the latest crypto coin to be added to the Stake platform, it is extremely interesting and worthy of your attention. To find it, you need to scroll through the drop-down menu and click on it. It will automatically open the information about payment details, including the address. At the moment of writing, the exchange rate of EOS to USD is 0.54.


Litecoin was the first that started the action of altcoins. The appearance of the first altcoin was around the moment of the first popularity of Bitcoin. The value of one Litecoin is much less than one Bitcoin, which equals 62.35 in exchange for 1 USD. On the other hand, it can be easier to join the crypto world if you are a complete newbie. On the deposit tab, Litecoin is third in the drop-down menu, so if you are looking for a quick transaction, look towards Litecoin. 


The least valuable coins among the big brothers are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and eth, where 10 doge coins are worth a little more than half a cent. But that is not a reason not to use them in bets. If you are sure of its value and have enough to use for betting, then you are welcome. Dogecoin is shown in the fourth row of the drop-down menu. But be aware that the currency is very volatile, and it is heavily influenced by the news feeds. 


Ripple, or XRP, is an extremely well-known token with a huge daily trading volume. However, the value of the coin is much smaller than Bitcoin but much larger than Dogecoin and equals 0.49 USD. Many believe that XRP will rise to $10, but it is also very volatile, so be sure to check the currency before buying. It can be both a great and not the best investment. 


Compared to previous tokens, TRON, also known as TRX, is not as popular. It appeared on the market in 2017 and now has a value of 0.089 USD. Nevertheless, it can also be a great investment at Stake if you carefully analyze its future potential. For the beginners at Stake, it would be better to use other coins, depending on the trading volume. 

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Deposit Terms and Conditions at Stake in Uganda 

Deposit Terms and Conditions at Stake in Uganda 

Regarding the first deposit, it is crucial to know the main requirements, such as minimum and maximum limits, fees, depositing times, and verification procedures. If you manage to remember all the main rules (it is easy), you will be able to make transactions in a matter of seconds. 

Stake Deposit Limits 

Deposit limits indicate how much of your account balance you can deposit in a single transaction or over a period of time. At Stake, there are no maximum or minimum limits for your safety and convenience. There are no limits for a single transaction and for a certain time period. This means that you can fund your account with any amount of cryptocurrency you are willing to spend on betting. Stay within your budget limits, and play responsibly. 

Deposit Verification 

Verification of your account is an integral part of the registration process. In order to make your account ready for deposits and betting in general, you will need to verify your identity by providing your first and last name and email address. Be sure to verify your email address by sending the special link to it. Once your email is confirmed, go to the deposit window and fund your account. 

Payment Fees

Stake does not charge any fees to players. It is essential to know that you do not have to pay a commission for a transaction to Stake. However, the commission will be taken from your crypto wallet. Be sure to check your wallet’s payment terms and estimate the potential commission before sending money. 

Deposit Waiting Times 

Crypto transactions are usually instantaneous. But there are situations when the deposit comes with a delay or never comes for specific reasons. Let’s cover the main reasons why your deposit has yet to be processed. First, there are delays due to the heavy blockchain load. Second, the crypto wallet may be calculating the commission, which causes a delay in the transaction. Third, pay attention to the crypto address and identifier of the money recipient. Sometimes, players get confused when the coins do not arrive because they provide the wrong details. 

Stake Minimum Deposit 

Stake Minimum Deposit 

Modern betting trends make betting sites show great loyalty and fair intention to players, offering the best conditions and minimal requirements. Therefore, at Stake, there are no minimum deposit requirements. In other words, players can deposit any amount they want and never have their deposit requests rejected. The reason why Stake does not offer minimum deposit limits is to ensure fast and secure transactions and an overall pleasant betting experience. 

Is It Legal to Bet at Stake in Uganda 

Stake is an Australian brand that has expanded around the world. Unfortunately, the company is registered and regulated by the government of Curacao, and its headquarters are located in CY. As a result, only players from countries where offshore betting is permitted can legally participate in betting at Stake.


Stake Conclusion

Although Stake is a relatively young bookmaker, it has already achieved excellent results in the industry, attracting numerous celebrities and millions of bettors. The only payment method at Stake is cryptocurrency. But do not worry. You can always buy some coins for betting with a bank card through the personal Stake account. All in all, if crypto does not scare you, Stake is an excellent platform to place some bets on your favorite sports events. 


How to deposit to Stake using Coinbase?
Copy the address of your preferred crypto from the Stake “deposit” page and go to your Coinbase account. Select the coin, paste the Stake address, and confirm the transaction.

What is the fastest way to send money to Stake?
Stake supports many cryptocurrencies. Go to the deposit page and select your preferred currency. Then, go to your wallet and send money using the cryptocurrency address.
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