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Do you want to earn up to UGX15,000,000 by correctly predicting sporting events? Then, it’s time to consider what to do with such a large sum. Now, with the incredible SportyBet 12 Jackpot, you can win this amount of money every week!

To achieve an astounding success, you must accurately guess the outcomes of 12 soccer matches: a first-team win, a second-team win, or a draw. However, even if you get 10 or 11 correct, you will receive consolation rewards.

In this article, we will look at the terms and features of the great Jackpot in further detail. We will also become acquainted with various bonus programs available at SportyBet. 

Short About Other Bonuses

More benefits! More prizes! More advertising! SportyBet is offering six new deals to Ugandans. Pay attention to SportyBet bonus offers if you want to earn money without spending any of your own. Let’s go over some of the other perks you might obtain from the bookmaker.

Welcome bonus 

New players can receive free bets worth up to UGX 30,000. To do so, sign up for the site and make your first deposit of up to UGX 20,000. Then, your bonus account balance will be updated. You can use it for betting on sports.

Read the promotion’s terms and conditions carefully! You are given a period and conditions to get the gift amount on your account.

Pursuit of Happiness

It is a one-of-a-kind promotion open to all players on the site. The unique aspect of this promotion is that you can participate by placing any size wager. Each stake will be treated as a distinct ticket with the potential to win. The more the stake, the more likely it is to win. There is no limit to the number of bets you can place.

Every Friday from 00:00 to 23:59 local time, the promotion is available. And you’ll always have a chance to strike it rich. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

Number of playersPrize, UGX

How to Get a Jackpot Bonus 

SportyBet How to Get a Jackpot Bonus 

To receive the bonus, you must correctly predict 12 matches and have a touch of luck. Visit the Jackpot section of the SportyBet website, make your predictions for all games, and place your bet. The payouts are incredible! Previous Jackpot results can be found on the website. Let’s have a look at some of the promotion’s terms and conditions:

Bet Size

You must have UGX 250 in your account to wager on one combination. For an extra UGX 250, you can select numerous outcomes for the exact match. 

Betting Timeframe

You can place bets from Monday until the start of the first match. Making wagers is not permitted throughout the games. 

Jackpot Rush

When you choose the “Jackpot Rush” option, one prediction for every match is randomly selected for a set stake of UGX 250.

What Is a Bonus Account?

A bonus account is the one in which you keep your bonus funds. If you meet the promotion’s terms and conditions, the money on such an account can be transferred to your wallet. Unique deals may have different restrictions. Some require many bets at the end of the time limit, while others require the amount and odds of your wagers.

Before you begin playing, please carefully read the terms and conditions of any promos or offers. 

Types and Terms of Bonuses

To make sure you comprehend, these are the Jackpot’s essential terms and conditions:

  1. To win the most significant money, you must make 12/12 correct predictions.
  2. Win consolation prizes by correctly guessing 10 or 11 events.
  3. For an extra charge of UGX 250, you can guess numerous outcomes for the exact match.
  4. A timer on a web page indicates the countdown until the end of gambling.
  5. Jackpot Rush allows you to create automatic random predictions.
Special free bets from SportyBet only in Uganda

Return on Your First Deposit Bonus

Do you want to place free bets? The promotion is only available to new members. If you register for the first time with the bookmaker company, you will receive a 150% bonus on your deposit. The activity has four alternative strategies:

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan D
First Deposit ValueUGX 1,000UGX 5,000UGX 10,000UGX 20,000
Discount Gifts ValueUGX 1,500UGX 7,500UGX 15,000UGX 30,000
1st Day1 x 3003 x 4004 x 6004 x 800
2nd Day1 x 3003 x 5004 x 8004 x 1,200
4th Day1 x 3003 x 6004 x 1,0004 x 1500 and 2000
6th Day1 x 6003 x 8004 x 1,2004 x 2,500
7th Day3 x 1,0004 x 1,5004 x 3,000
9th Day4 x 4,000

Register, make your first deposit, and you’ll receive free bets that you may use to win real money.

How to Spend Bonus Funds

Players must have a bonus account to complete the requirements for getting rewards. You must meet the promotion’s conditions to withdraw the bonus account’s balance. The terms for various bonus programs may differ. 

After completing the promotion’s terms, you will get cash to your primary balance, which you can use as you deem appropriate.


SportyBet Conclusion

The Sportybet Jackpot Bonus offers a terrific chance to win massive amounts weekly. It is simple because you do not need to anticipate complex outcomes; you must guess whether one team will win or draw. Transparent and straightforward promotion requirements are essential factors for players. After all, players all over the world value clarity and simplicity. 

The bookmaker offers its customers various other extremely profitable bonuses, so everyone will find something they like. Play, win, and achieve your dreams!


How Quickly Are Bonuses Credited?
After all promotion conditions are met, bonuses will be credited within 24 hours.

Where Can I See the Full List of Spotybet Promotions?
On the Spotybet Uganda website, in the “Promotions” section at the top of the screen.
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