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  • Relatively high return percentages
  • Higher multipliers on certain games
  • Benefits for all players

The number of games that modern betting platforms offer can be quite vast. This interesting landscape is usually full of different options, ranging from card and board games with complex rules, such as poker, roulette, or blackjack. There are also slot games, many of which are extremely simple, requiring just a click or two and a bit of luck. And, of course, there are options that lie somewhere in between. The games where you don’t have to do or control much but still control some things, Crash-based games, such as Aviator, are prime examples.

And in our article, we plan to take a closer look at these games on Premier Bet Uganda. This betting platform offers plenty of slots to enjoy, but we plan to review the Rocketman game in full glory. It’s similar to the Aviator one in nature and doesn’t differ much from other crash games. We will cover the rules of the game, its pros and cons, the way to play it, and the strategies to succeed.

Things to Know About Premier Bet Casino Before You Start Playing

Premier Bet is an international betting platform that has been on the market for quite some time. It operates in many countries, including Uganda, and offers its users many features.

There are plenty of sports to wager on. The list isn’t very long, but the offers will meet the needs of the majority of punters. The games include football, ice hockey, basketball, and rugby. The list of betting markets is quite good; you can enjoy a great variety of wagering options. For example, you can predict correct scores or halftime results in football. Obviously, the platform also offers more common choices, such as moneylines, handicaps, and over/unders.

Premier Bet also offers casino options. While more serious games, such as poker and roulette, are more limited in their variations, the website compensates for the situation with many slots to play. There are over a hundred Premier Bet casino games to test your luck, you can check out our article that goes into deeper detail about how they work on the platform.

Aviator Rules

Before we begin, we have to mention that Premier Bet doesn’t offer the Aviator game itself.

Rocketman is a rather simple game. You place a stake and see the virtual rocket being launched. The longer it flies, the bigger your winnings will get. Once the rocket crashes, you lose your stake and what you won. So, the trick is to press a button and get the winnings before the rocket disappears.

So far, these rules are quite easy to follow. The main caveat is to time everything correctly and not lose money.

Pros and Cons of Aviator

Pros and Cons of Aviator Premier bet

As is the case with any game, Rocketman comes with its own set of pros and drawbacks. We think that it’s important to be aware of all of them. And that’s why we will list them in the table below.

  • Easy to play
  • It provides some level of control compared to other slots
  • You can reduce your risks by following some tactics
  • The game is indeed thrilling
  • You can lose your stake in a matter of seconds
  • It’s very difficult to predict when the rocket will crash

How to Play Premier Bet Aviator

We already outlined the game’s main rules, so you likely already have a clear picture of how to play it. Either way, let’s outline the steps you have to take to play Premier Bet Rocketman:

Visit Premier Bet Uganda.
On the main menu, find the “Rocketman” button.
Click on it.
The game will load and show you the options for either playing a free demo or trying to place stakes.
Pick the option you like and check the rules.
Place the sum.
Start playing.
All done.
Special offer from Premier Bet only in Uganda

Recommendations and Possible Strategies for Aviator: How to Predict

Premier Bet Recommendations and Possible Strategies for Aviator How to Predict

Unfortunately, no “magic pill” will make you a master of playing Rocketman and similar games. The majority of such slots mainly depend on luck rather than on skill. But don’t get disappointed quickly. If something is in your control while playing Rocketman, then it’s the tactics you can use to minimize the risks. Let’s check them all out:

  • Don’t place large stakes. Avoid risking significant amounts of money unless you’re rich and have enough funds to spend.
  • Press the button as soon as there’s profit. You might be tempted to continue seeing your winnings grow, but things might turn downhill quickly. Better be safe than sorry and without money.
  • Don’t play the game too often. Diversify your spending on betting and games. The Aviator doesn’t depend on your skills, so playing it regularly won’t lead to you having better results. But decide for yourself.

The Nuances and Caveats of Aviator

The game is pretty clear in its rules and the way it works, but it’s still better to understand some nuances before you start playing it seriously:

  • The rocket can crash at any time. You can’t predict it or time, this is purely random. Keep this in mind, and don’t risk much.
  • Your possible winnings will multiply in a steady manner, but not always as fast as you want them to. While this makes up for a thrilling experience, it makes you want to play for longer, in turn increasing the risks.


Premier Bet Conclusion

Having various games and casino options to enjoy is a great thing for any platform. They can have different rules, with some being easier to play than others; they also provide varying levels of control.

The Rocketman game is one of those slots that offer the ability to have some control over the game while still mainly being a fun, luck-based activity. Our article described exactly how you can enjoy this game while explaining some non-obvious things and caveats. Overall, the game is as straightforward as it gets, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to have a working strategy to win. Our main recommendations revolved around saving money and reducing your risks.

Overall, we think that Rocketman is a fun and great little game that everyone can enjoy. You must remember certain risks and not get too obsessed with the game.

How to withdraw funds you won in the game?
You can withdraw your winnings the same way you can withdraw any funds from the website using cash withdrawal or MTN money. There are no specific wagering requirements, so once you win money by playing the game, you can transfer it, provided the sum meets the minimum withdrawal amount requirements.

When is the best time to play Premier Bet Aviator?
You can play Rocketman anytime, anywhere; just keep in mind that you must press the button before the rocket explodes.

Is there any caveat?
So far, no, the game is pretty much straightforward in its nature. The only things you should be aware of are that the timing of the crash is pretty much random and impossible to predict and that the winnings won’t always multiply as fast as you’d like them to.

How to play Aviator and not lose money?
There are certain things to minimize your risks of losing large amounts of money: don’t place big stakes, push the button as soon as your play seems profitable, and don’t get way too addicted to the game.
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