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MSport is a betting platform offering enough to enjoy for punters and gamblers alike. Founded in Nigeria, the website is accessible across many countries on the continent, including Uganda. Apart from betting capabilities, the website provides casino options and some games to try your luck. They include card-based ones, and you can also spin some roulette variations.

But our article will cover another game, Aviator. We will describe the game in detail, explain winning strategies, and answer common questions. 

Aviator Game on MSport

Let’s take a closer look at what this game can provide to the visitors of the MSport betting platform.

MSport Excites Players with Superkick and Aviator

The bookmaker launched Aviator at the same time as Superkick. As a result, both games have some similarities in playing styles, but our article is solely focused on Aviator, so let’s see what it’s all about.

Predictor Aviator

Unfortunately, there’s no clear way to guess the optimal time to cash out. The timing is pretty much random. It’s set by a number generator ahead of each attempt and isn’t seen by the user. But it actually makes for a pretty thrilling experience. Nevertheless, try the game only at your own risk.

Aviator’s Calculator

The winnings are calculated in a simple manner. You only need to multiply the stake you placed by the numbers shown on the screen at the time you cash out. And that’s all.

How Does the Aviator Game Work?

The rules are quite simple. You will see a plane starting to fly, and the in-game multiplier will increase. But it will suddenly disappear from your view, instantly voiding everything. The task is to cash out before it flies away.

How to Play Aviator on MSport

How to Play Aviator on MSport
Visit the MSport Website
Open MSport, then log in or join the platform.
Find the Game
Select the “Games” tab. Find the “Aviator” among the offerings.
Press “Play”
Click “Play now” or “Try the demo” and, finally, enter the stake.

Winning Strategy for Aviator on MSport

A massive boost of 1,000,000 UGX awaits you on MSport!

Aviator is mainly luck-based, even though you complete control when you can cash out. So, overall, you have to be attentive and click the button earlier while still gaining some profit. However, we are confident you don’t have to wait for bigger winnings since you can still try another round. This way, you can cut your losses as well.

You can also take advantage of the “Auto Cash Out” feature that would withdraw once the multiplier reaches a number you set. For example, 1.2.

Aviator Online

The game is an online one and doesn’t work without an Internet connection. You can enjoy it both on the desktop version and on a mobile website and application.

Aviator Tool App

Msport Aviator Tool App

There are no additional apps to assist you in winning. Aviator is already simple as is, and the majority of tactics just require being attentive since everything else is mainly luck-dependent.

Customer Support

If you have any issues with Aviator, experience any bugs, or have problems understanding any aspects of the game, you can contact MSport’s customer service, and they will be ready to assist you in dealing with any issues.


Aviator is an enjoyable activity to spend some time with and test your luck at. Its rules and overall gameplay are simple enough for everyone to participate. The success strategies are incredibly straightforward, and the participants have significant chances to win something.

The platform offers other slots for the visitors to spin and play. The list isn’t extensive, but it will be enough to get different experiences and try to win some money. If you are interested in learning more about MSport, you can read our other articles about it.


How to play and win Aviator on MSport?
Log in and select Aviator in the “Games” tab. There also is a demo version to figure out whether you want to place real money on it.

What is the Aviator game about?
You should click a button to receive your winnings before the plane disappears from view.

How does the Aviator game work?
It’s similar to other games with this kind of gameplay that require the users to push the button before something happens but motivate them not to do so immediately.

What makes the Aviator game special?
The game lets you fully control your actions, even though the aspect of luck remains the main one.

What is the best strategy to play and win Aviator on MSport?
We think that the optimal way is to click the button earlier and use the “Auto Cash Out” feature set at a lower amount. This way, you can reduce risks taken per round.

Can I play the game on my phone?
Yes, it’s accessible on both the mobile website and the Msport sports betting app.
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