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Bonuses for betting come in all kinds and shapes. They can be applied automatically or with a few clicks. They can be offered as coupons or vouchers. And there’s another kind: promo codes. These are quite intuitive, but the way using them is handled can differ from one platform to another.

This text will focus specifically on using promo codes at MelBet. This international betting website has attracted users worldwide to participate in gambling and betting with its selection of sports, variety of markets, powerful partnership program, helpful customer care line, and well-designed mobile apps. So let’s check out how promo codes work at MelBet and what they can offer for both newcomers and regulars.

What are Promo Codes in Betting, and How Do They Work?

Promos can be used to get discounts or bonuses while betting or gambling at the sportsbooks. These digits and letters usually have to be entered somewhere on the website to receive the offers.

What Can Promo Codes Offer to the Users of MelBet in Uganda?

The signup promo codes usually give access to some of the most reasonable offers. In addition, they can get you the highest possible welcome bonus and others.

The promo codes for regulars are bought at the website’s store. They mainly provide free bets, casino spins, or multiple bets, depending on their price and terms of usage.

MelBet Registration Promo Code

MelBet Registration Promo Code

You can input a promo code during the registration process at MelBet. There’s a particular field to add this information. More on that in the paragraphs below, where we will also describe the possible ways to receive a code.

How to Get a MelBet Promo Code

The promos for new users are offered for free by the company’s affiliates. They can be found on different blogs and resources by entering something like “free MelBet codes.” This way, you can receive a promo and take advantage of provided bonuses, while the affiliate will receive a commission per each of your betting activities.

How to Use the Promo Code

Technically, you must enter the code during the signup stage at the platform. No other prerequisites are needed since such bonuses are applied automatically. These types of promos are designed to be easy to use since, this way, the affiliates can get new users, and so will the platform. The newcomers, of course, will receive their bonuses and enjoy what the service offers. It is a win-win situation!

MelBet App Promo Code

MelBet App Promo Code

You can use promo codes in both apps and the mobile website of the platform. In addition, there’s a store and an option to input one during the registration process, so your possibilities are identical to what’s provided for desktop users.

Unfortunately, currently, there’s no specific promo code for the mobile users of the platform. But we believe it might be offered in the future since other sportsbooks sometimes practice it.

How to Enter the Promo Code

Melbet How to Enter the Promo Code
Visit MelBet
Open the MelBet website. Locate the “Registration” button and click it.
Pick the Sign-Up Option
Select the registration method: “One-Click,” “By Phone,” “By Email,” or “Social Networks and Messengers.” Each of the solutions will feature the field called “Promo-code” (if you have one).
Finalize the Process
Input the code. Fill in other fields and finish the process.

MelBet Bonus Codes for Existing Customers

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But what to do if you are already registered? The bookmaker offers an extensive list of promo codes that you can use to get free bets and casino spins. Currently, this is the only kind of promo provided on the platform. You can exchange the bonus points accumulated over time for such bets. The presently offered ones either cost 50 or 100 bonus points.

Is There a Promo Code That Doesn’t Require Depositing?

Is There a Promo Code That Doesn’t Require Depositing Melbet

Unfortunately, using promo codes for regulars doesn’t seem possible without putting some money into the platform. It is because you must receive bonus points first, and the only way to acquire them is to be active on the platform, which involves spending money.

The signup promo codes for newbies also can’t be used without adding some money to the platform. The reason for that is that they’re mainly offered as first deposit bonuses or as an increase.

MelBet Promotion Code Usage Rules

The rules are standard for betting and gambling codes. You just have to be a registered user with some bonus points on your account. The latter implies that you’re at least relatively active in betting on the sportsbook.

There are no prerequisites for using welcome bonus codes: you just have to meet the legal requirements for registering on the platform. This includes being 18 years old—the minimum betting age on the platform—and being ready to go through a verification process. The latter isn’t particularly long but involves sending both identification documents and proofs of address.

Promo Codes for Uganda

Melbet Promo Codes for Uganda

All of the promo codes accessible for the platform can be used by residents of Uganda. This is applied for both signup promo codes and those that the regulars can buy using their bonus points. More on that in the paragraph below!

Promo Code Store for MelBet

The platform offers a place to buy codes directly on the website. You can find it on the right part of the page after clicking on “Promo” in the main menu. It’s called “Promo Code Store.” Click on it, and you will see an impressive selection of offers. Currently, all 33 of them provide free bets or spins with differing conditions: some can be used for virtual games, others for accumulators and multiple bets, while the majority are just for regular betting. The current offers cost either 50 or 100 bonus points.

The conditions usually involve the minimum possible odds for the events to bet on or the number of lines for multiple bets. In addition, some of these bets must be used within a certain amount of time.


MelBet is popular for several reasons, starting from its ease of use and a decent selection of sports to the variety of payment options and different bonuses provided to the users. There is a promo system in place. It includes signup codes that are entered during the registration and boosts the MelBet first deposit bonus for the new users and regular ones that are exchanged for bonus points directly on the platform. Both have their own advantages and are easy to get and use.

Our article covered precisely these bonus codes and the way to use them. We described everything in detail, and we hope that the text will be helpful for you. If the promo codes and their associated perks are essential to you as a player, then our article might help you figure out whether you want to use the website actively. On the other hand, if it made you interested in the platform, or you’re still debating if you want to become a member, you can check out our other articles, including the main MelBet review.


What is a bet promo code?
A promo code is something that you input in order to get discounts or additional perks while betting. The most common type of them is entered during the registration process and is initially provided by the platform’s affiliates.

Is it difficult to join MelBet?
No, the MelBet registration process is quick and intuitive. The platform offers four ways to create an account: a “one-click” method, by phone or email, or with the help of social networks.

Does MelBet give a welcome bonus?
Yes, the service provides a signup bonus to its new users.

Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, the referral program is called MelBet Partners. You can become a member for free and participate in the promotion of the platform.

How do you use MelBet’s 300 percent bonus?
In order to receive it, you must enter the signup bonus code during the registration process and add some money to your account by using one of the deposit methods provided for the platform.

How can I transfer my funds from and to the platform?
If you find yourself wondering how to deposit on MelBet, we have an article covering the ways to add money to your balance. The MelBet withdrawal methods are described in another piece.

How do I get a MelBet promo code?
You can find the signup promo codes online, while the regular ones can be bought directly in the store if you have enough bonus points: usually, at least 50.

How do I create a promo code?
You can’t as a regular user. They are generated by the platform. But you can make one and share it if you’re a member of the affiliate program named MelBet Partners. Everyone who visits using this code will become your referral, and you will get some commission from their winnings.

Does MelBet have mobile apps?
Yes, the MelBet app is offered for both iOS and Android. It’s fully functional and offers all of the same features that are provided for desktop users.
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