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Kagwirawo is an Uganda-based bookmaker that is fully focused on betting on soccer. The platform is simple to use due to its minimalistic interface and adherence to traditional betting website patterns. However, some things may still be obscure to punters, particularly those who are new to betting. This article will explain in detail how registration, log in processes, and verifications work on Kagwirawo. We will answer the most common questions and provide step-by-step guides.

How to Register in Kagwirawo

Visit Kagwirawo
Open Kagwirawo website and locate the registration button, then click on the “I don’t have an account” button.
Provide the Required Information
Enter the phone number as well as your first and the last name. Afterward, come up with the password and type it in.
Create Your Account
Confirm the T&C and Privacy Policy after reading them out. Agree that you’re old enough to legally bet in Uganda. And finally, click “Create free account”.

SMS Registration

Unfortunately, Kagwirawo does not support creating an account via SMS. You can use the website or app for sign-up.

Kagwirawo Registration Conditions

Registration conditions

Making an account on Kagwirawo doesn’t have any special requirements aside from having a Ugandan phone number. Another condition that can be difficult to meet for some users is that in order to bet in Uganda, you must be older than 25.

Kagwirawo Verification

The service will not require your ID or any other document to verify the account. Providing your phone number, as well as first and last name is enough for this platform. The confirmation code will be sent.

Information required to register and verify the account on Kagwirawo
First nameYes
Last nameYes
Phone numberYes
EmailOptional (can be used as an alternative to the number during registration but can be involved in verification) 

How Long Does Verification Take?

The procedure is carried out using an SMS code. Once it’s confirmed, your account is instantly verified. You’re free to deposit, withdraw, and place wagers right after the verification is finished. No further checkups are required.

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How to Access Kagwirawo

How to access
Go to the Official Website
Visit kagwirawo.co.ug and find the “Login/Register” button.
Type in Your Account Details
Enter an email or phone number you’ve registered with. Then enter your password.
Log in
Finally, click on the “Login now” button.

What Things You Can Edit in Your Profile During the Registration Process?

Whaat things you can edit in your profile during the registration process

Some betting platforms allow users to personalize their accounts by offering various account adjustment options. Unfortunately, Kagwirawo doesn’t provide such a feature. We hope that the bookmaker will make it possible in the future.

Speaking of your personal info, it’s impossible to change any of it after registering. But you can try to contact customer care, there’s a chance that they could help you. It’s also important to mention that your password can be reset.


Is there a signup bonus?
No, the bookmaker currently doesn’t offer such a bonus.

How do I open a Kagwirawo account?
It’s easy to make it: you only have to enter your full name, as well as phone number.

How do you bet on Kagwirawo?

Betting on the platform is easy and similar to how you would wager using other bookmakers.

  1. Log in.
  2. Find the menu located on the left.
  3. Select the options you’re interested in. You are able to choose between “Today’s fixtures’, popular ones and live betting offers.
  4. The middle of the page is occupied by the games to wager.
  5. Place the wagers on at least two of them.
  6. You can now see them on the bet slip on the right.
  7. Input the stake amount.
  8. Submit it.
  9. You’ll be provided with a receipt and receive an SMS message confirming it.

How do you use the Kagwirawo bonus?
There’s currently no such bonuses in place.

Can I deposit money to my account right after registration?
Yes, no time limits exist for such purposes. You can start depositing and betting immediately after verification.

Can I use my Kagwirawo account when I travel to other countries?
Yes, unless accessing Kagwirawo is specifically restricted in that country.

Is making a new account a paid option?
Keep in mind that users are only allowed to have one account per person. With that being said, the answer is no. Registration for your new (first) account on the platform is completely free.

Can I register another account using a mobile app, if I already have one?
The clients can’t create a second account. The platform they use doesn’t matter in this case, be it a website or a mobile application.

Can I get an app without registering?
Yes, there is no need to have an account in order to download mobile applications. Keep in mind that there’s only an Android application available, and the iOS version doesn’t exist yet.

What promo code should I use during the registration in order to receive the Kagwirawo signup bonus?
The platform currently doesn’t provide a signup bonus, so there’s no Kagwirawo promo code to use.

How to contact Kagwirawo customer support?
You can communicate with customer care using email or two phone numbers. Official Instagram and Twitter accounts also exist, as does WhatsApp. In case you want to dive deeper into how the service works, you may find our outlook on Kagwirawo online betting company.

How do I reset the password?

If you remember it and can access your account, perform these steps:

  1. Find the “Login/Register” button.
  2. You will be taken to the login page.
  3. Find the “I forgot password” option.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Input the number that you’ve registered with.
  6. Alternatively, your email can be used.
  7. Locate the “recover password” button and click it.
  8. Check your email or inbox.

Is there a way to temporarily close the account?
In order to do that, contact the platform’s customer support.

How can I permanently delete my account?
This can also be done by sending a request to customer care.
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