International Betting Companies in Uganda

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The great thing about online betting sites is that you are no longer tied to your local events or playing games from local developers. International bookmakers are primarily designed to give punters from different countries the betting experience they want, allowing them to bet on events that take place around the world. Here, we will look at the advantages of international bookmakers and describe common international betting options, world-renowned sports leagues, and what to look for when browsing a sports betting site.

About Betting Sites in Uganda

The Ugandan sports betting industry is developing rapidly and offers a first-class betting experience for local players. Fortunately, we have prepared a full list of the best betting sites in Uganda on a separate page. However, Ugandan punters have access not only to Ugandan bookmakers but also to international ones. So, let’s take a look at the international bookmakers that have all the legal permissions to operate in the country.

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Review of the Best International Betting Sites

Review of the Best International Betting Sites

Modern sports betting opportunities depend on how well the betting platform you choose suits your needs. That is why we have listed several bookmakers for you to choose from. All of them are legal in your country, all of them have permissions and important licenses to operate, and all of them ensure high security of your personal information, fair payouts, many supported payment methods, an around-the-clock help center, and generous promos in local currency.


1xBet is a leading sports betting provider with a huge community worldwide. One of the beauties of 1xBet is its extensive sportsbook filled with numerous international events on dozens of different sports disciplines. This bookmaker supports round-the-clock customer support and offers generous promos for players in different national currencies. 


BetWinner is a place where all your sports betting dreams can come true thanks to its huge sportsbook with thousands of monthly events, competitive odds, and a wide variety of betting types and markets. When it comes to the betting experience, you can try your luck betting on a mobile application and user-friendly website. 


MelBet is world-renewed for offering a bunch of gambling games provided by reputable gaming studios. Their games come with high RTPs and fair random number generators. MelBet has years of experience in the international market, offering world-class services for sports betting enthusiasts, gamblers, and lovers of virtual sports and various TV games. 


22bet is an incredible bookmaker with a large number of international payment methods without commissions to organize your sports betting activities in a matter of minutes. You will be presented with top sports disciplines, competitive odds, and a wide variety of markets to build your own strategy. In addition, you can monitor statistics of previous matches and make predictions based on the information provided on the platform.

Which Markets Are Regulated by International Sports Betting Sites

Which Markets Are Regulated by International Sports Betting Sites

All bookmakers in the world are classified according to the type of license they have and which regulatory body gave them permission to operate within the country. For us punters, it’s vital to know which betting site we can legally register with and enjoy sports betting on and what problems may arise if the site is not licensed locally. But, it is important to understand that some sites support offshore betting, meaning that you can legally access sports betting sites that are registered in other countries.

Fully Regulated Markets 

Betting companies with local licenses are strictly regulated by the state betting and gaming commissions. This fact allows us to access the site without any problems, register an account using the numbers of local mobile operators, and use payment methods provided by local banks or digital wallets working in that country. Fully regulated betting companies are usually subsidiaries of a global brand. For example, one brand can be present in different countries with licenses from the state of each of those countries. 

Partially Regulated Markets

In this case, the bookmaker is not licensed by the local gaming and lottery commission. However, it has permission to operate in that country because it has a license from a reputable regulator in another jurisdiction. This is called offshore betting, and it is legal in some countries.

International Unregulated Markets 

Some international betting sites are not regulated. In this case, the website is controlled by the specific jurisdiction, and in your case, there might be a problem accessing the site. In this situation, it would be difficult to create an account, make a deposit, and withdraw your winnings, and it might even be illegal to communicate with this platform. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to the locally licensed sites described in the table above and ensuring a safe and secure experience.

How to Evaluate International Betting Sites

How to Evaluate International Betting Sites

When it comes to evaluating betting sites, it’s crucial to examine different parts of them, including the level of security for players, their privacy, a reputable license from local regulators, the presence of world-famous sporting events and betting options, as well as responsive customer support and, of course, bonuses and promotions. Every new player is responsible for evaluating these criteria to ensure an enjoyable betting experience.  

Regulated Bookmakers vs. Unlicensed 

Try only licensed bookmakers. The philosophy of regulated bookmakers is completely different from that of unlicensed ones. Licensed bookmakers are responsible for complying with the laws of the country in which they operate. These requirements include maintaining high levels of security, privacy, fair payouts, and available payment methods for all players.

High Level of Platform Security is Vital 

When it comes to security, you need to pay attention to what fraud protocols are used on the website or mobile application. High levels of security ensure that all your personal information and banking details are protected from third parties.

Extensive Sportsbook 

A large number of offered sports disciplines and daily sports events is a key indicator of a world-class international sportsbook. This criterion is crucial for a sports enthusiast who wants to bet on a variety of sports events, from football to basketball, tennis to eEports, and others. 

Promos at International Bookmakers 

Also, consider the bookmaker’s promotions page. A lack of bonuses is not a positive sign. Usually, top bookmakers offer a generous deposit welcome bonus, loyalty perks, and weekly rewards. Some sites allow you to enter promo codes on the registration page and activate the bonus.

Available Betting Markets and Odds

All sports betting involves different types of bets and odds. Some games allow you to have fun predicting multiple events at once. This is called accumulators or parlays. While others bring the traditional way of betting, allowing you to place a single bet. 

  • Single betting. If you prefer rational betting with analysis of previous games, statistics, taking into account news, words from sports analytics, and so on, which is called SmartBetting, SingleBet would be great for you. 
  • Parlays/Accumulator betting is for players who want to get higher payouts. However, higher payouts come with additional risks, and each added leg to your betslip brings certain uncertainty, which can cause a high chance of losing. 
  • Live betting is a fun way to place a quick bet on the event in progress. Basically, you can bet on the outcome at the moment the game is about to end, and in this way, you do not have to wait for the full-time game. 
Popular Sports at International Betting Sites 

The modern sports book consists of dozens of sports disciplines and will most likely consist of your favorites. Many of them come with famous international leagues that are offered in the sportsbook. Let’s take a look at the most popular international sports.


Basketball, although originally played in America, has become a spectacular sport to watch worldwide. People from all over the world play basketball and watch top competitions from the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League, NBA 2K, and African Leagues and make their predictions on modern sportsbooks. Basketball comes with numerous markets, including 1×2, double chance, totals, handicaps, and so on. 


Football is a European game that has billions of fans around the world. It takes place in all countries of the world, and its competitions are followed by viewers worldwide. Football is a very competitive game, and its odds are very interesting, depending on the league.

American Football 

American football is a very long-running game, with the first game being played in the United States in 1869. From that time, American football has become worldwide and is mostly played in North America. Most of its leagues are American, such as the NFL, American Football League, and United Football League, but some of them are European, such as the English Football League. 


Tennis is another highly appreciated sport that is played between two teams of two players each, and it was originally played in the United Kingdom in the 19th century.

Common Betting Markets in International Sportsbooks 

Betting markets determine the way your bet would look like and what outcome will bring you the win, while odds show the probability of this outcome happening and your payouts. And it’s extremely important to evaluate the market and why these or those odds come along with this game. So, let’s have a quick look at the most common markets you can choose for your future sessions.


This market is one of the most basic, and it refers to the outcome of the game. You can either bet on the first team to win, the second team to win, or a draw. If you want to place a bet on your favorite team, just open the sportsbook, find 1×2, and click on your preferred outcome. 


Totals are expressed in several options and allow you to bet on the results of the game using over and under equations. Take your chance to guess the score. 

With the Double Chance market, you can increase your chances of winning by picking two outcomes instead of one. According to its name, you can either pick the first team to win and draw or the second team to win and draw, and if one of these two outcomes happens, you win the bet. 

Exact Score 

The Exact Score market is one of the most difficult to predict, as you have to guess the exact score at the end of the game. Usually, this market is suitable for football games where the number of scores is not so big. 

Outright Betting 

Outright betting allows you to predict the overall winner of an entire league or competition. This is a long-term prediction you must make before the tournament starts. Basically, you are predicting who will win or drop out at the beginning of the whole tournament. 

Betting Tips and Recommendations

Betting Tips and Recommendations

Before you create your first account, you need to decide what kind of sports betting is right for you. If you just want to have fun without worrying about what you might lose or win, then you can bet on your favorite teams. However, if your goal is to stay positive and profitable, and this is what brings you joy, you need to consider these recommendations and tips below. 

  • Analyze the upcoming match. In other words, you have to do your homework by collecting information about the previous matches, head-to-head actions, statistics of previous matches of the same club, and so on. After you have gathered this information, you need to calculate the odds and compare them with the odds offered by the sports book. 
  • Be careful with your bankroll. Money management is a critical skill when it comes to sports betting. It’s not always enough to be a good predictor and analyst. Your success also depends on how well you manage your budget. If you want to stay profitable, you need to use special techniques with your money, such as dividing your bankroll into specific betting periods and never trying to win back. Accepting losses may be the best strategy for you.
  • Read the news and stay up to date with all the club changes and tournament insights. Sometimes, even a small change in a team’s lineup can affect the entire outcome of the match. To make a correct prediction, you need to search for insights on the Internet, visit forums, read news, and monitor social media. This information will be very helpful for your predictions. Do not bet randomly if you are afraid of losing money.



In general, there is little difference between international and local betting sites. However, they all have common betting markets and types of bets, as well as the main sports and leagues. International sportsbooks are more diverse in the form of bets they offer, including more local tournaments from different countries and the ability to change the type of odds. In addition, international betting sites support more payment options and would bring you higher welcome and deposit bonuses.


How do I tell if online sports betting is legal in my state, country, or jurisdiction?
All legal betting sites have licenses and permissions from local betting/lottery commissions. To check, open the and scroll down the main page. You will find information in the footer.

Are regulated betting sites safer than unregulated ones?
Certainly yes. Regulated sites ensure a safe experience by complying with international betting laws and offering top security measures. If anything goes wrong, you’re protected at the state level.

Can I fund an overseas gambling account in my currency?
This is only possible if the site supports your currency. You can check this before registering in the T&C section or on the payment page.
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