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  • Fast withdrawals with many payment methods
  • No transaction fees
  • Large limits per transaction

Once you start actively wagering, you may wonder how to receive your winnings from your bookmaker. The offered payment and withdrawal methods lists are crucial parts of every online sportsbook. Sometimes they’re the only reason why punters prefer one platform over another.

In this article, we will cover the possible ways to withdraw your money from MelBet, a popular international sportsbook in Uganda. We will describe everything regarding this aspect in detail, from the limits to possible issues, and provide guides on how to do so.

How to Withdraw From MelBet in Uganda

Melbet How to Withdraw From MelBet in Uganda

We have already provided a quick overview of the offered withdrawal methods. Below, you can read guides on transferring funds from your account using the desktop website and mobile applications.

How to Withdraw From MelBet Using The Site

Visit MelBet’s Website
Open the MelBet website, ensure you are logged in.
Pick a Payment Method
Find the “Withdrawal” button. Select your preferred payment option.
Specify the Amount
Enter the sum you wish to withdraw and confirm the transfer.

How to Withdraw From MelBet via Mobile App

Open the MelBet App
Launch the MelBet app and make sure to sign in.
Find the Withdrawals Section
Locate the “Withdrawal” button and press it, then select your preferred withdrawal option.
Finish the Transfer
Type in the amount you want to take out and confirm the transaction.

Withdrawal Rules at MelBet

There’s nothing unusual about withdrawal conditions and requirements on the platform. First, you must be 25 years old to bet and gamble in the country legally. There’s a verification procedure in place that might require you to send a document as proof of your identity and address.

MelBet Withdrawal Limits

Usually, a specific range limits how much you can transfer from the sportsbook’s account into your wallet. Usually, it can be limited per transaction or day. So let’s see which ones are applied on MelBet.

Minimum Withdrawal

The smallest sum you can withdraw from your bookie’s account is around 5,000 UGX. That’s quite a low amount, so you can easily withdraw your funds even if you don’t have much money. That’s amazing and makes betting quite accessible.

Maximum Withdrawal

There’s no defined maximum withdrawal sum mentioned anywhere on the platform. So we only have to guess that this means that the upper limit is relatively high, so you’re unlikely to reach it.

How to Check the Withdrawal Status

If you have any doubts about your transaction being active, you should know there’s no need to worry. You can quickly check the status by visiting the “Withdrawal” tab in your account after signing in.

Withdrawal Methods in Uganda

Melbet Withdrawal Methods in Uganda

Being an international platform, MelBet offers various methods to withdraw your funds. Uganda is among the places where these methods could be more extensive. But the good news is that the supported solutions are the most popular payment systems in the country. So let’s take a look at what the platform offers.

Using Airtel

You can use Airtel, one of the most popular mobile providers and payment systems, to withdraw money.

Using MTN

Along with Airtel, MTN Uganda is another popular mobile payment system in the country. It’s supported by MelBet for both depositing and withdrawing, so you don’t have to worry about transferring your funds.

Using Credit Cards

You can transfer the funds to your MasterCard or Visa. It is done directly; you only have to provide the correct details.

Using Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, transferring money from your account with the help of crypto isn’t supported in Uganda, although the platform generally supports such payment solutions.

Using eWallets

You can’t withdraw to eWallets by using MelBet in Uganda. Unfortunately, none of them are supported by the service, but maybe something will change in the future.

Supported Currencies

Since the service operates globally, it accepts the majority of the most widely used currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, Turkish Lira, Russian Ruble, and euro. African ones include the Nigerian Naira and Ugandan Shilling (UGX).

Withdrawal Fees

The platform doesn’t charge any fees for outgoing transfers. So withdrawing your funds is completely free no matter the method you use.

Cash Out Feature

Melbet Cash Out Feature

The cashout feature is accessible on the platform. It allows the player to claim their winnings before the event they’re wagering on is over. It works as a great way to reduce losses and even turn in profits in some cases.


The platform offers an account validation procedure. It’s done to check that you’re a real person that provides correct information. The result proves that you’re not using the website for money laundering or other shady schemes.

The procedure is relatively standard. It requires you to send an identification document: your ID, international passport, or driver’s license. It also asks you to send papers that can confirm your address, such as bank statements or utility bills.

One-Time Password for Withdrawal

OTP, or one-time password, is a code that’s used to verify your transactions when you’re withdrawing your funds. You will receive it on your phone number. And you will have to type this code on the website after receiving it.

MelBet Withdrawal Time

Almost all of the withdrawal methods on the platform are nearly instant, taking 15 minutes at the most. But bank and card transfers are the exceptions. They can take from five to seven days on average.

Withdrawal on Weekends

Transferring money using your credit cards will take longer on weekends and holidays since the banks usually don’t start processing such operations unless it’s a weekday. So, for example, if you request to move your funds on Saturday, the transaction will become active only on Monday, and you will have to wait for five to seven days after that.

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MelBet Withdrawal Issues

Obviously, one can encounter problems during the transfer at its various stages. This is to be expected since nothing is perfect. The good news is that everything can be fixed and that the platform provides top-notch customer support to its users. It can assist you in dealing with the issues.

Out of Limit

Since the upper withdrawal limit is not specified and is likely quite high, chances are that you’ve tried to move a sum that’s way too small. Try to make it over 5,000 UGX.

Mobile Operator Restrictions

Airtel and MTN are not only payment systems but are also mobile operators. But they aren’t likely to cause you any issues since they fully support withdrawing from the platform. Contact customer care if a related problem emerges.

Connection Issues

If your transfer doesn’t become active, then there’s a chance that there are issues with your Internet connection. If you’re on mobile, try to restart your connection or find a place with better reception.

The Account Details Don’t match

This issue will arise if the data in your account doesn’t match the details listed in the payment system you’re using. If everything is correct, there’s something wrong with the system, and you should contact customer care. If the data is definitely incorrect, then change it in the settings.

What to Do if the Platform Doesn’t Withdraw Money?

This might depend on many things. On some occasions, the system may experience issues, so you just have to refresh the transaction. If it doesn’t help, contact customer support and describe your problem.

I Want to Cancel the Transfer

If the transaction is currently pending, you can try to cancel it quickly. It is done by visiting the “Withdrawal” tab and clicking the reverse button next to the transaction. Obviously, you can’t cancel a transfer that’s already been processed.


MelBet might not offer the most comprehensive list of withdrawal options to the residents of Uganda, but the existing ones will be good enough for the majority of punters. You’re the only one who can decide whether these solutions fit your needs. If you want to learn about other platform aspects, read our other articles, including the full MelBet overview.


Can I withdraw my bonus on MelBet?
You can’t withdraw the bonus but can do so with your winnings.

How long does it take to withdraw from MelBet?
The process is instant when using mobile payment systems. However, if you transfer the funds to your debit card, it may take up to a week.

How can I withdraw online?
You can do so by using Airtel, MTN, or direct transfers.

What is a refund in MelBet?
The platform sometimes features offers that allow you to return your stake if your wager is lost. It is mainly applied to accumulator bets.

Is there customer support?
Yes, the service is available and can assist you if you’re experiencing any possible MelBet withdrawal problems.
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