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The world of sports betting is one of the segments of the sports industry that is expanding the fastest. This form of online entertainment has grown substantially over the past several years and is currently one of Uganda’s most popular sports-related pastimes. The rise of technology and the general expansion of online services have made sports betting more accessible. Any knowledgeable bettor in Uganda who engages in online sports betting is aware of MSport sportsbook, a reputable company that offers top-notch sports betting services. The organization is known for offering pretty high odds and several betting markets along with the most top-rated sports for online betting, such as football or tennis. 

The most practical and user-friendly service proposed by the platform is its mobile application, which we will discover today in our article. Let’s get things started. 

Android Installation 

Msport Android Installation

The MSport mobile application is available and totally free on devices running the Android operating system. We can guarantee that getting the program is really uncomplicated and that the installation process is unquestionably very basic and transparent. Every member who wishes to obtain the app and owns an Android device will be able to take full advantage of the bookmaker’s sports betting services right from their phone. As mentioned, downloading the mobile app won’t take long and is really simple, but we’ve still decided to walk you through the process.

System Requirements

Every program operating on mobile devices has specific characteristics and requirements. The MSport Uganda app installs rapidly and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. Besides, many members gave a very positive review of the application, pointing out its speed and smoothness. However, we still made the decision to discuss with you the app’s primary system requirements, as it is one of the most critical moments to take into consideration before installation. Let’s look at them!

Minimum free storage necessary512MB
Size of the application7.5MB
Operating system4.4 or later
PriceTotally free!

Installation Procedure

Now that you’re familiar with the main system requirements for the application installation, you may proceed to the procedure itself. We will give you a detailed tour of the setup process so that you feel at ease with obtaining the app.

Go to MSport Uganda
Visit the MSport official website and locate the “App” tab on the navigation bar. You will be redirected to another page on the bookie’s site.
Download the App
On the page, you will notice two options: “Download for Android” and “Download on the App Store.” Pick the “Download for Android” option and tap on it. An .apk file will be downloaded to your device.
Install the Application
Open the file and proceed with the installation.

iOS Installation

Msport iOS Installation

The mobile application of the MSport company is accessible not only on Android but also on iOS operating devices, which we found pretty interesting and unusual for Uganda sports betting organizations. The iOS mobile app is as smooth and handy as the Android one and gathers all the same features as on the bookie’s site. We also decided to provide our readers a quick guide regarding the installation procedure on iOS operating devices, so let’s jump into the process.  

System Requirements

Just as with the Android version of the application, the iOS version also has specific requirements that should be taken into account before beginning the installation process. Interestingly, the sportsbook developed an application for its iOS members because many online sports betting sites in Uganda don’t provide such services. The company took care of its clients! Without further talk, let’s plunge into the subject.

Minimum free storage necessary512MB
Size of the application167MB
Operating systemiOS 9.0 or later
PriceAbsolutely free

Installation Procedure

After being aware of the main application’s system requirements, you are finally ready to install the mobile application on your iOS device. We can assure you that this procedure is very rapid and straightforward; it will take you no time to set up the MSport mobile application on your iOS device, and we will surely guide you through the process.

Open MSport’s Website
Visit the official MSport website.Navigate to the “App” tab on the navigation bar. Wait to be redirected to the “App” page.
Go to the AppStore
Locate and pick the “Download on the App Store” option. The site will redirect you to the “App Store” page.
Install the App
Follow the instructions and proceed to installation via the “App Store.”

MSport Mobile App Review

The MSport organization is undoubtedly a very neat bookie; it possesses a decent number of very appealing features and sports betting options. It is a very well-liked platform among Ugandan bettors. Due to its significant growth, the company decided to release a mobile application that could permit members to profit from the sportsbook more conveniently. What is so interesting about the MSport mobile application? You’re undoubtedly asking yourself this question, and we can answer it for you. It is important to remark that the application was made to facilitate navigation on the platform and enable Ugandan bettors to place bets on their preferred events wherever they are in a mobile and flexible way. The company managed to gather the same features as on its site in its application so that users may fully profit from their experience. Besides, the app is accessible on multiple devices, which makes it more attainable. 

App Bonuses

It is quite a frequent phenomenon for top-tier online sportsbooks to propose promotional offers and bonus programs to their members to greet them, and MSport surely did not stand aside. The mobile sportsbook also prepared numerous goodies for its users, especially newcomers. At the moment, it is possible to participate in nearly ten different bonus programs, but the most appealing one is the welcome offer: obtain up to 1,000,000 UGX in free bets on your first deposit! We decided to list the most well-liked promotional offers by Ugandan bettors accessible on the platform so that our readers could familiarize themselves with them.

  • Super Kick Rain  
  • Live Lucky Draw
  • MSport Millions Giveaway
  • MSport Super Odds
  • Multiple Plus

All the promotional offers on the site and in the mobile application are absolutely the same.

A massive boost of 1,000,000 UGX awaits you on MSport!

Compatible Devices

Msport Compatible Devices

As previously mentioned, the MSport group developed a mobile application that is easily accessible and practically compatible with all current devices. The company ensured that its customers felt comfortable downloading the mobile application, which motivated it to make it available to practically all of its customers. It wouldn’t hurt to double-check whether your device might be able to run the app, though. Have a look at the list of compatible devices below.

Device BrandCompatible devices
Apple– iPhone from 6th generation and higher
– iPad Mini, Air, Pro 2,3,4
Samsung– Galaxy Note, Galaxy Z, Galaxy S, Galaxy J, Galaxy M, Galaxy A
Huawei– Mate, Nova, Nexus, Ascend, Huawei Y and P

Compatible Operating Systems

Msport Compatible Operating Systems

The bookie has currently released its mobile app for the two most popular operating systems that are available everywhere: Android and iOS. Except for a few enormous global enterprises, it is actually rather unusual for Ugandan online sportsbooks to provide their programs for iOS.

Nonetheless, the bookmaker truly wanted to satisfy its customers, so it tried its hardest, and presto! Platform members can now use their brand-new iPhones to benefit from the bookie’s services.

PlatformOperating SystemVersions
Android devicesAndroid4.0X or later
AppleiOS9.0 or later
Windows devicesWindows8 or later

How to Update the Application

It is essential to periodically update your MSport mobile application for it to operate effectively. Forgetting to update your app often leads to file corruption or breakdowns; the app may start to glitch or work improperly. If you notice any trouble when utilizing the application, then it probably means that it is out of date. In such cases, we may suggest that you frequently check the updates MSport has displayed in its application in order to avoid further inconveniences. 

You may do this by tapping on “Me” and opening the “Settings” tab next. If you notice a red dot near the “Settings” tab, then you should probably update your application.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Site

Msport Mobile App vs. Mobile Site

Just like many sportsbooks, the MSport company provides not only a mobile application but also a mobile version of its site. The bookie succeeded in developing one of the most user-friendly lite versions of its online sportsbook. Gladly, this version of the MSport sportsbook is accessible to every member; it can be opened by simply navigating to the bookie’s site via a mobile device. The mobile version gathers absolutely the same features and characteristics as the company’s official web page and is as smooth and practical as the mobile application. Both the app and mobile page are very handy and convenient to use; the mobile version of the sportsbook is also well-designed and permits very rapid and agreeable usage.

App Ups and Downs

  • Super practical
  • Accessible on both iOS and Android devices
  • Multiple promotional offers and bonuses
  • Frequent updates and few breakdowns
  • Absolutely free
  • Pleasant design and neat usability
  • Straightforward and rapid installation procedure
  • Only downloadable from the official site

Mobile Site Ups and Downs

  • Rapid and smooth navigation
  • No installation or setup required
  • Same features as on the official site
  • Quick access
  • Appealing design and interface
  • Various bonuses and promotional offers
  • Not as practical as mobile application
  • Accessible only via one way: browser
  • No notifications available
  • Smooth interface but not as fluid as in application

Main Features

Msport Main Features

Every online sportsbook is unique and has its exclusive features. Still, there are also several characteristics that make the MSport mobile application stand out, which we will discover in detail further. The organization ensured its mobile application would offer one of Uganda’s most lucrative and alluring sports betting features, along with smooth and transparent navigation. To make our readers feel more at ease with the application’s main characteristics, we gathered them together and detailed their features.


Have you ever wished to bet on your favorite sport while the match is still ongoing? It is totally possible thanks to the MSport Live-Bet function, which permits members to bet in-play and profit from an incredibly energetic and dynamic experience. This betting option provides one of the most emotional and colorful betting experiences ever! The odds are commonly pretty high and flexible; they tend to change depending on the course of the event you are betting on. This function tends to offer tremendous excitement as members get to observe the event during the match. 

User Friendly

We mainly enjoyed the mobile application for three simple reasons: its interface, design, and handiness. The MSport app was designed to permit its members to navigate the application smoothly and without any breakdowns. The overall impression of the app is extraordinarily positive since its primary colors are very vivid and catchy, and all the banners and panels are arranged in a comfortable way. Besides, the application is often updated and fixed, which means that it is always functioning correctly.


Another exciting feature we discovered on the MSport site and in its application is the  Casino. Even though the company doesn’t provide many Casino offers, it still has a small but excellent selection of games. We picked some of them for our readers to discover.

  • Spin
  • MCard
  • Super Kick
  • Aviator

Payment Systems

Msport Payment Systems

The sports betting company proposes various payment systems that may be used in the application as on the bookie’s official site. These payment systems are accessible for both fund investing and take outs and are all secure and legal. It also guarantees confidential transactions. We gathered a list of the most well-liked Payment Systems accessible on MSport and decided to share it with you. Have a look!

  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Airtel-Tigo
  • Vodafone Cash


To wrap up, we may indeed declare that the MSport company managed to develop a very appealing and convenient mobile application for its members. The sportsbook is already known for providing excellent services in Uganda, but the introduction of such a nice mobile app made the company even more appreciated by local bettors. This application provides handy, practical, and very smooth mobile betting services. It has a catchy design and is updated regularly, which always makes it work properly. Besides, it is accessible on multiple operating systems and modern devices. In this article, we tried to cover the most crucial info regarding the MSport mobile application; however, if you still feel unsure, don’t hesitate to look at the FAQ below. 


What is the highest winning in MSport?
At the moment, the maximum payout is 40,000,000.00

Is MSport registered in Uganda?
Absolutely! It is authorized by the LGRB.

How do I log into my MSport app?
Just as on the site, tap “Login” and enter your info.

How do I create an MSport account?
Locate “Sign Up” on the bookie’s site or application and proceed to the registration procedure.

How do I link my bank account to MSport?
When performing any transaction via the platform, just pick your preferred bank.
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