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In Uganda, 1xBet is a famous online sports betting company. They have a unique feature called Cash Out, which lets you get your winnings before the game is finished. This article will discuss how to do it and the conditions that may apply to the option.

What Is a Cash Out?

Cash Out is a feature offered by 1xBet Uganda that allows you to settle your bets before the end of an event. This feature gives you more control over your bets and enables them to lock in a profit or minimize losses.

More About 1xBet

If you’re looking for an online sports betting and gambling platform in Uganda, 1xBet is an excellent option. The platform offers many betting options and games, including sports betting on events worldwide and casino games and slots. You’ll appreciate the user-friendly interface and range of features, including the Cash Out option and various bonuses and promotions. You can access the site on both desktop and mobile devices, with a dedicated mobile app available for download.

More About Cash Out Feature on 1xBet

More About Cash Out Feature on 1xBet

If you’re using 1xBet in Uganda, you can use the option to help manage your bets and minimize potential losses. With Cash Out, you can receive your winnings before the event is over based on the current odds. If you only want to take only a portion of your bet, Partial Cash Out may help you reduce losses while still having the chance for a bigger payout. To see if the option is available for your bet, look for the Cash Out icon on your bet slip. However, using the feature wisely and understanding applicable terms and conditions is essential.

Does 1xBet Have a Cash Out?

For those using 1xBet in Uganda, the platform provides a convenient Cash Out feature. It allows you to withdraw your bets before the event concludes based on the current odds at the time of cashing out. However, remember that the Cash Out amount will be less than your original bet price.

How Does Cash Out at 1xBet Work?

How Does Cash Out at 1xBet Work

Learn how to use Cash Out on 1xBet Uganda by following these simple steps:

  1. First, place a bet on a sporting event or market.
  2. Then, check if the option is available by looking for the icon on your betting slip. If it’s available, you can use the option anytime before the event ends if it’s available. To do so, click the Cash-Out button and confirm your decision.
  3. Finally, settle your bet at the current market price and receive a payout based on the current odds, which may differ from your original stake.

Not all bets are eligible for Cash Out, and the availability of Cash Out may vary depending on the sport, event, and type of bet.

How to Cash Out on 1xBet?

Go to 1xBet Uganda
Visit the 1xBet website and log into your account. Place a bet on an event or market with the feature.
Press “Cash Out” if Available
Go to “My Bets” to see your open bets and check if the option is available. If available, click the “Cash Out” button, and the amount will appear on the screen.
If you’re satisfied, click the confirm button. The funds will be credited to your account immediately after confirmation.

Conditions That Apply to the Cash Out Option on 1xBet

Here are the essential things to remember when using 1xBet’s Cash Out feature in Uganda:

  • The option may not be available for all bets or events, so check for the icon on your bet slip.
  • Partial Cash Out is an option that lets you take a portion of your bet while the rest continues.
  • The amount is based on the current odds of the bet at the time, so that it may be more or less than your stake.
  • 1xBet can suspend or remove the option without warning due to market changes or technical issues.
  • The amount is credited immediately, but it may take a few minutes to appear in your account.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions to know how it works, its limitations, and its risks.
  • Use the feature wisely to manage your bets and reduce losses.

Is There Any Special Bonus When You Use Cash Out for the First Time at 1xBet?

Is There Any Special Bonus When You Use Cash Out for the First Time at 1xBet

If you’re using Cash Out for the first time at 1xBet Uganda, you may be eligible for a special bonus or promotion. However, it’s essential to remember that the availability of these bonuses and promotions can change from time to time and may be subject to specific terms and conditions.

To find out if a special bonus is available for first-time Cash Out users, you can check the “Promotions” or “Bonuses” section of the website or contact customer support for more information.

Even if no special bonus is available for first-time Cash Out, 1xBet Uganda offers bonuses and promotions for which you may be eligible. These can include welcome bonuses, cashback offers, free bets, and more. Make sure to check the promotions page frequently to stay updated on the current offers available.

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Overview of the 1xBets Cash Out Option

Overview of the 1xBets Cash Out Option

It’s important to note that the option may not be accessible for all bets or events. The payment is based on current probabilities and may be more or less than your original stake. Partial Cash Out can be available, and 1xBet may suspend or remove the Cash Out choice at any moment. Payments are processed immediately but may take a few minutes to appear in your account. Lastly, check for special bonuses and promotions that may be available for first-time users.

Brief About Money Withdrawal at 1xBet

Congratulations if you are ready to withdraw money from your account on 1xBet. It means that you have placed stakes successfully. Withdrawing money from 1xBet is a pleasant experience because the transactions are fast and there are no service fees at all. To make it easier for you, we have gathered all the information on how to withdraw funds from 1xBet in the separate article.

In Conclusion

To wrap up, Cash Out is an incredible feature of 1xBet that allows you to save a lot of money and risk less. We highly recommend you use it and see the difference for yourself. 


Can I change the currency in my account?

Yes, you can change the currency in your 1xBet Uganda account. In addition, you can create your account in 3 different currencies.

  1. Ugandan Shilling
  2. Kenyan Shilling
  3. Tanzanian Shilling

How much can I deposit in my 1xBet account?
The deposit limit at 1xBet varies depending on the payment method you choose.

Does 1xBet apply withdrawal charges or service fees?
No, there are no withdrawal charges on the 1xBet Uganda platform.

Can I deposit with cryptocurrency?
Yes, you can deposit with cryptocurrency at 1xBet. The platform accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

What is the maximum withdrawal limit at 1xBet?
On 1xBet, It varies depending on your chosen payment method.

Can I use different options for depositing and withdrawing?
No, You can only withdraw your funds from the payment method you used for depositing your funds.

Are the deposit and withdrawal limits changeable?
No, deposit and withdrawal limits are fixed.

What is the minimum deposit amount at 1xBet?
The minimum deposit amount at 1xBet Uganda is 3650 Ugandan shillings.
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