BongoBongo Bonuses

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BongoBongo might not be the most popular betting platform in the country, but it’s steadily becoming more actively used. Offering an excellent interface and decent betting options, the bookmaker can definitely be a solid choice for many punters.

In this text, we will cover the bonuses that the sportsbook provides to its bettors and gamblers. They can motivate the players, both newcomers and experienced ones, and help platforms get new audiences.

What Are Bookmaking Bonuses and How Do They Work?

The bonuses and promos are the offers provided by betting websites for their users. There are several kinds of them, and the majority include either offering a free bet or increasing one’s stake amount. The others might offer refunds, no-risk bets, free spins at the casinos, and additional features.

The most popular kind of bonus is the first deposit bonus. It’s sometimes called a welcome offer, although in rare cases, these include bonuses without any depositing or a first-bet bonus. It usually works this way: a player’s deposit is 100% matched and offered as another free bet. It’s only offered up to a certain sum, and there are regularly some additional requirements as well.

BongoBongo Bet Bonus for New Users

BongoBongo Bet Bonus for New Users

BongoBongo might not provide a long list of bonuses, but the offerings are quite good, considering that the bookie is a relatively small one. We think that they will be liked by the majority of players. All of the bonuses can be found in the “Promotions” menu on the website. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Welcome Bonus

The platform’s welcome offer comes as free bets accessible after losing multiple bets. You can receive it after registering and depositing money on the platform. Then place your multiple bets. There are conditions for your bet to qualify, which are listed below: 

  • More than four lines.
  • The stake is larger than 500 UGX.
  • The odds are higher than 1.35.
  • It cannot be placed on the virtuals.

If it loses, you receive some bonus points that can be used as a free bet.

BongoBongo Bet Bonus for Existing Users

BongoBongo Bet Bonus for Existing Users

Of course, there are bonuses offered for regular users of the platform. Currently, there’s only one of them available.

Winboost 600% Ultra

This bonus increases your winnings if you place multiple bets. The more lines there are, the bigger the boost. It starts with five lines, and the bonus will be 2.5%. At 20 lines, it’s 130%, and it reaches the maximum, 600%, at 50 lines. Virtuals and casinos are not included. Remember that the odds should be 1.25 or higher, and you can’t use the boost on free bets. 

Betting Bonuses

BongoBongo Betting Bonuses

All of the offers described above apply only to betting and live betting. You can’t use them on slots or virtual sports. And that’s a common practice among sportsbooks.

Casino Bonuses

Claim 20,000 UGX for registration on BongoBongo

But there’s currently one offer that’s applicable to casinos. It’s technically a welcome offer that provides ten free spins for new users after depositing 1,000 UGX or more. No other requirements are needed, but you have to spend your spins within three days. Each of them has 45 UGX at stake.

Additional Offers and Loyalty Programs

The platform features an affiliate program that is free to join. The participants can receive a commission of up to 20% and get all of the needed promotional materials. The statistics are updated on a monthly basis, which is slower compared to the most developed partnership programs on the market that provide weekly and daily reports.

There are no extra offers at the bookmaker. We think it’s because the sportsbook is relatively new and not exceptionally large, but things can always change in the future.

Does BongoBongo Have a No-Deposit Bonus for Uganda?

Unfortunately, no, all of the current offers require new users to place some deposit before receiving. This is to be expected since a welcome bonus without any requirement whatsoever is a rare occasion.

BongoBongo Bonus Rules

BongoBongo Bonus Rules

The requirements of the platform are pretty lax. For example, the “10 Free Spins” bonus doesn’t ask for anything apart from depositing 1,000 UGX or more to your account after registering. There’s also a time limit: you can only use the spins within the first three days after receiving them. 

The Win Boost Ultra 600% doesn’t have any specific requirements either. There are certain rules for your multiple bet to qualify for the increase, such as more than five lines and the odds being higher than 1.25, but that’s it. 

The welcome bonus is also easy to use: your multiple bet has to meet some conditions on the odds and number of lines, but these criteria are still lax.

Betting Requirements

The multiple bet bonuses, such as the Winboost and a free bet offer, require you to include several lines with the odds being higher than a certain point. The free ones are only accessible for a week, and you can’t use them after that. 

Withdrawal Rules for All Bonuses

Withdrawal Rules for All Bonuses BongoBongo

You can withdraw your winnings, but the stake provided by free bets won’t be included. This is a totally standard practice used by all existing bookmakers, so there’s no surprise.

Possible Bonus Combinations

You can’t use Winboost 600% Ultra and welcome offers together since free bets won’t be boosted, and they can’t be combined per the bookmaker’s rules. But there’s nothing stopping you from receiving two welcome bonuses, the free bet one and free spins, at once. One will cover your casino activities, while the other will be used for betting.


BongoBongo might still have a lot of room for growth and adding new features, but it’s already a useful platform with versatile betting options, a nice UI, and clearly established rules. It also features various promotional activities and bonuses that we covered in our article. If you want to learn more about other aspects of the BongoBongo platform, you can read our articles about the platform. Together with this text, they can help you understand whether you want to join the bookmaker.


How do I use my free bet on BongoBongo?
If you received your bonus points, you could spend them on free bets. There are specific rules: you must use them within a week, you can’t combine free bets, and they are not eligible for the Winboost bonus, although technically, they can be used for other bonuses available in the future.

How do you bet on BongoBongo?

If you want to do some betting on the platform, the procedure is quite simple and intuitive:

  1. Open the BongoBongo website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Select the sport from the list of disciplines on the left.
  4. Alternatively, click on the “Live” tab in the menu.
  5. Select the event you want to place your bet on.
  6. Click on the odds.
  7. They will appear on the betslip on the right part of the screen.
  8. Enter the stake.
  9. You can add more bets on the betslip and make multiple bets if you want.
  10. Click on the “Place Bet” button.
  11. All done.

Does BongoBongo have cashout?
No. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t currently offer the cashout feature. It would allow the users to receive their money before the event they’re betting on is over. The function is quite common across betting platforms, so we hope that BongoBongo will implement it one day.

Is BongoBongo legal in Uganda?
Yes, it’s one of the countries where the platform is officially offered and registered.

What should I do if I can’t claim the BongoBongo bonus?
The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse any promotional offers to any users. If you’re eligible to receive one and want to know why you can’t claim it, contact the platform’s customer support.

Is it difficult to join the platform?

No, the BongoBongo registration process is extremely straightforward:

  1. Go to the BongoBongo website.
  2. Locate the “Join” button in the top right corner.
  3. Click it.
  4. Provide your phone number.
  5. Confirm the OTP.
  6. Enter the needed details.
  7. You’re good to go.
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