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The very first step in joining the top sports betting platform, BetWinner, is registering. The bookie offers its customers access to a variety of thrilling athletic activities, and not just that, there are also quite a few casino games that are available to all logged-in users.

Even though this platform is fairly new having been around for a short while, it has already had a significant influence on the massive gaming industry. Currently, Uganda is one among the impressive list of over 50 nations that Betwinner covers. If you like playing at casinos, then you have probably heard about Betwinner. It’s one of the most well-liked betting sites in Uganda.

You must comprehend the entire registration process for Betwinner if you’re just starting out on your journey in gaming as well as betting. Registration will become your first step as you get into BW gaming. So let’s start with the comprehensive instructions.

Detailed Instructions on How to Register

Go to BetWinner
Access the registration form on the official platform; if you’re on an app, choose “Registration” from the toggle menu bar at the top left of the page.
Choose Your Registration Method
Select the method you most prefer to register (By Phone or By Email). Then provide the necessary information.
Verify Your Account
Select your bonus and then verify your account. You’ll have to enter a confirmation number that’ll be delivered to the phone number you entered if you go with registering by phone. Click “Check Code” after entering this code.

Types of Registration

Using Mobile

When you create a BetWinner account or your account for betting using your cell number, it’s necessary to input your number, the currency you have chosen to use for transactions, and then any applicable promo codes. Afterwards you will have to accept the T&Cs after reading them before you press “Register”. Once that’s all done, a code is going to be forwarded to your registered cellphone number to verify. Then simply input it to start using your new account.

Using Email

You may be required to provide more personal info than with the previous technique if you go with registering using email. First, you’ll have to provide your e-mail as well as your full name. The next step is choosing your city and also your country. Add your cellphone number as well. You must choose the currency you’d prefer to use, then create your password during the last step. Retype your password to then confirm it. Finally, if there’s a special discount code, input it before you submit the info. The BetWinner sign up will be finished once you press “Submit.”

Using Social Media

Another common option for registering with BetWinner is via a few certain social networks. When you use this method, it doesn’t gain access to all your personal data, just the info necessary for registering. If you’re already registered on a platform like Telegram or a few others, then you’re set and ready to go. Just one location, one nation, and a single currency is what you have to choose before starting. Before registering, make sure you’ve accepted the T&Cs.

Using One-Click

This is by far the simplest method when registering with BetWinner. This one-click sign up is so named because of how simple it’s to use; all that’s necessary is choosing your home country as well as your preferred currency which is accepted there. Then, if there’s a promo code you know, enter it so that you get extra benefits and prizes. Lastly, very carefully read then agree to the T&Cs of the firm and press the Register button.

BetWinner Registration T&Cs

Betwinner T&C

You must consent to certain T&Cs as well as Privacy Policy at BW for having an account on the platform before you can log in using your newly registered account. Please be sure to read them carefully before registering for you to avoid possible problems.

Verifying Your BetWinner Account

Log Into Your Account
First log in to the account you wish to have verified. You may access all the info you’ve added during registration by opening the menu tab and choosing Personal Profile.
Provide the Necessary Information
Then go to the Edit tab. You’ll have to complete the necessary fields, such as your full name, D.O.B., as well as where you were born. The next step is uploading your document images. The identification evidence can be your passport, your driver’s license, or another official document. There may not always be a picture insert option, in that case you have to enter your document’s and its issue date.
Now, Simply Wait
Whatever changes you make have to be saved after that. Then you’ll be informed once the verification is finished, although it might take a bit of time. You’ll also get a badge signifying confirmed users.

Can I Delete My BetWinner Account?

Can i delete my BetWinner account

Yes, simply reach out to the BetWinner team by using their contact form for you to do this.

Visit the Official BetWinner Website
Open the BetWinner official page and navigate to Contacts to learn more.
Write a Letter to a Support Team
Choose the option to send them an email. To remove an account, input the email connected to it. Enter the words requested as well as the reasons for the request in the “Message” text area.
Send the Email
Check the box next to reCAPTCHA to prove you’re human. And finally, press SEND to finalize requesting to delete your account.

To delete your account, call their Live Agent and follow the simple instructions listed below.

  1. Dial their company number at 07080601366.
  2. Inform the agent that it is your wish to cancel your account.
  3. Give the representative the necessary details of the account.
  4. Finally, save the confirmation details that you’ll be provided.

Problems With Registration

Betwinner Problems with registration
Go and get a bonus
Go to BetWinner

You can run across one or a few challenges while signing up with Betwinner. The joining process can be hindered or delayed as a result. Here are a few potential issues:

  • A poor internet connection
  • Wrong personal data entered
  • Registering while below the legal age
  • Problems with IP addresses and VPNs

Feel free to contact BetWinner support about them, if you are not sure how to resolve them on your own. CS specialists work every day round-the-clock to assist you whenever you need it.

How to Access BetWinner

How to access BetWinner
Go to the Officail Webpage
Navigate to the BetWinner website. Once there, locate the “LOG IN” button in the top right part of the header.
Provide Your Details
Specify your phone number and password.
Log in
Confirm the data and hit “LOG IN” once again.

With no shadow of doubt, you’re more than welcome now to explore BetWinner and place wagers on your favorite athletes and teams.


Where can I register for BetWinner?
You can register by navigating towards the platform’s official website from your portable device as well your desktop device.

Is registering on BetWinner free?
Yes, registering both on BW and its affiliate program are both completely free with no hidden fees.

Will I get a registration bonus on BetWinner?
When you choose to sign up at BW, you’re inundated with enticing bonus offers. Both new and returning players are eligible for BW promotions. Getting up to 130% extra to your first deposit as a bonus after signing up is a great example of that.

How long does it take to register on BetWinner?
It doesn’t take long, registering on BW is practically instant using any of these methods. However, you should leave some time for the BW team to process your affiliate program request.

Is registering on BetWinner legal?
Yes, the platform has the necessary licenses and other documentation to operate fully legally.

What is the BetWinner promo code?
By entering them in the appropriate field, you can gain extra BetWinner bonuses that would otherwise be unavailable. You can find these codes online and also on the platform itself.

What is the minimum deposit in BetWinner?
The minimum amount for depositing varies depending on the method you choose, but it’s approximately UGX750.

How do I withdraw money from Betwinner Uganda?
You can learn how to withdraw money from BetWinner in our stand-alone article about how to withdraw money from BetWinner in Uganda.
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