BetWinner Affiliate Program

  • Many payment alternatives
  • Excellent sportsbook features
  • Great benefits for beginners

The foundation of the BW AP is years of expertise in the international betting market. Offering a variety of tools available for marketing that may be utilized to sell the brand, BetWinner treats each partner individually and does its best to provide the smoothest possible start. Every minute, real-time data is updated, with four ways to get payouts right on time.

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as an affiliate, BW’s staff is well-positioned to help you navigate the industry and get the most money from your visitors.

BW Affiliate Overview

Affiliates will automatically get a 25% cut of the money the brand makes from the gamers they suggest. It should be mentioned nonetheless that the program may still raise this charge based on their success. Then there are what is known as CPA as well as Hybrid CPA offers available, but the program normally chooses which affiliates get them. In addition to this, affiliates may also expect to see an increase in their profits by recommending other affiliates. Additionally, the affiliate staff participating in the program may be contacted to discuss sub-affiliate compensation rates.

How to Start Earn?

BetWinner How to start earn
Visit the BetWinner Website
To begin the signup procedure at BetWinner Affiliates, go to its official website.Include your name, nationality, email, and phone number.
Provide All the Necessary Information
You’ll be asked for information about yourself. Including your name, nationality, email, and phone number. Provide it and then the application shall be examined
Start Earning
Once you’re approved, you’ll be all set for referring people.


You must fulfill a few standards put out by the bookmaker in order to be admitted into the program. To upload the material, you’ll need a website that is active and accessible. Your target market should also be taken into account since your target market must be adults. The region must also be the same one that BetWinner welcomes users from.


Once everything is set up, you may talk to your account manager about methods to boost your revenue. You may increase your revenue by referring affiliates via a sub-affiliate scheme, and compensation rates may be adjusted according to the performance.

Go and get a bonus
Go to BetWinner

Payment Models

BetWinner Payment models

You will be compensated as a BW partner largely via revenue sharing. You will initially get 25% of the money you bring in via referrals, and this percentage may rise to 40%. The basic payment mechanism is revenue sharing, however there are additional CPA choices. Also, on an individual basis, after a negotiation between you as the partner and BW, options like CPA as well as hybrid CPA become accessible.

Payout Systems

The program offers six alternative methods to get payment. These include your BW account as well as Neteller, then you have QIWI as well as Skrill, and if you prefer you can use WebMoney among a few other options. Together with your personal manager, it’s possible to go through your payment requirements. Remember that it’s not an option to use a BW account for betting if it’s configured for the commissions.

Why You Should Choose the BetWinner Affiliate Scheme

BetWinner Why you should choose the BetWinner affiliate scheme

Being an associate for BW means you get a lot of benefits beyond just wishing to work with its top-notch sportsbook and casino. Fast approval is guaranteed by the bookmaker. After your form has been submitted, someone from the team is going to contact you within the next 24 hours. One of the most pleasant features of the program is quick payouts. You’ll get your money right away after you’ve decided on what billing cycle suits you best. The material’s quality determines everyone’s level of success and with the help of its QA staff, BetWinner makes sure that only top-notch advertisements are running. Your devoted account manager shall be available to address any queries you may have, so you won’t have to guess what’s best to do next. Because the tools as well as the available content are there in a variety of ad formats, you may select the exact size and also the exact style of the ads to match your website. You can manage your campaign using precise, fresh new info if you use the real-time data.

If you’d like to know more about BetWinner Uganda, check out our comprehensive BetWinner review, where we talk about the bookmaker in detail.


Why join the BW affiliates?
Because rapid approval is guaranteed by BetWinner. After you have submitted the form, someone from the team is going to quickly contact you, just give them 24 hours. A feature of this particular program is quick payouts. You’ll get your money right away after you’ve decided on the billing cycle that works for you.

How can I participate in the program?
To begin the signup procedure with BetWinner Affiliates, press Sign Up on the program’s official website. Include your name, nationality, email, and phone number. Then the platform is going to ask you for extra data about the website you want to associate with, and afterwards the team shall process your request. Once that’s done, you’ll be out there with the option to refer your friends.

What are the requirements of BetWinner?
You must fulfill a few standards put out by BW in order to be admitted. To upload your material, you’ll need a website that is active and accessible. Additionally, do remember the point about the target audience having to match that of BW. The region must also match BW’s interests.

Why should I select the BetWinner program over others?
BetWinner makes sure that only the absolute best ads are there in circulation running with the help of its QA. Moreover, there’s going to be a devoted account manager who can address any queries you may have, so no, you won’t be left guessing.
Rating: 4

4 / 5. 1