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Every bettor, at one time or another, wants to pick up some bonus or free bets to improve the chance of them winning. Over the last few years, many betting sites have started offering promotions to their customers to boost their overall betting experience. Although only some bookmakers have implemented this policy in their business operations, this article will analyze free bets and discuss how to get them.

About AbaBet

Before we dive into the world of AbaBet free bets, let us introduce you to the platform itself and its historical background. 

AbaBet is essentially a mobile and desktop sports betting website. Although it originated in Uganda, where it is highly esteemed, it is also utilized in many other African nations. Since football betting makes up the majority of the website’s offerings, other sports are not accessible through it. 

Although there is not much information on the sportsbook because it is relatively new and has only recently joined the market, most local sports bettors still find it to be very valuable, and they have a variety of reasons for this. In addition to being easy to use and having a visually appealing layout, the website has a solid reputation among bettors and provides excellent betting options for football fans.

AbaBet Free Bet Terms & Conditions

The terms and agreements stated on the website are similar to those that can be found on other betting platforms across the country. The most important one is that you are required to be 25 or older to create an account on the platform. Unlike other countries around the world, the legal age for gambling in Uganda is 25.

How to Get AbaBet Free Bet?

The company offers no free bets or welcome bonuses on its platform. This is disappointing, considering the majority of sportsbooks give their newly registered customers a bonus upon verifying their account. Nevertheless, bettors can still check out the platform’s worthwhile odds and different sports betting markets.

How to Use AbaBet Free Bet?

How to Use AbaBet Free Bet?
Perhaps it’s time you checked out AbaBet Uganda!

Bettors can use free bets to bet on different sporting events. But since AbaBet doesn’t offer any promotions we know of, you cannot use them here. Hopefully, the bookmaker will start offering promotions on its platform in the coming years. We believe that such a movement will be highly appreciated by its customers.


AbaBet is a below-average local bookmaker that offers football betting to Ugandans who love the game. Since the sportsbook is solely focused on football betting, the betting options available on the platform are very limited. On the other hand, the impressive odds and collection of the soccer betting market can be worthwhile for those who enjoy twenty-two men’s team sports.


Can you use Ugandan Shilling on AbaBet?
The Ugandan shilling is the official denomination of the bookmaker.

Is there any new Customer Offer on AbaBet?
As we speak, there is no customer offer available on the platform.

What are the options I have to verify my AbaBet account?
You can use your email address for verification. All you have to do is submit it to the customer team.

How do I register on AbaBet?
You can join the platform by tapping the “register” menu at the header and entering the necessary information requested.

How can I deactivate my AbaBet account?
You can delete your account by contacting customer support service. Below are their contact details. Support can be reached via email at support@AbaBet.com or by phone at 0323002470.
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