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Sports betting is one opportunity for Ugandans to significantly boost their income, which they are always looking to do. Because of this, there are now more bookies than ever. If you know the sport and can correctly forecast the outcomes of games, sports betting can be a form of entertainment for you. The double chance is among the most widely used betting markets across all platforms. In this article, we will analyze this particular betting market and examine how punters can use it correctly. To learn more about the platform in general, check out our AbaBet site overview.

About AbaBet Bonuses

All bettors, experienced or inexperienced, are aware that promotions are among the best methods to improve their betting results. Thankfully, AbaBet considered the fact that bonuses are a fantastic way to enhance a player’s experience when they were creating their website. Do not get too excited about the number of bonuses offered on the website, though, as there are not many. Currently, there is only one kind of AbaBet bonus available to platform users, and that is free bets. Members of the ABbaBet platform are entitled to free bet points, which they can use whenever they want to play and win real money on the website. In essence, your chances of earning these points and ultimately making money from free bets increase with the amount of money you wager on the platform. All you need to do to utilize them is select the “Redeem Free Bet Points” option from the menu.

What Is a Double Chance in Bets?

It is a betting market in which punters predict which team will win or draw the game. The odds are considerably less than the winner or total number of goals. For example, let’s say there is a match between Manchester City and Aston Villa, and you have selected the home team to win or draw. The bet will win if the game ends in a stalemate. However, if you pick the away team to win or draw, the odds are significantly impressive since the away team is the underdog in this scenario.

About Ababet Double Chance

punters can use the Double chance bet on Ababet like on any other betting platform. Despite low odds, it is way less risky and worthwhile if you accumulate enough sporting events.

Use Double Chance Football Betting Strategy To Earn More

By using double chance in football betting. Ababet allows its customers to use the market to accumulate multiple betting outcomes.

It is worth pointing out that, for you to make a bet on the platform, you must be 25 or older, and you are required to open and verify your AbaBet account.

What Do Double-Chance Bets Look Like in the Bookmaker’s Line?

The symbols for double chance are mostly the same on every betting site. So if you are new to betting, you definitely will find it easy to understand. Now let’s take a look at these signs and what they mean.

Double Chance 1X

This sign means you predict the home team winning or draw the match. Punters mostly use it if their favorite team plays on its home turf. The odds are usually low unless both teams are evenly matched.

Double Chance X2

This type of outcome means you are forecasting the away team to win or draw the match. This bet is very safe if the away team is the favorite. However, using it on the underdog team can also be worthwhile since you can’t wholly know what will happen in a football match.

1 or 2 Double Chance

Probably the most efficient one out of the three. This one means you don’t expect a draw in the match. As long as there is a winner, the bet will be won. But if the game ends in a stalemate, the bet slip will be canceled.

How Is Handicap (0) Different From Double-Chance Betting?

AbaBet How Is Handicap (0) Different From Double-Chance Betting

When the Asian handicap is zero, it means you are not giving any of the teams an advantage. They are commonly used when the teams are evenly balanced. Your bet is considered a success if the team you choose wins. Your bet will be returned if the game is a tie.

Double Chance Betting Strategy

AbaBet Double Chance Betting Strategy

One benefit of double chance bets is that even newly joined customers can enjoy great success with them. By researching the betting market and considering some of the tips on various platforms, you can increase your chances of winning.

Double-chance betting is one of the safest sports bets that you can think of. So if you are looking for ways to win double-chance bets, here are some things to consider before including them.

  • More double-chance bets should be added to your bet slip.
  • Analyze the statistics between both teams before using the betting option.
  • Pick double-chance bets with larger stakes.
  • Make use of the free bets and bonuses available.

Double Chance Strategy in Hockey

Like in any other sport, several different methods exist to stake on a hockey game. One of them is what’s referred to as a “double chance,” which gives you two possible outcomes for different hockey tournaments. Ababet provides odds for this bet regarding whether the game will result in a win, loss, or tie. After 60 minutes of play, you win the bet if your chosen team wins or ties.

Ice hockey double chance bets only apply to bets that clearly say they are for regulation play only, which is an essential point to keep in mind.

Features of Double Chance Bets in Football

Over the years, bookmakers have introduced different sports betting markets like match winner, over or under, number of corners, handicap, etc. But recently, double chance has been the go-to for punters looking to earn extra income through betting easily. This option is particularly enticing if your favorite team has an extremely slim chance of winning the game.

Perhaps it’s time you checked out AbaBet Uganda!

Double-Outcome Betting Benefits

AbaBet Double-Outcome Betting Benefits

The double chance appeals to professionals and new punters because it can cover two of the three potential outcomes. So let’s look at the advantages to decide whether it works for you.

  • Higher chance of predicting correctly: This one is relatively simple to comprehend. Only one of the three options is covered when betting on the classic match-winner market (1×2). However, you cover two outcomes when you put in double-chance bets. Which considerably raises your odds of winning.
  • Reduces risk: When using the double chance, it is also crucial to keep in mind that you minimize the number of possible ways to lose your bet from two to one. For instance, if you stake on the home team to win, you might lose your money if the away team scores a winner at the end of the added time. However, only an away win can ruin your slip if you staked on a home win or draw.
  • Recommended for newly registered punters: At the beginning of their betting journey, new punters and sports betting customers should only attempt to stake low-risk bets. Therefore, double-chance bets can be beneficial since the odds are pretty low, and the chances of winning are above average, boosting confidence.

Cons of Double-Outcome Bets

AbaBet Cons of Double-Outcome Bets

The sole disadvantage of double-chance betting is that the odds are lower than those available when betting on the match winner. But it is entirely anticipated, given that the odds you receive represent your chances of winning. Usually, the likelihood of you winning your bet increases with decreasing double-chance betting odds. So, in essence, getting reduced odds means you have a better chance of winning later.


We hope this review of Ababet’s double chance bet has provided you with the necessary answers that you might have. Of course, as a local bookmaker, the betting market available on the platform could be better than those you will find on betting sites like 22Bet, 1xBet, Melbet, etc. But one thing is for sure, the Ababet double chance bet is accessible, and its odds can be maximized on your betting slip.


When is it right to use double chance?
You can safely use it on the team that is the favorite to win.

Is it recommended to add a double chance to a bet accumulator?
Yes, you can add a double chance bet to your accumulator to increase your winnings.

Is AbaBet licensed to operate in Uganda?
As a locally owned sportsbook, Ababet is a licensed operator in the country.

Does AbaBet provide free bets?
You can gather your AbaBet free bet points by placing bets. You can now exchange these points for free bets once you have reached a number.

Do new customers get a welcome bonus on AbaBet?
As we speak, there is no welcome bonus offered by Ababet, although the betting site has some attractive odds that customers can take advantage of.

How can I contact AbaBet UG?
If you are experiencing any issues regarding betting on the platform, proceed to the menu tab “Contact us” and fill in the form with the necessary details. Alternatively, you can also connect with the support team via telephone. Their numbers are 0323002470 and 0200307200.
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