22Bet Withdrawal

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Withdrawing funds from a bookmaker is vital for players who have won a bet. To guarantee a simple and hassle-free payout process, knowing each bookmaker’s policies is crucial. This article will provide an overview of the take-out process and what players need to know about withdrawals.

How to Withdraw Money From 22Bet

How to Withdraw Money From 22Bet

Both desktop and mobile platforms can withdraw money from 22Bet, and the procedure is straightforward. In this part, we’ll outline the exact steps for withdrawing cash from 22Bet.

Withdrawal Through Website

Go to 22Bet Uganda
Visit the 22Bet website and login to your account.
Pick a Payment Method
Pick “Withdrawal” from the menu. Select the payment option you desire.
Confirm the Transaction
Enter the sum you want to receive and verify your transaction.

Withdrawal Through App

The withdrawal process is similar to the website, but the 22Bet app is more comfortable, and you can use it on the go.

Launch the 22Bet Application
Launch the 22Bet app on your smartphone and login to your account.
Specify Your Payment Method
Tap “Withdrawal” from the menu. Select the payment option you desire.
Finish the Transfer
Enter the sum you want to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal.

Payment Methods

22bet Payment Methods

Consumers can select from a wide variety of payment options at 22Bet, including mobile phones, electronic wallets, and cryptocurrencies. In this section, we will look at each of these methods and how they can be used for take-outs.

Visa and MasterCard

It is simple and quick for users to withdraw winnings to a Visa or Mastercard. Users can easily and swiftly access their winnings using this commonly used method. The only information needed from users to withdraw with a Visa or Mastercard is their card information and the sum they wish to withdraw. 


Only mobile money transfers from Airtel in Uganda are accepted by 22Bet. One must first register for an Airtel account in order to transfer money to a mobile phone. When a person registers, their mobile numbers are automatically registered in their name, which makes the verification process fast and simple. They can confirm their account by entering the verification code they obtain via text message on the 22Bet website. 

Go to Airtel Money, click on Make Payment, pick Others, and then Paybill to make a payment using Airtel on 22Bet.


On 22Bet, you can withdraw money using electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller. The usual processing time for take-outs to electronic wallets is 24 hours. 

Users generally select the Skrill e-wallet when making payments on the platform. There is no limit on the number of times you can withdraw money from your Skrill account, and the time it takes to do so depends on the quantity and the load on Skrill’s servers. Most of the time, withdrawals to a Skrill account are immediate and free of fees or commissions. 

Neteller withdrawals operate similarly to Skrill withdrawals, making it another practical and effective selection for consumers looking to receive their winnings from 22Bet.


In addition, 22Bet allows withdrawals in currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a fast and secure way to withdraw funds, and punters can expect to receive their funds within 24 hours. There are no fees as well. 

22Bet Withdrawal Review

A reputable bookmaker in Uganda, 22Bet offers a secure platform for online betting and several withdrawal payment alternatives. Players can access various betting options at 22Bet, including different sports and casino games, making for a diverse and exciting betting experience. In addition, mobile devices, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies are just a few of the many payment methods that 22Bet offers, making it simple for consumers to access their winnings. Overall, 22Bet is a trustworthy and dependable bookmaker that offers players a decent platform for placing bets and withdrawing.

22Bet Withdrawal Limits

One of the essential details to understand about the take-out process is the limits. The 22Bet maximum payout and minimum amounts can change depending on the selected payment option.

22Bet Minimum Withdrawal

Depending on the chosen payment option, the limits may change. The smallest amount you can take-out from 22Bet is between 4,000 and 6,000 UGX, and the cryptocurrency’s transaction fee determines the minimum amount for cryptocurrency take-outs. Players can make sure they can make transactions that satisfy their requirements.

22Bet Maximum Withdrawal

A user’s withdrawal limit is unlimited. However, 22Bet reserves the right to pay out casino winnings in installments until the amount is paid out if they exceed 10 million UGX. Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember that substantial take-outs might take longer because of limitations imposed by payment processors.

How to Check Withdrawal Requests

Requests for withdrawals are displayed in the user’s account and can be handled anytime. However, players should know that processing times can vary depending on their selected payment option. 

Withdrawal Charges

Regardless of the amount, 22Bet does not charge fees for withdrawals. However, the user’s bank may impose a fee for processing the payment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check with the player’s bank and inquire about their policy on incoming payments from abroad to prevent any unpleasant surprises. Thanks to this, the users will have a clear understanding of any fees associated with their 22Bet withdrawal.

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How to Withdraw Bonuses

Direct bonus withdrawals from 22Bet are not allowed. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn as funds; they can only be used for betting. For instance, if a punter deposits 5,000 UGX for their first deposit and gets a 100% bonus, they cannot withdraw 10,000 UGX. Instead, they can wager with the bonus money and possibly receive funds if their bets are successful.


22bet Verification

When withdrawing funds from 22Bet, verification is required. This process protects against fraud and ensures the safety of player money. Additionally, when withdrawing, users must present identification and proof of residence. 

OTP Code

For the highest security level, 22Bet needs an OTP (one-time password) for all transactions. The OTP is a unique code created just once and used to verify the user making the withdrawal’s identification. This additional security measure safeguards the person’s account and funds and helps prevent unauthorized transfers.

Withdrawal Time

The procedure for withdrawing funds from 22Bet can take a while, based on the payment method selected. Withdrawals using mobile services, electronic wallets, and cryptocurrencies are normally operated instantly, while withdrawals in Visa/MasterCard may take up to 1-5 working days. 

Withdrawals on Weekends

Usually, withdrawals are handled every day of the week, even on weekends. But, on the other hand, sometimes processing times might be delayed on weekends and holidays.

22Bet Withdrawal Problem

22Bet Withdrawal Problem

Although 22Bet is a secure platform, occasionally, users may have issues with withdrawals. In this part, we’ll look more closely at a few of the most frequent issues and how users can solve them. 

Not Complying With Limits 

The withdrawal will not be processed if a user attempts to withdraw a sum greater than or less than the minimum or maximum limits. In this situation, the player should change the quantity to stay within limits.

Mobile Operator Restrictions

Users occasionally may experience withdrawal problems due to restrictions imposed by their mobile operator. This may happen if the mobile operator places restrictions or caps on the amount that can be withdrawn to a phone number. Punters who have difficulty with their 22Bet withdrawals should contact their mobile operator for support. The mobile provider should be able to offer advice and information on how to fix the problem so that the user can withdraw their winnings from 22Bet without issue.

Connection Problems 

A user should try again later or get help from 22Bet customer support if they face connection issues while trying to withdraw money.

Wrong Account Details

The information provided during the withdrawal procedure and the information on records must match when withdrawing money from 22Bet. The withdrawal will not be completed if there is a mismatch between the information supplied and the information on the account. This is a safety step to guard the player’s account and money against unauthorized withdrawals. 

Players must maintain correct and up-to-date data to avoid any problems with withdrawals.

No Registered Withdrawal 

A player will only be able to withdraw money if they have registered withdrawal methods. In this case, players should attempt again after adding a payment method to their account.

What to Do if 22Bet Does Not Allow You to Withdraw Funds?

Consumers should first check the bookmaker’s terms and conditions to make sure they are in compliance if they have any withdrawal problems. Users can get help from 22Bet customer service if the issue continues.

How to Cancel Withdraw

Users need to contact 22Bet customer support as soon as possible if they want to cancel a withdrawal.


A reputable bookmaker in Uganda, 22Bet offers a secure platform for online wagering and a range of withdrawal methods, including Visa/MasterCard, Airtel mobile money, cryptocurrencies, and electronic accounts. There are minimal and maximum withdrawal amounts, and an OTP is needed as security. Users should contact client care or update their details in their 22Bet account if there are any problems with withdrawals. Overall, 22Bet is a trustworthy option for Ugandan bettors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a bet take to withdraw?
Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

Can you cash out a free bet early?
No, 22Bet free bets cannot be cashed out early.

Are free bets taxable?
No, free bets are not taxable.

What if I lost more than I won gambling?
Take a break and reassess your approach.

How much is 22Bet maximum winning?
22Bet maximum payout varies. However, you can win more than 100,000,000 UGX per bet.

What is the biggest loss in gambling?
Varies, and some have been in the millions of Ugandan Shillings.

What is the biggest bet win ever?
Several Ugandan users won hundreds of millions of Ugandan Shillings.
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