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One of the most well-liked features provided by 1xBet website in Uganda, a well-known online sports betting platform, is 1xBet Jackpot. By correctly guessing the outcomes of various events, including football, basketball, hockey, e-FIFA, and other esports games, as well as TOTO free and TOTO 15 options, users have the potential to win a significant sum of money in the jackpot.

1XBet Jackpot Games

There are quite a few jackpot games available on 1xBet. Mainly the TOTO Free and TOTO 15. Read on to learn how to participate in them  as well as how to correctly predict their outcome. 

1xBet TOTO Free Jackpot

The TOTO Free is a daily game that combines the best sporting events in a bet slip. Punters should predict the outcomes of 12 pre-selected events to participate in and submit predictions for free. Correctly predicting the results from 8 to 12 events receives bonus points, which will be added to their Promo Code Store account within an hour after the last match has ended. To confirm the free prediction, users must place a bet on a sports event before the pull starts. Players can only consider one prediction per day, and the bonus points awarded vary depending on the number of correctly predicted outcomes.

1xBet TOTO Jackpot Predictions

1xBet TOTO Jackpot Predictions

One service provided by 1xBet is Predictions, which offers players insightful analysis and predictions for the game. The projections are produced by several data and analytics systems. All are intended to provide users with more information to make better decisions and improve their chances of winning. The game’s winning possibilities and payouts vary depending on how many events are accurately predicted. 

Check out the TOTO Predictions feature if you enjoy betting on sports and want to increase your chances of becoming rich. 

1xBet TOTO Football Jackpot Prediction

The TOTO Football is a pool game in which gamblers can bet on 14 football events. Users guess the outcome of each match, with the chance to win a percentage of the prize fund. The prize fund is spread among users who correctly predict nine or more matches. If four or more games are insufficient, the jackpot is considered invalid, and all bets will be refunded with odds of 1.0. The game is a fun and exciting way to engage in football activities and possibly win a big prize.

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1xBet TOTO 15 Prediction

1xBet TOTO 15 is a feature where players bet on the Home win, Draw, Away win, or the correct final score of several predefined matches. Users contribute to a pool, and after all matches are finished, the prize pool is divided up between all winners. A user wins a bet if they correctly predict the outcomes of nine events or more. The prize money is distributed per the number of correct results, and if a jackpot is accessible. 

The platform applies effective methods in solving general and disputable cases if those arise.

1xBet Jackpot Bonus

1xBet Jackpot Bonus

Correctly guessing the results of several events, generally in the TOTO Football or TOTO 15, can gain the bonus, an extra reward. Users can collect a bonus, which can be a large sum of money if they successfully predict every event in the pool. The exact winning bonus might range from thousands to millions of Ugandan Shilling, depending on the pool and the number of winners. For consumers who like taking part in pools and picking the results of sporting events, the bonus adds excitement and possible profit. 

How to Get Bonus in 1xBet

For example, you want to get a 1xBet bonus for the registration. Don’t panic, it’s not difficult at all. Simple follow these instructions:

Go to 1xBet Uganda.
Provide Your Credentials and Choose Your Bonus.
Claim your bonus.

As you can see it’s a very simple process.


To sum up, the platform provides a variety of jackpots for Ugandan users, including the TOTO football, basketball, hockey, and esports Jackpot, and also TOTO 15 and Free. These jackpots allow users to win vast sums of money by accurately guessing the results of a certain number of events. In addition, users can select the outcomes of each event and place a bet to play the jackpots.

1xBet Jackpot FAQs

How To Play The 1xBet Jackpot?
To play the 1xBet jackpot, you need to place a bet on the outcome of the predefined events. Go to the 1xBet website, and select the TOTO section.

Does 1xBet have a Jackpot?
Yes, the company offers several options, including the TOTO and the bonus.

How Much is 1xBet Maximum Winning?
The maximum winnings on 1xBet vary depending on the type of jackpot and the number of correct predictions.

What is 1xBet Toto?
The daily TOTO bet slip combines the most popular sporting events. The consumer must predict the outcomes of the 12 events. On the TOTO bet slip, results are represented as: “1” for Home Win. “2” for Away Win.
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