MSport Voucher

17 October 2023
Last modified: 02 February 2024
MSport Voucher

Many bookmakers offer the chance to use vouchers and promo codes to receive additional features or to be used for betting or as bonus points. MSport platform is no exception, and in our article, we will cover everything related to vouchers and codes for the platform. Let’s see what it offers.

A massive boost of 1,000,000 UGX awaits you on MSport!

Best Coupon Codes and Discounts

Coupon codes on the platform are offered for participating in various promotional activities. Essentially, they include bonus points that can be used for staking and will help you receive your winnings.

About MSport

This bookmaker is an Africa-based betting and gambling platform. Established in 2019 in Nigeria, the service is also offered to residents of Uganda. It holds local registrations in both of these countries. The platform is moderately popular and actively used. It offers average-to-high odds, a decently sized list of sports to bet on, a nice UI, and a fully functional Android app.


Bet codes are different from vouchers. They are codes that you can input into your bet slip. Each stands for a certain event, so the code is a way to access them easily.

MSport Welcome Voucher

MSport Welcome Voucher

Unfortunately, the platform’s current welcome offer doesn’t provide any vouchers. Instead, it works as a first deposit bonus and can offer some free games at the casino.

How to Register on Msport

The registration process is very simple and straightforward. In a matter of few minutes you can make your own Msport login

  1. Go to the official website of Msport.
  2. Provide the service with the required information in the pop-up window.
  3. Confirm the registration.

How to Use an MSport Voucher

How to Use an MSport Voucher

The vouchers are used for betting and can provide discounts and additional bonuses. In order to receive one, you have to participate in promotional activities. You can also get some for no reason if you’re an active platform user, but that’s not guaranteed.

  • They usually have some conditions for the voucher to become active—for example, a minimum stake amount of your bet or the odds being over a certain point. 
  • They also usually have an expiration date or a timeframe within which they must be used. Other conditions might include being platform-dependent, for example, only accessible from the mobile app, or betting kind dependent

Treat Yourself to Huge Savings with MSport Vouchers

They can essentially act as discounts. This way, you can spend less on betting and make better profits. But of course, that depends on the discount and whether you can apply.

Up to 15% off MSport

As was already mentioned, the coupons allow you to save a significant amount of money as long as you meet their conditions and prerequisites.

Although, it’s important to mention that the vouchers’ discounts are usually represented as money instead of percentages. For example, 1,000 UGX off on multiple bets.

MSport Coupons and Deals For February 2023 – as Much as 10% Off

Currently, the platform offers only one promotional activity that can give you discounts. It’s called “Live Commentary Free Goal Vouchers”. And the name of the bonus is pretty much self-explanatory. You have to watch live commentary matches on the platform, and you can win vouchers.

In Conclusion

Vouchers are a welcome addition to the MSport offers, and you should definitely take advantage of them when it is possible. We hope that you’ve found this article useful and entertaining.

MSport FAQ

How to use a Msport Special Offer?
A button will display the available offers on the bottom left part of your bet slip. Click on it and check your options. Select the needed if you want.

How to get Msport printable coupons?
So far, there are no printable vouchers for the platform. The offers are purely digital.

How to use an MSport employee discount?
MSport doesn’t provide any employee discount at the moment.

How to get a Msport Student Discount?
Unfortunately, there’s no student discount offered at MSport. It’s expected since Uganda’s minimum betting age is 25. Moreover, there’s no such thing among the majority of betting platforms either.

Can I withdraw vouchers?
No, you cannot directly withdraw the coupons.

Does MSport have mobile apps?
Yes, they are offered for both platforms. The iOS version requires you to visit the App Store, while the Android one is available as the MSport APK file.

Is joining the platform difficult?
Actually, the MSport registration process could be more intuitive and can be completed in minutes.

Are betting codes the same thing as vouchers?
No, a betting code and a voucher are two completely separate things.
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